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A llittle Left Coast Help

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reel reason

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Howdy ReelHappyWave.gif


first off, welcome and thanks for you service to this country!


I am sure Bajadave will join in, that is his back yard and am sure he can give ya some tips.


Perch right now off the beaches that I know of, not sure what the boats are doing or if the halibut are coming and going in the surf yet. for tackle shops, my favorite was Rick at Anglers Den in Camarillo, nice guy and can point you in the right direction as to what is bighting etc.

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Hello SIR! Welcome to Port Hueneme, The gate way to the beauitful channel Islands. There's plenty of fishing going on and you're coming at the right time. As Tom said above, the surffishing should start being the focal point around our coastlines. Barred surf perch should be spawning, local halibut should be eating the new born critters from the perch with good jettie fishing in the mix. If you get a chance, fish from PT. Mugu navel base, They have a great untouched beach that only you can fish or people who have passes to the base and clearence to get the beach.

There's plenty of action here fishing our local landing too. Both sportfishing businesses are freelancing open party trips at least 3 -4 days out of the week. the main target is halibut, calico, and sandbass. Capt. Hooks, Channel Island sportfishing and Port Hueneme Sportfishing are the three landings in operation here. As for tackle stores, try Fisherman's Hardware located in Ventura on Harbor and Olivas Rd. Eric's tackle in Ventura on Thompson Rd.. I like Boatersworld also in Port Hueneme on Channel Islands Bluv. If there's anything else I can help you with, let me know. Enjoy your stay at the beautiful coastal city.

DARK KINGS Fishing Club. President, Port Hueneme, CA BOOYAA!!
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I was a sandcrab at Pt Mugu being the DOD Navy's expert on the propulsion systems of HARPOON and TOMAHAWK. I was also the senior engineer for experimental ground ordnance testing. Our facilities were right on the beach allowing great fishing. Mugu also has the best Pismo clamming on the California coast but I don't know what the regulations are now. There is a rod & gun club at Mugu you can check in with and get up to date info and potential fishing trips out to San Nick. There is a great pier allowing fishing and crabbing. We caught a lot of sharks off the pier, too. The beach drops off quickly and deeply and you can see broaching whales just feet off the beach. WE used to catch steelhead when first rains broached the sand dam that formed each year when the Ventura River dried up. Rain makes it run again and the steelhead quickly run upriver. It is a little late for that but you might hit it depending on regulations and late rain. Should be perfect timing for perch. Good luck.

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Thank you to all for the advise, I leave tomorrow, and I'm planning on hitting the surf, and piers nearby, and maybe hop a boat if schedule allows. If you ever need some info from the East coast don't hesitate to ask. If I catch something on artificials, I'll consider it a success. Thanks again.

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