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Prayers please

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Ben Lippen

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Thanks Luke and Blue Fleck.


The posters were everywhere up there this mornin', and it was tough to work thinkin bout that guy and his family, as kids kept walkin by. Every girl got a good hard look, and it wasn't leering, be sure.


When I see my brothers at the firehouse tonight, I'm gonna ask them to keep a good thought as well.

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a pleasant thought is nice. beyond that i propose we do something. ill give up my fishing time to look for a lost kid and id bet the farm that i have company in some of you. ben please contact the guy and let him know theres at least 1 very pissed off father who wants to help find his daughter. i'll pm you my phone # and we can go from there. if anybody else wants to help speak up. i have starting points but we will need guidance badly. if theres any law enforcement reading this, please contact me asap.


im very serious about this and i know its not fishing related so maybe we should take it to email or another forum. DIY?

confirmed problematic

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