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Keith White

103lb of European Sea bass in 10 hours

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well, this may or may not impress you depending on where you reside.


Of course, this is nothing for those of you who can tally 100lb in 5 fish.


But, its harder where we live, our Bass don't grow as large and our


Bass are cleverer cwm15.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


For many years, Kevin (my brother) and I have been working on the Bass


across Jersey and we've also fished for Stripers in the US on a few occasions.


We fly fish and plug for Bass in gutters, reef and more recently in surf.


I've perused the US striper boards, mostly this one, and of course we've had hands on with some great night lure striper men, around 5 or 6 years




However: Getting things to work at home is always different.


We tried many methods, many lures, many tides, many everything.


I told myself, I need to really KNOW we've got it right.


Well, I count all the fish, I count the actual (on the water) fishing hours


we weigh the fish (sometimes on a boga grip, sometimes more accurately)


Here are a selection of photo's of Bass caught in the last 10 hours of actual


fishing. Yea, thats right 10 hours.


In the last 10 hours of actual on the water time, I've finally cracked 100LB


of Bass. In fact, the actual total is 103.0 lb 4.0 oz of Bass.


I know it sounds crazy, and when i tell you everyone of those was caught


at night, but on lures (mostly converted by us (plugs)) you'll realise its


something very different for Great British waters. In the US, its common.


In the UK and Great Britain, Its very, very uncommon, possibly doesn't


happen at all outside of our efforts to fish lures in darkness.


I'm going to produce a detailed document at some stage as I have all the


data, but the closest we came previous to this was 77lb of Bass in 10 hours.


Most of the fish captured in this sequence of shots ranged between 1 3/4lb and 7lb 1oz. 19 fish in total for 103lb 4oz.


These are "European Sea Bass" All shore caught, ALL returned ALIVE !!











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I thought it a courtesy to at least show you guys what we are catching.

Believe me, The help I alone have received from this board either in posts

or in PM's has really helped.

And, if we are to continue on these boards, I think it helps to have some

idea of what a European Sea Bass looks like.


All we've got to do now, is sort out the better ones.

We want those double figure Bass that eat 1lb Mullet.

Yes, we do get em, we've seen it happen, but catching em....


That's another story as yet unwritten.


What is the record (weight) for these Bass? I know they are cousins to our Striped Bass...

In Jersey I think the shore caught record is 16lb 4oz.

I'll double check that though.

I've actually seen a 22lb'er caught in a net, so 20's do exist.

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Keith , Beautiful fish and thanks for taking the time and sharing this smile.gif

Walleye ... Weakie ? What kinda of Walleye and weakie are you guy catching and from where ? I am with Poppy , It looks more like a striper wink.gif

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19 fish in ten hours is pretty good going. I caught a few this morning on a spook. No photos though, I don't want to burn my spots in case you guys decide to get on a plane!


All my fish go back, they are getting totally shafted by cheese eating surrender monkeys with pair trawls.

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That is a great catch even for the Channel Islands. You may not be aware that a number of lads from the UK Bass Society are also plug and fly fishing during the hours of darkness. If you are not a Bass member then it could be benificail to you as well as existing Bass members if you joined up. Cost is very nominal and there are 4 mags a year included in membership.


I am sure that you will be keeping dead stum about your marks. Also don't be surprised if you get followed now that your success is out. This has happened in the Channel Islands before.


You will also know that the rod and line commercials are prosecuting a certain well known fishery too hard in your back yard which will probably have a direct bearing on your chances of getting that illusive double. You are still in with a great shout though compared to Uk Fishers. Our average fish right now is 1.25Lb


I am very pleased that you are sporting Guys and returned your fish. You probably already know this that Bass will return to the same ground year on year and the guys who catch and kill are often the first to moan that the fishing has gone down hill.

Plugging has ironically made it soo much easier for average Fishers to tackle very rough ground and this is putting even more pressure on large Bass. By the way I am not describing you as average far from it. I appreciate just how tough it was to make your catch and in places where tides can be potential killers.

Our Bass are nothing like weakfish. They are a saltwater spawning fish very similar to Stripers which spawn in fresh of course, apart from the stripes biologicaly very similar. Just wished ours were better protected and also grew bigger. A 10lb fish is the rough equivalent of your 50Lb Striper


Nice one Keith.



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I cannot believe you stopped to weigh each and every one of these fish. YOu could ahve caught another 20#'s had you not had to fiddle with eh Boga and record data. Plus you could have rounded every fish up, so totalling 150#'s can be a realistic goal next itme out.

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