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Two guys are perilously close to losing the PM privileges forever - there is no soliciting, buying, offering to buy, offering to sell, giving prices or anything else related to buying or selling allowed in PMs here. If you contact someone that posts a picture of a plug on this site and offer to buy that plug or ask them how much or even try to privately solicit a trade, you will lose your PMs. If someone contacts you in such a manner and you give them a price or accept their offer or agree to trade with them after being contacted in private, you will lose your PMs. Not talking about for a while, talking about permanently. Apparently, based on the conversation in this thread, kyle contacted Sea Dangles to buy that jointed danny - and Sea Dangles gave him a price of $200. Both of you could lose your PMs for this - instead, I'm letting you both know that there won't be a next time for warnings, next time you will lose your PMs permanently.



Show someone how to catch striped bass and they'll be ready to fish anywhere.
Show someone where to go striped bass fishing and you'll have a desperate report chaser with loose lips.

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