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Found 15 results

  1. Brand new Simms G3 Guide Wading Boot, Felt or Lug Bottom. Size 15. Local pickup North Jersey. $125
  2. After I stop fishing for the year in the next couple of weeks, I am going to start looking for a new pair of wading boots. My Caddis Men's Northern Guide wading boots are now approaching 5 years old and are falling apart. I dont want to break the bank, but don't want to buy junk either so I am looking for opinions/recommendations on brands with which others have had good experience. I fish mostly back bays and beaches on the north shore of Long Island so I am on both sand and rocks of all sizes. Thanks.
  3. Hi everybody, I’m selling a pair of light use Korkers River Ops boots size 13. These boots come with the Vibram sole and the inter-changeable felt sole. The price is $89 with meetup in W CT. I’m happy to ship for an additional $15. *per the picture one lace retainer is missing thanks for looking!
  4. Hello all, In an earlier thread you all helped me select an all around beach rod for fishing all around Cape Cod beaches and Massachusetts south shore areas (sand, gravel, and sometimes rocky areas—or mix). The Shimano Tiralejo 9’6”, 1-3 was the winner. Now looking at waders and wondering what you all recommend for the “above described fishing terrain” (fishing mostly May —early Sept). I currently have a 20 year old pair of Simms guide model gortex/breathable waders (very light use trout fishing and no leaks yet) and just need new wader boots. Was about to buy some Cabelas wader boots ($80), then saw a pair of Cabelas boot foot neoprene waders, 3.5mm, w 200 gram insulated boots (light insulation) for $140. I’m torn between just grabbing the boots and using my Simms waders or “switching to neoprene boot foot style waders.” Thinking the boot foot might be just easier/simpler on/off and may better seal out sand, pebbles and junk from getting inside shoes. Any opinions between stocking-foot breathable waders “versus” neoprene boots foot (all one piece) for saltwater beaches and rock use? Assuming felt bottom with either choice. Thanks in advance for any opinions!! Rob
  5. I picked up the size 12 when I needed 13. If you have size 10.5 or 11 foot they'll be perfect. I have 11.5 and they're just a little small $150 shipped to NE.
  6. Bought these boots brand new this year and used them 3x and it didn’t really consist of walking or hiking because I rode a bike to my spot then waded. They are in great shape. Let me know if you want them then come pick them up in Andover/Tewksbury, Ma area or pay for shipping. $80 is the perfect price seeing as though most atms only give multiples of $20.
  7. Is the point of wading boots to give you a better footing in water? Is water supposed to get in them? I recently bought some wading boots on clearance, practically free, but not sure what the proper use of them is.
  8. Korkers Metalhead, Brand New. Size 12. Come with one pair of Kling-on soles. This model has BOA lacing system.
  9. Got a couple pairs of wading boots for Christmas. Got enough boots. NEW Korker's Devil's Canyon & Redside Size 11. Canyon's $150 Redsides $125 Please add $10 for shipping or buy both and I'll cover. Thx.
  10. I destroyed two other pairs of wading shoes wetsuit surfcasting before I found these Simms. These shoes are without a doubt the best part of my gear setup, originally spent $260 for studs and shoes. Lightweight but very well made. They have tungsten carbide studs embedded in them. These studs are long enough to chew right through the seaweed. They are very comfortable. I went from dreading the next slip and fall to just focusing on the fishing. Lace them up and you are good to go, no extra straps. Excellent drainage. All of the lacing hardware is intact, they are worn but they have many years of life left. I wear a size 10-10.5 normal shoe, these are size 11. They worked well for me wearing a 3mm - 5mm bootie depending on the temp.
  11. Anyone have any recommendations for wading pants/boots for the canal? - Al
  12. I was looking for a alternative to wearing my full size wading boots. Preferably low cut. Something to wear for longer walks in summer conditions when in a bathing suit or even a wetsuit. Something protective enough to wear with korker strap ons, or I would consider putting in grip studs. I was looking at Keen water sandals (Newport h2). I like the toe cap, and the fact that sand could probably drain out the back. Anybody wear these with korker sandal strap ons? I heard small rocks get in them and really hurt. Is the Keen Water shoe a better bet? They look like low cut wading boots with a protective toe cap. Does the low cut shoes collect sand easier? I do own a pair of neoprene diving booties and I dont like wearing them in this situation. Anybody have any other ideas?
  13. whats going on fishing folks! wanted to get the opinion of the experienced here and ask about the boxcars. I don't mind the style of them and the low cut design seems to give a bit more freedom of movement. I haven't bought them yet because I'm concerned about the possibility of sand gettting in the boot a lot easier than a high top. Im sure sand creeps in regardless of what shoe you wear if your pounding the surf hard but because of the low cut design I would imagine the gravel guards won't be as effective with these shoes. also, in the colder months your ankle would be slightly exposed resulting in freezing cold ankles... just random thoughts i have had regarding these, let me know what you folks think, or if you have them yourselves did you like them? pros/cons....thanks!
  14. I'm looking for a new pair of wading boots and wondering if anyone has had good or bad experiences with the Simms Blackfoot Wading Boots. I've only seen them online so wondering if they are heavy to walk in, have any metal components which will rust, etc.
  15. I wear a size 10.5 in New Balance, Bostonian and Timberland boot..While wearing over the knee browning wading socks, and my Waders. The size 11 fits perfectly. I could swear that my last pair of korkers I had to go larger. The booties on my large Kennebec waders are a bit bulky and lose.....they were a bit uncomforable at first...but after walking in them. They sorted themselves out and became very comfortable. I figured i'd get a decent pair for FW and pick up a dirt cheap pair for the beach since there really isn't much harsh terrain and i like a flexible boot for sand and jetties .......Well...unfortunately.....I may have to use these in the salt., and hit the drawing board again for FW. These boots offer about as much ankle support as a pair of Sperrys.........Sure they are a tall wading boot....but the the upper is very flexible. I put about 3 miles on them so far.....and the streams I waded have big round stones exactly like those at Montauk. While they are very comfortable on flat ground they flat out suck in the tough stuff. Oh....and There may be another issue. There really is no place that gravel guard lace hook on the LL Bean Kennebec waders can grab. Not with enough tension anyway. Overall they seem to be made out of tougher materials than previous Korkers I've owned....(honestly...not sure why i got another pair....since they always have worn out quickly..Am I apprehensive about the boa closure....sure....but I've also had laces and lace loops rip....at least from what i read. Boa will next day laces if they fail. A slight bonus with these boots and the Kennebecs.....i can tighten the boa closure with the gravel guards down So as the boot as a whole loosens up after getting wet...i can crank the dial a few times without lifting the gravel guards........sweeeeet The boots are all black...not black and brown like in the picture. The part of the upper above the achilles area is neoprene. Which allows for very comfortable heel toe walking. I really do wish they had beefed up the area around the ankle area.....I tried on the simms ocean tek and these....I was hoping for something inbetween a plaster of paris cast and a high heels in terms of ankle support...if the Simms Oceantek is a snowboard binding...these are Converse Allstar high tops. I knew i should have checked out the new cabelas boot.......... Tight lines.....
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