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Found 35 results

  1. For Sale or Trade Abel Super 13 in Mint condition with original packaging and blank warranty card . I bought this a while back for a Tarpon trip but Covid came along and it never got used. $600 or trade for Abel Super 9/10, Tibor Riptide or Islander LX 4.0
  2. Shimano Ultegra 5500 Ci4+ XSC Selling because I am upgrading. I have two of these reels, both have been used very lightly for about a year. I am obsessive when I take care of my gear, cleaned and lubed after every outing. Reels are tight as the first day. You will fee like you received a new reel. Key facts: This is the exact same reel as the Ultegra 5500 Ci4+ XTC that currently retails for $330, only think that is different is the color. Long Cast, superb line lay with Slow Oscillation Hagane gear Carbon composite body and rotor Very light only 440 grams 100% serviceable by Shimano USA, all parts available through their online catalog Includes all you can see in the picture: original box and papers, spool adjustment washers, spool reducers. PRICE: $214.99 per reel + Shipping Shipping: within the US only via Priority mail Payment: via Paypal as the forum requires/suggests
  3. Looking to sell used Stradic FL 4000, Bought new less than a year ago and has been kept in great condition. Spooled with 15lb PP SuperSlick v2. Only selling because I am going to buy a 5000 FL. $175 shipped E0A1D76E-24CE-498D-8400-8AB18FC0FA02.heic 9796BB0C-D9D4-4953-A79D-7E32ABA6A95F.heic FC2F2DCC-D09C-4D69-8CF2-695E22C4C1A6.heic BE28FE2F-9643-4A24-A49D-C549E879111F.heic
  4. Looking to sell brand new, never used Tsunami Saltx 6000 for $350. Willing to ship or local pickup in NJ or MD.
  5. Hey Everyone, I was just doing some cleaning and found one of my reels that I bought a while back and used maybe once or twice. It is a Quantum Catalyst PTs 40 Inshore. Don't really know much about the reel, just bought it for a rod that needed a reel then ended up switching it out for something different. Looking around online, they seem to be about a $160 reel new. Maybe hoping to get $65 shipped. Please ask if you have any questions or would like some more pictures. Thanks, Salty
  6. Won’t split lot, pickup only. $350 or best offer, look up prices and you’ll see it’s worth it.
  7. Are we allowed to post a WTS item requiring cash/pickup? I saw no rule regarding this in the guideline post, just a note that the use of PayPal gift is not permitted.
  8. More all new lures and plastics. I’m going pack them in a med flat rate box so I would like to get $120 for all of it or would take some ccw metal lips. Any questions let me know. Thanks for looking
  9. Looking to sell for $60 shipped or trade for ccw metal lips
  10. For sale is a brand new spare spool assembly for a ballistic 4000-D. Never used. Never spooled. Just came in. Sold the reel. Have no use for it. $55 shipped
  11. Brand new. Never fished. Spooled with 20lb jbraid. Jigging world power handle installed. Boxnand original handle included. $280 local pickup Queens/Nassau $294 shipped priority
  12. For sale. Neither had been fished. Custom CE700M. Fish scale wrap. Hypalon foregrip. Very light. Capable of handling 14-16oz sinkers. $350 local pickup Queens/Nassau Factory Black Hole Challenger 7’3M. Tag removed. $250 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  13. For sale. Neither had been fished. Custom CE700M. Fish scale wrap. Hypalon foregrip. Very light. Capable of handling 14-16oz sinkers. $350 local pickup Queens/Nassau Factory Black Hole Challenger 7’3M. Tag removed. $290 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  14. For sale. Never fished. Spooled with 20lb jbraid. Includes handle for 4000 and 5000 which is much more comfortable. $220 shipped
  15. New. CE700M. Fuji guides and reel seat. Hypalon foregrip. Shrink wrap handle. Blue/neon green fish scale wrap. $500 OBO local pickup Queens/Nassau
  16. For sale is a brand new Saltist 20P. Never fished. Spooled with 40lb jbraid grand. Fantastic reel. Smooth. Well built. 5.1 low gear, great for blackfish. $220 shipped
  17. For sale is a brand new tranx 300. Low gear. Spooled with 20lb Jbraid chartreuse. Jigging world power handle added. $250 shipped.
  18. I bought this from Bass Pro in April, 2017. This was a reel for me to try out "bailess". I took it on 5 outings. It was never dunked either in water or sand. I am trying to sell reels that I don't use enough. I see myself using bailed reels over bailess reels going forward. I could not find the box or manual, so I will only be shipping the reel. I have it written down on my fishing log that it has 40 lb Spiderwire Stealth braid. I am selling this at $85 shipped. I accept Venmo, Paypal, Check, or BoA wire. I think the preferred method is Paypal on this forum for buyer/seller protection.
  19. I purchased this reel in May, 2017 at $450 from TD. I've used it only 3 times, but there are some signs of wear. Mainly, a scratch on the left side plate (in the pic) and some dings. I intended to use it on the surf, but it never made it to the beach. I practiced distance casting from a bridge, but couldn't tame the beast. I took it on headboat a couple of times since then and that's where it got a scratch and dings. There's absolutely nothing functionally wrong with the reel that I am aware of. I have a smaller Saltiga (SASD15H) that I use on headboats now, so this bigger reel is only collecting dust. I couldn't find the manual, but it comes with a box and whatever you see in the picture. It's spooled with 50lb power pro with 50lb flourocarbon leader. I am selling this at $300 shipped. I accept Venmo, Paypal, Check, or BoA wire. I think the preferred method is Paypal on this forum for buyer/seller protection.
