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Who we are fighting for open beach access

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Love this quote:


"Most of these ORVs carry fishermen. I spend a lot of time with anglers because I am one, but none I've seen are quite like these."


What a clownclown.gif.




Dozens of people spontaneously combust every year...it's just not really widely reported.
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i hope you folks down there get organized to battle this now because if you wait at all you'll lose bigtime.MR.MURRAY was only the acting super here on CAPE COD for a short time.The new super. here is GEORGE PRICE and we're going to be "in for it"cwm31.gif if people get lax about this issue.ATTEND ALL THE MEETINGS DON'T WAIT FOR THE OTHER GUY!

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From the article:

bumper stickers that featured circled and slashed renderings of piping plovers or proclaimed, "I love piping plover, tastes like chicken"
I've seen lots of bumper stickers, but never that one.

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I've seen lots of bumper stickers, but never that one.



"piping plovers taste like chicken".


on the lower cape, you'll see that one on almost 1 out of every 4 vehicles. if you lived around here and had to deal with beach closings for over a month during peak season and $200 oversand sticker prices, you might feel the same way...mad.gif

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If you read the first article you will get the gist of the alliance between beachfront homeowners and the environazis. The same BS plagued us last year with the Brodsky Bill. Do not lay down, fight it, fight it for the future generation of beach users who will never own beachfront homes. Fight it for your grandchildren who would like to see the Milky Way on an August Night while listening to the waves break on the outer bar. Fight it because that wealthy beachfront homeowner doesn't own the property down to the ocean. Wouldn't he like to add a 100 or 200 feet to his parcel and never get taxed on it. But with no resonable access it might as well be his. And don't you know he's the first in line to get Federal Flood Insurance supported by your tax dollars.


That wealthy doctor who gave testimony has a set, lets see, he leaves his 5 year old unattended on a public beach. Then says a buggy almost killed him. In my State that kind of irresponsible behavior by an adult would constitute neglect, and a call to CPS would be in order. Thats if it really happened, I didn't hear of any plate numbers or any formal complaint filed.


Fight it because its your beach, its a Federal Park, that historically has been used by citizens of this country for generations. Don't let the rich and a few birders take away your rights.


And don't let the Audobon Society start that BS political retoric. The Bush Administration isn't the only administration that supported ORV access to the Banks. Republican, Democrat, Zebra, or Lion, its about the rights of everyday citizens to access the ocean. The one that is owned by everyone, not just wealthy land owners and birders.



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I posted this in the NC Forum on this topic and thought it was appropriate to repost it here...


I was just down in OBX the week before New Years and i gotta tell ya the biggest problem down there is the "non-fishing" beach drivers. I watched as a bunch of guys who were NOT fishing drove their quads up and onto the dunes by oregon Inlet. I also watch people riding horses on the beach go into places they should not have been. The thing that pissed me off the most were the people racing up and down the beach for fun and could have easily killed someone. Im talking going 50+ MPH racing through the tire ruts, shooting side to side almost flipping over!! THE PROBLEM: There was no law enforcement on the beach at all. I saw a girl racing almost flip here suv while racing after a kid in a truck. My GF and Little sister were up closer to the dunes picking shells and I tell you that if they were run over like one of the seaguls in that article I would probably tear the person's throat out with my bare hand and watch them die. When I drove down to "The Point" there were indeed many dead seaguls in the tire tracks. They are so lazy they just don't want to get out of the way. I slowed down of course and let them move from their "couch". Of course when people are racing down the beach its obvious that seaguls or anything alive for that matter can easily be killed. Oh, And the piping plover nesting areas seemed like a huge joke. What is gonna make those birds nest in the roped off areas? I guess they can read the signs too.



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