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more plugs

jimmy z

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lot 12- two Atom 40 jr's new

SS needle . black and orange, new sold

30.00 shipped


lot 13- Two more Swim-Oreno's 6 1/2 " , wood

Blue with white belly

Black with purple belly

26.00 shipped


As always MO or paypal acceptedsmile.gif



AKN-2 USS Sagittarius


<*((())))>< <*((())))><

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I have been down stairs making another 25 swimmers and soaked them and now there hanging for a month! now i,m making 25 pencils that look like you know whos! plus 25 cape cod pencils! my spray booth is done and i,m waiting on the plugs to dry and i,ll start painting!


I went to the beach a few times when the last storm came in, the waves were huge! I love it down here, So quite down here with no one around but us locals!


see ya in 60 days on the high tides,


you,ll need little al gags popper with a rattle. its orange and black / they sell them at wally world!


I,ll pick ya up some so you dont have to go get them! they work real good in April!

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