  20. For sale is a never been used (tag removed) St Croix Premier Musky in the 7’ Medium Heavy (PM70MHF). Makes for a great fluke/striper/tog rod. Selling with it without a never been fished Shimano Tekota 300. I got this at trophy tackle. They removed the line counter because they needed it for a larger tekota and as you know, these have been discontinued. But you end up with a great fluke reel with autoengage. Freshly spooled with 30lb power pro. Combo $225 local pickup Queens/Nassau Rod $125 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  21. WTS Van Staal VS X-SERIES VS250XP Spinning Reel with Gold Van Staal Power Knob Runs great and I've never had any issues. Used for a couple of seasons and it has minor scratches and ware. Recently spun up with brain new Power Pro Slick braid. $700
  22. I am selling a Shimano Torium SW Model: TOR16HGA What's in included: The box and original contents Line: I'm not charging any extra for line. It has 80 lb braid tied to 65 lb brad (PowerPro) via uni-to-uni knot Reason for selling: It doesn't get much use. I prefer smaller reels for the boats that I fish on Cosmetics: 9/10, few light surface scratches Functionality: 10/10, no issues whatsoever Asking price: $160 shipped
  23. WTS NEW in Box Shimano Twin Power SW 10000PG 2016 Spinning Reel The SW technology which was previously exclusive to the flagship Stella adorns the Twin Power family. With sizes from 4000 through to a powerhouse 10000 size, these are seriously tough reels, appealing to saltwater anglers seeking all sizes of fish including big game blue water species. Freshwater spinning experts will also appreciate such top-end quality. Bristling with advanced features including AR-C spool, SR one-piece bail arm and Waterproof Rigid Support Drag. Gear ratios range from 4.9:1 on the 8000PG model, to a pacy yet perfectly measured 6.2:1 on the 5000. Powered by S A-RB bearings, these are true thoroughbreds. Pinion Gear: Super hard brass Stainless steel bail Aluminum rotor X-Ship technology X-Rigid Rotor X-Tough Drag XGT7 Side Cover per Shimano Specs 22.9oz, 4.9 / 1 gear ratio, 55 lbs of max drag!!! (wow) Super Smooth with 10+1 Bearings Holds lots of Power Pro LBS / Yards = 50/360, 65/290, 80/215 Never used - sealed in box. With reel bag, box, papers - brand spanking new. I got this with another Twin Power and decided on a different direction and won't need this. Model number TP10000SWBPG Seen online for $619 USA ship to $537 from Japan? I will let this go for only $499 includes the PP fees Free ship to lower 48 I can do $489 if you want to send me a USPS money order Free ship to lower 48 actual pics coming soon- but this is brand new in box
  24. Cleaning out the ol' stash and have plenty of new to barely used plugs. PAYPAL ONLY!!!!! I will cover paypal fees so the lure prices are the actual price, no fees added, as per the new rules. However please add $5 to the total of your order for shipping... If you want more than one lure, i will combine the lures into one package to keep the shipping cost at a constant $5 The lot lists will list each lure from top to bottom, left to right. ok, now for the goods. LOT 1: Head Lures Spook - NOT AVAILABLE (decided to keep) 7" Tsunami Talkin Popper 3 3/8oz in Blue Mack - $SOLD 5.25" GuppyPRB125 Pencil Popper 1.25oz in Yellow/White - $SOLD 6" Tactical Anglers Sea Pencil 2oz in Chartreuse/White - $SOLD 6.5" Ron Arra StrikePro Flat Bottom Pencil 2.75oz in Pink Mack - $12 SOLD 7" Tactical Anglers BombPOPPER 4oz in Chartreuse/White - $SOLD 8.5" Tactical Anglers Large Sea Pencil 5oz in White - $12 SOLD 6" Lights Out Flat Bottom Pencil 2.75oz in Bone - $SOLD 6" Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser 1 5/8oz in Holo Blue - $SOLD 4.5" Tactical Anglers Crossover Stalker 3/4oz in Mullet - $4 SOLD 4.75" Yo-Zuri Sashimi Popper 1.5oz in Bunker - $SOLD LOT 2: 4.5" Shimano Waxwing 1.5oz in Bone - $10 SOLD 6.5" Sebile Magic Swimmer 1.5oz in Yellow Perch - $8 SOLD 7.25" Sebile Stick Shadd 5.25oz in Blue/Red - $SOLD SP Minnows (upgraded hardware) Blurple - $SOLD Ghost - $SOLD Bullet in Sandeel - $8 SOLD 7" Bomber Long A Magnum Jointed 2oz in Blue/Chrome - $4 LOT 3: 7" Bomber Long A Magnum in Black - $SOLD 7.25" Northbar Bottle Darter 2.5oz in Black/Chrome - $SOLD 7" Tactical Anglers SubDARTER 3oz in Gold/Yellow - $12 9" Ron Arra StrikePro Ultimate Needle in Black Diamond - $13 SOLD 5.25" SuperStrike Super N Fish 1oz in Copper - $10 LOT 4: ALL SOLD