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Found 20 results

  1. Why do we need to warn people about this on the news? Let them do as they please!
  2. Luckydad

    New VV250

    Recently bought a new VR 200 from a vendor on line poof upon opening I found no warranty card no brochures I called vendor and they said no more paperwork now I see gen one on the box Any one else been sold a return like me
  3. Boston's WCVB Ch5 is reporting that Sirhan Sirhan is up for parole for the 16th time and get this....for the first time he won't be challenged by prosecutors but instead supported by the sons of Bobby. WOW! We are living in strange times indeed.
  4. https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/crime-and-courts/inmates-no-longer-those-in-dane-county-jail-to-be-called-residents-those-within-our/article_f8ff7432-421f-5fba-81d4-3be67ea50db7.html
  5. Ive never put so much time and effort into something with nothing to show for it. Ive been to the canal, to Jamestown, breachways and chokepoints during the outgoing tide. Im using eels, soft plastic white swimbaits, bucktails.. and I still havent caught one single legal striper. Past two nights I went to a striper feeding ground during the outgoing tide. Saw them come and go without a single bite. Determined, I went to the jetty, no bites. Then I went to (another place*) and immediately saw bubbling and smacking under the bridge. Cast out a surface jig, no action. Switched to a gulp soft plastic with lead head, still nothing. I dangled a sabiki rig from the bridge but that didnt work. I gathered crabs from the river and tried using those as bait. Still nothing. I couldnt even catch a gd porgie. No lie 3 times they disappeared and I gave up only to see them reappear as soon as I got to my car. /vent
  6. three fargen times I have had entire paragraphs wiped out beause I used the backspace just to edit the last work. **** piss **** mother****er and tits tits tits argh
  7. I turned over to get a drink of my seltzer and reached over to turn out the light and it happened. It was a ball of muscle that popped up between my rib and skin, it hurt so bad but, it kept tightening. Doc Hop, is rib cramps a legit thing? Would you say it's a disability? ( it's still doing it. 3 ribs up just right of my sternum, it a muscle thing)
  8. Just watched some MSM news to catch up on the lies. The WH press Secretary stated there are no plans for “Biden only” press conferences. And my question is for his supporters...........Why?
  9. @TimS Get rid of that stupid ****ing 'Mark Forum Read' button, will ya??!! It couldn't be in a worse spot.
  10. 1st of all, rest in peace the kayaker and thoughts and prayers to his family. I can't imaging the sudden loss with this kind of situation. Now, the article states three yaks capsized and 2 of the 3 were recovered. Here's the kicker: NONE were wearing PFD's... How ridiculously careless can people be? https://www.silive.com/news/2020/05/nypd-seeks-publics-help-in-locating-missing-kayaker-after-multi-hour-coast-guard-search.html?fbclid=IwAR2opqxxw1Mv_DL8oixcKxKVVm8Jno7C0fX1d0IdZh7n19Q4azI_5KhOHLw
  11. How do you dump stuff where you fish and not think they’ll lock you out
  12. BOURNE, MASS. (WHDH) - State police are searching for a suspect who put multiple concrete blocks on the Massachusetts Coastal Railroad tracks that could have potentially derailed a train Thursday morning. State Police Lt. Edward Blackwell responded to a report of vandalism and attempted derailment on the tracks near Mass. Maritime Academy in Bourne shortly before 9 a.m. and found five concrete blocks had been placed on the tracks, presumably overnight, according to state police. Troopers and railroad workers removed the blocks from the track by 9:15 a.m. State police say some of the blocks weighed about 200 pounds. Troopers say those blocks could have easily derailed the train if the conductor had not seen them. “If we hadn’t seen it and if we were going along a little bit faster – it was on a switch – it definitely could have caused a problem,” said Chris Podgurski of Cape Cod Central Railroad. Surveillance video from the 10 p.m. the night before shows someone approaching the blocks and then placing them onto the tracks. The blocks were on the platform to keep a tent that was put up for the holiday train, which runs until December, in place. The blocks were not struck by any trains. Anyone with information is urged to contact police.
  13. Hello, Got a new apple X phone and changed my Number to local area code. I'm not receiving gmail on computer now, but getting it on Phone. When I go into gmail and try to sign in Google sends verification code to old phone number and that number has been disconnected. Old email address has same old phone number. There is no way in hell to every get hold of any customer service for gmail. HELP please... Thanks
  14. So I’ve been stuck in this room, my fat ass wedged in a crappy chair for over 3 hours and nobody has come to talk to us in a long while to tell us if we have to actually hear a case. I don’t mind coming to fulfill the civic duty nonsense but does this have to be so agonizing. They could at least give us a keno machine and tv to keep people awake and generating revenue at the same time
  15. No more "walk -ins" at Penn on Hunting Park Ave. I just went to drop off a reel to see a sign saying you can only ship the reel... and they charge another $16 to ship it back. W T F This is a major reason I buy Penn... so i can drive 10 mins and drop off my reels for service. You know, actually talk to a person.
  16. try this traditional Chinese remedy : http://www.ladbible.com/funny/fail-man-sticks-19-inch-swamp-eel-up-his-arse-to-cure-constapation-20170419
  17. Those are the words used by the Police Chief of the Punta Gorda FL Police Department used to characterize what happened at his department's civilian police academy last night.. One of his officers, in a civilian training class, violated the First Commandment of Firearms Safety, and killed a woman. "Unimaginable" No, I will NOT be "praying" for the officers who were involved. I would like to see them all disarmed and dismissed immediately.
  18. I caught this thing fluttering around our yard out of the corner of my eye, just as I was walking over to the window it beat me there. Creepy. I don't think this thing is well. Can owls get rabies?
  19. Everywhere I go, I'm seeing young people standing around in groups with their faces affixed to their cellphones. Parks, monuments, etc... They reminds me of the beginning scene of the I am Legend Trailer
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