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keeping eals.

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On 9/16/2022 at 10:44 AM, adam42 said:

oh man, you have no idea


it's a huge industry rife with black markets, smuggling, fbi stings, etc


a pound of live elvers sells for thousands of dollars

Watched an older doc on Prime about this a couple weeks ago, think it was from the early '10s.  5 gallon bucket of glass eels = $50K.  Every eel on the market is/was wild caught, not enough known of the life cycle/reproduction (could be different 10 years later), Chinese aquaculture relies on glass eel harvests in the US (shipping was already banned in EU).  Maine and SC the only two states where harvesting is legal and at that time no limits.  With that price tag comes inevitable poaching.    I think stricter regs have been enacted on harvests since then but the poaching is probably still rampant.

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Yup, we know very little about eels because they migrate so far and their breeding habits are so particular that nobody has ever gotten them to breed in captivity. So every eel farm around the world needs to be seeded with elvers caught migrating from rivers to the ocean.

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