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The 40.gif History Lesson


This is the first wrap I ever did, my 3rd attempt I guess Winter of 2000. I had no practice for this one. After this I did a couple of wraps on dowels before doing the next few wraps.


It's a Double Spaced Star which took me 12 hours wrapping 1 thread at a time. The 2 others I cut off took me just as long. I did this on a homemade wrapper, with caster wheels as supports, so it was a mfer to turn the blank and keep it laying flat. I'm glad these days are long gone, and the main goal of my book was to try and prevent some of the nightmares I went through when I first started out.




Here is my 3rd wrap. A simple fish wrap for my son. I knew I hated NCP after this one. I wrapped this once on a wooden dowel as practice. I lost about 4 repeats of the pattern due to spacing, I learned a LOT on this wrap.


I also put custom EVA grips on this rod, with trim rings and checkerboards, Blue REd & white to match the wrap & guide wrap. Looked really sharp, especially for my 3rd rod, and learning everythign on my own with no help or interenet, my sole point of reference was from CLemens books.




Here is the 4th wrap I ever did, and this was when it all started to click. I knew I hated NCP, and I knew I didn't like open wraps (although I've done 3 others since). I knew MEtallic Gold and Brown was killer, especially on a brown blank. The artwork I did on this rod really came out nice (TAn EVA with brown trim rings), but the rod fished like crap. I've re-wrapped it twice since then.



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View Postbe back soon



Uh-oh. You guys are in for a shock. FW is one of the Top Thread Heads in the world. Just wait, you'll see.

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Thats some really nice work by all. I just don't have the patience, or the talent, or the proper work area to do thread work.

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I hope you guys don't just check this post one time, make sure you keep coming back when something new gets posted. And dont' think you can't do it - the reason I posted my first few wraps is to show taht it is not hard to do. Dont' be afraid and think you can't. It's not like I was born with a God given talent to wrap thread on a cylander.


This is one of my favorite wraps, the BILLY 40 wrap. I know the guy who designed and wrapped it, I even got his autograph once.


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