The "Girl Next Door" Fishing Pics

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View PostG/F's With me mostly all the Time,Had to build her a Rod of her owm

Pink shrink on Butt Grip Fucia and Gold Wraps. Thats her best to date 44"--27#


the pink and fuscia don't match well with the manicure, though. big no-nosmile.gif


nice fishicon14.gif

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View PostI'm luckier than any of you !!

20 years together and my wife still doesn't want anything to do with fishing cwm12.gif





Ya know Suds for a few minutes I was feeling sorry for myself that my wife didn't fish with me. Ya know what, I think it' OK as well. We have been in love for 21 years, 18 of them married. We are very happy together and have 2 awesome boys.


She actually went fishing with me once or twice when we were dating but that was just to hook me and reel me in, right? wink.gif . Got married and she hasn't fished since cwm13.gif


We do plenty together but we totally understand and respect the need for "me" time with friends and fish.

Cheers to those who get to fish with the wife as well. clapping.gif


It's all good as they say.

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View PostHeres how we used to spend our summer days. Paddle out with the dogs and gear, fish and explore. Its harder now with the kids. These were fun times.


PS The wife would kill me for posting these but she never comes to SOL...

Anyway, its winter.




Now thats blackmail material for some plugs. How much is my silence worth??

smile.gifsmile.gif J/K

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