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Found 7 results

  1. Im familiar with, and love, the two "windy" apps available, but check out the fully customizable weather app Metrogram. Can create a widget for your home screen that shows whatever parameters you want. Whats your go to conditions app?
  2. Hello All! I have been kayak fishing for a few years now and kayaking for at least twelve years, so I have some experience. However, I am getting more and more into fishing the May River here in Bluffton, SC, and I'd like to continue through the winter months. I am undecided on the right cooler weather gear. I very much respect the expertise and experience of the folks in these forums, so I thought I might ask the experts! I dive a bit, so I do have a 3 and a 5 mil wetsuit that I could employ, but I wonder if there aren't better solutions. A dry suit isn't in the budget right now, so I wondered if there may be some advice for the right clothing/gear for paddling in the cooler weather here in SC. I do carry a VHF radio with DSC on each trip, as well as a few different signaling devices and a cell phone in a Stormr bag, but I am very open to suggestions on safety gear as well. Thanks in advance for any suggestions that you may have!
  3. Does anyone have weather related * phone apps that provide all information one would want for fishing, i.e., tides, water/air temp, wind, moon phase etc? I've come across * as well as the obv. NOAA (which I seem to struggle navigating) Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello everyone, I am a local fisherman that mainly fishes in Plymouth, Kingston and Duxbury bays and am looking forward to sneaking out of work to catch the fall run. I was hoping to get out there this weekend but am nervous about this front moving through. With all of the rains and the unfavorable NE winds I am concerned the fish will blow out of the bays. Is this a fair thought? I was wondering what peoples' thoughts were on getting out early Saturday morning? This time of year is my favorite time to catch some nice sized fish while mixing in some top water bites under schooling fish. Hoping I didn't miss it out. Thanks in advance
  5. What a crazy weather we are experiencing on LI and beyond! Many scientists and myself believe, A combination of El Nino and the Arctic Oscillation are the main drivers for such extreme weather and heavy snowfall experienced in thhe United States over the past few years. In the past few years the warmer air in the Artic is driving winter storms south into the United States northern and mid west areas. So this cold-air system which is supposed to remain in the Arctic by what is called the polar vertex is breaking, and it's now reaching us. Many feel the melting artic ice, resulting in the lowest arctic ice level ever, play a major role in this. So the Big irony here, which may confuse many, (especilaly some who tend to listen to their politicians for science), is that as the arctic is getting warmer, we are absorbing colder and extreme weather patterns as a result. On top of that, we are hit by a warm tropical Atlantic which results in extra moisture, resulting to increased snow storms and extreme temperature conditions. The resulting weather has these extreme outcomes because if you imagine our weather system is like a bell curve. A small shift of the bell to the right of the x axis (towards the extreme) results in a big increase in the y axis. I will look for a chart so it is easier to see. *** So what do these these extreme weather patterns mean for fishing? The good thing is that these extreme weather patterns do not affect the average ocean temperatures a smuch, unless we have a prolonged and constant colder than usual, or warmer than usual winter weather. I think if the winter stays colder than usual, then we should expect a rapid and quicker spring run. The reason is that all the bait types will "awake" and arrive on LI at the same time, resulting in a shorter striped bass spring season. But of the weather and the ocean temperatures stays closer to normal or above average, then we should see an earlier and longer lasting spring run. Another factor I should add: for surf casting, if there is going to be heavy snow fall in the upcoming weeks, the melting during the early spring will delay the fishing from the shores due to water quality issues. So let's hope there will be less snow accumulation this year and some cold weather, which stays for some extended time, so we can have a great spring season from the surf. How do you feel about this weather and how it will affect spring run?
  6. Gentlemen, I am aware there are other threads that cover this topic, however most are highly outdated. Do any of you guys use an app for weather forecast, tides, moon phase, wave height, water temp, etc. in which you find reliable? Thank you in advanced for any advice! Alex S.