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Awesome John

Limited edition Made in USA Penn 706 "pro" (would you buy one?)

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Okey I got this idea from from the many threads brewing on this subject and their related topics...


here is what comann said

I think penn needed about 500 reels to break even on a production run at the time .
okey thats easy enough.. we as surfcasters are a nitche market... so we have to realise that we cant sway big companies with forum posts but we can with cold hard cash...


now here's "THE PLAN" cwm8.gif MUAH AHH AH AH




okey lets draw up this new improved model right now...drool.gif


Okey we want intant anti reverse right?

How about some rust resistant salt water tough bearings?

Some dirlling in the spool?

A nice rubber gasket under the side plate to enhance waterproofing.

a ball bearing under the line roller for braid...

a nice big knobed handle...

maybe a rust resistant fiinish maybe a cool dark "bronze color"drool.gif "

two models with and without bails, or a conversion kit avaiable,


what else what else huh? what else on this limited edition "pro 706" you tell me?


I will put myself down for one reel right now provided its not over $250.. okey'll go 275


If we can get up a pledge for 500 piece order Tim will contact penn to build this penn reel "exclusively avaiable from SOL"


Money talks BS walks....


a few years back the boys at the florida surf forms got up a big order and some cash and smacked it down on the table of ABU and said "build it for us" ... this was the birth of the burnt orange Mag abu limited edition...


Now their is a lot of talk here about made in USA and Van Staal and Zeebass'es .... but the workhorse battle axe coffe grinder is the penn 706 am I not right?


Well what if that 706 had instant anti reverse and some more soothness (improved bearings) was made in the USA from old parts but was souped up at the factory? No longer a coffe grinder, instead a smooth sweet second generation Penn 706 Pro... who you buy one?


really would you really buy one? Thats means would you give Tim a 100 dollar deposit to separte the BS from the real buyers?


If so ..... then we can do this.... if we can get 500 guys to do this then we can stop shooting the breeze and we will have a pro model Penn 706 "pro"


All you got to do is say I'm in, and if we can get close to 500 guys that will put up a deposit $100 for the reel to Tims then we have the power to place an order to Penn.... I am absolutely sure that Penn would welcome this even without making too much profit just as a positive PR move to gain back some prestege in the public eye...


"I'm in"

Okey are you in?

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Big, well made spinners are a joke market to reel manufacturers. The main market for them is east coast surf fisherman, most of whom don't typically buy new reels every year. They could care less about losing that market share. Boat, offshore, and freshwater equipment are the money makers.

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What John's suggesting really has nothing to do with market share. They're not gonna gain any back with such a limited run. I doubt they would even make enough money to make it worth while. What it would do is get them some much needed positive PR, without them having to pay for it.



The problem I see is with the numbers. Since the 706 has been discontinued, I think it would cost a bit more to get the line up and running, or converted for the 706. Considering what the original is going for on the bay right now, you're probably looking at $299.99, or more, with the desired upgrades. If you want the cheaper price, you'll need more than 500 orders. Probably need more than that to get them interested anyway. You gotta remember that the Florida Abu was done on an existing model, and with the same type changes that Abu does all the time anyway.

Having said all that, I'm in if the details end up making dollars and sense.biggrin.gif


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hey bassackward buddy...


All I know is that if I was Penn and some one came to me with a 500 pc order for a reel that I discontinued because I was stuck with it and could not sell enough of them "belive me I would be interested" ...


Penn has so many spare parts for the 706's in there stock (surely enough to make these reels) that I am sure they would look at this opportunity to turn those spare parts into cash. Wouldnt you if you were them?


Remember we are not talking abour a "reintroduction" or a " reissue" we are talking about a prepaid order for a "limited edition" reel... your telling me any company in their right mind would turn that down?


The upgrades that we ask for can be added to the exisiting dsesign with minor slicing and dicing... a good reel guru at the plant could get those babies humming in no time and would probably enjoy doing it too40.gif

All we got to do is come up with the cash and Im telling you we can talk Penn into making a special limited edition 706 "pro" run for us...


$299? thats a bit steep I'd rather go for like $250 or like $275 max but if they are going to give me a true upgraded Penn 706 with anti reverse and smooth action what hech I'll blow the cash on it.. Hell Im an obsessed surf fisherman Ive blow more money than that on a dozen custom lures that lok purdy but dont catch fish .... okey lets make this happen... I just contacted penn... sent them an email to this link...


Curiosty will make them look here to see what all the fuss is about...

Heres our chance to get a great Penn reel made right for us right.... all the rest of you guys on this forum waving the American flag should put your hands in your pockets and back that up with a C note deposit for your new limited edition made in America Penns...

Heck Im just a lowly ex-green card US immigrant living on the other side of the planet and Im here singing dixiesoapbox.gif lets ssee you guys step up to plate and put your money on old glory.. dang nabbitflag-american.png

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You're right John. They no doubt do have enough parts on hand to do small run. I'm still not convinced the'll do it, though I do hope so. If penn was still on its own, I have no doubt they'd jump at the opportunity. Being a small part of a major corperation....

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John my friend, the idea is a good one. I agree it might work, but with an order of 5000 one time reels.

If you went to Penn with an apparel line wanted, I bet you would have good results.

Merry Christmas my

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In order to utilize a anti reverse bearing a total retooling would be required.

It's not just a different bearing a housing of some sort would have to be incorporated..I would be happy if they just made the old one..

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there are two ways to get things like this done...


1) Perpetually bust their nuts until they buckle and say "uncle" and start waving white flags while starting to make the reel you want

for example (ABU 7000C3CTMAG) no one thought that I could get that done did they?kooky.gif huh... now you gotta admit 5 years of busting hump and its once again in production aint it?


2) Go ther with a wadd of cash and a firm order which will liquidate old parts they are tired of stocking for a discontinued reel anyway.


I say lets do the gentlemanly way, go up there with some cash and an order and try to work things out as fisherman. If that dont work out they will have to move out of the internet cause we can make their life living hellcwm8.gif

Look what we did to Van Staal? Those guys are fleeing to china to get awat from uswink.gif


Just kidding Penn hee hee hee I know your reading this, we surf guys have a salty sence of humour... and this is "the board where we hang out"shaky.gif


anyway all kidding to one side I really think there is an opportunity here for Penn and its loyal customers to get together join hands and produce a limited run of pre-sold special reel. And there is nothing wrong with bringing back probably the most rugged built reel ever made .. I think that Mr. Otto would have been very pleased with our idea.

So lets see some "I'm ins" start to build up here so I'll have something to show Penn... I dont want them to think we are just hot air...



lets cut the carp and start pledging some $100 deposits here...


whoes in?

And come guys dont tell me about why Penn wouldnt or couldnt do this...

let presume that this can be done... are you in?


500 reels.... thats all... 500 not 5000 Jimmy... just 500 reels thats no biggy... we have 5000 members on this board... as far as the anti reverse bearing is concerned everything looks tough till you solve it... Im sure they could dot it if they tries "they Penn for God sake""


lets do this... lets get a killer 706 ...

whos in?

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the difference between a 7000 and a 706 is night and day. Ill pass on the 706 I didn't care for them in the first place smile.gif btw your claiming you brought the 7000 back? Id like to hear that story.



good luck with it.

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