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Eel fly

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This is my attempt at an Eel Fly inspired by Rich Murphy's creation.


The fly is tied on a Tiemco 600SP hook size 5/0. Thread is black Danvilles flymaster plus. When done this fly measures 9".

Wrap the hook with thread to just past the bend of the hook. Tie in a small bunch of Black BT on top of the shank. The BT should extend 3" past the hook bend. Coat the wraps with a little head cement.



Tie in some black big fly fiber. This should extend 5" past the hook bend. On top of that add six strands of Green crystal flash extending just as long as the gig fly fiber. Ditto on the head cement.




Next comes some kinky fiber.




Add some more green flash. Time for the spreader which is a piece of large e-z body tubing. Tie one end in, whip finish and cement. Cut thread.




Push the E-Z body over itself forming a cone. Start the thread again.




Palmer wrap one black marabou quill.




Top dead center add a small bunch of black micro barb saddle feathers. On top of that tie in some peacock herl.




Tie in the head cone. Whip finish, cut thread and glue. Invert the tubing on itself making the head. Whip finish thread again, cut and glue.




The head is finished in two steps. First is a thin coat of epoxy. Once that is dry color the top of the head black, sides olive, bottom red. Add eyes. Aply second thin coat of epoxy and let harden.



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Thanks linesidesonafly I have a lot of that exlarge pearl tubing(C.F.)and didn't know what to do with it. This post sheads some light on some of its uses.

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