Fish-Off Results!! Old Guys win!!

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Triet, Dubs, Brian and I drove from Indian River Inlet for the last trip - does that count? wink.gif


I'm in for a rematch...I was waaaay off my game on the Searcher trip, no excuses, but I missed waaay too many solid hits that day redface.gif But since then, I found my tog-grove again HappyWave.gif


December 18th...sounds good to me smile.gif



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The Rematch of the Century


How about Dec. 18 (Sunday and not the second weekend ) on the Mary M out of Cape May.

The boat is not big and I'd rather restict 6-7 guys on each team. smile.gif Or we can go on the 100' big boat during weekdays.


We have a strong response for this rematch trip, more people than spots if you want to fish on the 18th. Kil said 6-7 people for that boat, so figure 7 per team, and MAYBE 8, up to Kil when he gets back from his long range trip, he knows what is comfortable on each boat, and us new guys prefer to have a little extra room at the rail on our trips. Gotta have extra space for the post buffet lunch expansion wink.gif

If you want to bring more people, then we will have to consider a midweek date for the larger boat.


I will post up the New Guy Team below, the old guys make their own team list eek.gif , and then we will have a waiting list for others who expressed interest.


SpiningDemon13.gifNEW boxing33.gifGUYS SpiningDemon13.gif


Blackfish Joe

NY Bayman




HungryJac k





Quick report from Kil's LR Tuna trip:

Report Monday November 28

Our day started with great weather and promising signs of porpoise activity within a short distance of the boat. We made a couple of stops that delivered a few samples of school sized YFT that we left biting.

Most of the rest of day was spent circling a very promising area for albsolutely no biters.


With less than two hours to go before sundown, the big fish finally decided to come up and play. Wes Trent broke the ice with the first big fish.We managed to end the day with nine very nice tuna from about 150 to 240-lbs. Largest cow of the day went to Berkley Bryant, veteran Q105 angler and chartermaster. Several ****ers also managed to get on board today, including jiggermyster and Marley.

We're hoping to make a full day of it in Cow Town tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Phil says, "Hi, Mom."

- Joe and the Crew

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Excellent...let's see what we got for the "old guy" team so far - and I'm gonna definitely drag Crazy Alberto along for this one...none of his excuses are gonna work icon25.gif


Old Members...holy smokes, here's the list of volunteers anyway icon25.gif







St riper Sniper




**Crazy Alberto



**I'm volunteering these guys and have yet to ask them HappyWave.gif


If we're gonna limit this to 6 or 7 for each team, we might need to have some kinda tog-off to make sure we got some talent at the rail...looks like the new guy team is full of ringers cwm31.gif



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