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ah dude, i hate to break it to you but those fish are dead--they won't help you guard nuttin. wink.gif

I humbly crave your indulgence to read this message with all seriousness of purpose devoid of any doubt in your mind because this project is based on Trust confidentiality and Sincerity of purpose in order to have an acceptable meeting of the minds.
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but it belongs here


eel skin mullet is same batch as danglesheart.gif , real highlight is middle needle, havnt seen another like it. he gave it to me in montauk n late august to protobiggrin.gif . fished it for the first (and only) time at the hunk and she swam like nothing i've seen...till you casted and the ronz slid back on the siwash.headscratch.gif never got the chance to tell himfrown.gif


much as i loved the man a proto is a protobeatin.gifbiggrin.gif


i also have a pin he gave me, was gonna put a pic up but camera died. has anyone else seen these? mine is for the "30lb club"


really curious what one for the 60lb club looked like


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