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Whats next for the Bunker Bill

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Pennboy is da man and can probably give you some more specifics but I can tell you what I know. We are at the half way point. The same drill we went through with the assembly we repeat for the senate. Then the governor has to sign it. In terms of the war we have already stormed the beaches and have blasted our way deep into enemy territory and its a matter of time before they surrendur. The senate should be a slightly easier road for a number of reasons but it not time to let up. To give a little history last year there was bills introduced to get reduction boats out of NJ the assembly bill was killed in comittee by MR gibson. In his defence the bill in its original form did also target bait guys. He chose to kill he bill outright. The Senate bill(S722) was amended to only target reduction boats was posted for a vote and was approved with only like 2 no votes. But since it takes 2 houses to approve the effort was lost. This time around its gone though assembly the bigest battle was getting it out of comittee. We were not able to get the bill heard and approved in comittee before the recess in the senate. I have to give credit to the speaker of the house collins for rushing our bill through. I did not realize that they really did squeeze the bill into a very tight schedule until I listened to the proceedings thursday night. A about quarter to 1 in the morning they voted on our bill. I did not thing those guys worked such long hours. They still had a bunch to got after 3512. So to summarize whats next senate enviromental comittee. Hopefully they aprove it and move it quickly for a vote. But that waits till they Meet again. Now that I think about it more the long hours was one night and now they are off for a month or two. The next action will most likely be lobying environmental Comittee to hear and aprove the bill then we got to work on our senators to pass it. Its a long slow process but for a change the system appears to be working for us so far.


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