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Found 20 results

  1. Selling a brand new in box Van Staal VSX200 (Black). This is the version that has the upgraded drag knob. Avoid the VSX2 issues and get this instead Price: $725 OBO includes free shipping within the US
  2. For Sale: Van Staal VS X-Series 200, left hand crank. Includes brand new Power Pro 40# super slick braid and a spare spool. The reel was used 5 times. The spare spool has never been used. I put a shrink wrap butt wrap section on the stock knob. I will come off easily. Im selling the reel and spool, because I have another VSX200 which is my goto reel and this one never gets used. Time for it to go to a home and get some use. Box and pouch is included. Price: $725.00
  3. Anyone have any experience with this rod or anyone living in Mass or Rhode Island have this rod and be willing to meet up so I could take a look at it? I will be buying a VSX200 at some point before next season and am trying to figure out what rod to match it with. For the way I fish, plugs I use, and locations I fish this seems to be an ideal rod for me at a reasonable price point and based on his last couple videos seems to have more than enough backbone for any striper application since he's caught and landed multiple sharks on it. My only concern is that I would like to handle the rod before spending that kind of money on it. I am also open to other rod options and am toying with maybe having a custom one built but not sure if I can really spare that kind of money right now. I fish mainly bucktails from 3/4-2oz, all sizes of SS needles, SS darters, SS bottles, pencils, SP minnows, occasionally gibbs dannys, rarely if ever anything over 3ish ounces. Anything from sand beaches to boulder fields and areas with decent current Thanks in advance guys. Any and all input is much appreciated
  4. Listing for a friend, VSX 200 mechanically 9/10, no issues see pics for cosmetics, typical rock rash power knob (no box) 50# PP super slick V2 ~2 years old $475 shipped, PayPal
  5. Hello, all I am having a dilemma with pairing these tools. I have vs150, vs200, gsb1201L, and gsb1081m and lb. test line. I'm hoping this would cover the Southshore, Northshore open beaches, back bays, occasional Montauk, and inlets (specifically the 2 Southshore inlets). My biggest issue last year was reaching the outer bar on the open beaches (using a 9' only). I wanted the 1201L as my all-around paired with the lighter vs150 on 30lb line. Then, the 1081m with the vs200 as my occasional Montauk and inlet rod. Do I have it backward? Thank you.
  6. Trying this again. Looking for a good condition VS (post 7K serial) or VSX 200. Let me know if you have one.
  7. Hopefully going to Cabo San Lucas to surf fish for rooster fish and maybe some Cubera this upcoming June. Might be getting guide for a day, but want to be able to DIY it the rest of the week so I’m planning on building a 2 piece surf rod for the trip (but if a there is a finished rod that better fits the bill I’ll go with that). Does any one have some insight on what rods are best for area? I know pencil poppers, poppers, surface irons, etc. are common lures, and I’m also not apposed to snagging a mullet and throwing it out there. (Florida mullet run style). Hopefully that narrows it down a bit. I know many use 12+ footers in Baja for longer casts, but I want to keep it 11 foot or under so it still has some use when I back home in Florida. I also will probably put my vs 200 on the rod if that narrows it down any further. Right now looking at cape cod nano 10’6 (heavy or light) and Lami gsb 132 2l or 2m, but open to other options.
  8. I got this Vs x 200 brand new about a week ago, spooled it up and last night I took it fishing. After hooking into a couple big snook on heavy drag I noticed on one fish the reel would lock up like the line was digging into the spool, which had me confused as the reel was spooled very tight. When I got home I noticed several scratches on the base of the spool and figured out that either the frame or the fasteners on the liner roller was scraping the spool. My first thought was that the reel was slightly over spooled causing the line to dig and pull the frame into the spool, so I pulled of fair amount of line. To see if I had solved the issue I hooked my jig to my truck, tightened down the drag and pulled, I quickly learned the problem wasn't solved. The the damn thing was scraping against itself causing the reel to bind and lock up. This only happened when the base spool was at the top of the frame, leaving a new scratch on the reel. Even at slightly lighter drag setting the reel would still scrap but not fully bind. When I took the spool of to asses the damage I noticed the scraping at the top of the frame, so since I can't feel any rough spots on the fasteners I assume that the top of the frame is getting pulled to the center of the reel and scraping against the base of the spool. Under normal circumstances I would just send it in for warranty, but according to my local tackle shops Van staal is at an almost stand still due to the virus and allegedly a lot of the workers decided to not come back in after making more off unemployment. I would like to have a reel to fish the rest of the summer so sending it in doesn't seem like a good option. At this point I might try to sand down the area that is scaping, but other than that I have no idea on how to fix this issue. The obvious solution would be to fish lighter drag, but if you have ever fished for snook around structure you know that just isn't a option. Has anyone else had this issue on their reel? And if so were you able to fix it?
  9. Hello, I just purchased a brand new VSX200 and out of the box it is making a rubbing noise that sounds like sand is stuck somewhere, but the reel is flawless.. It is literally brand new. I took it to Saltwaters Tackle and the technician wasnt there but the guy behind the counter said he has never heard that before. I contacted the store I bought it from and they are saying this can be because the grease is not distributed correctly inside of the reel. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution instead of sending the reel back? Thanks!
  10. Title says it, looking for Vsx200, preferably black, was going to buy brand new but let me know whats out there! Has to be shipped to 94080. PS, also would entertain a Zeebaas z25. thanks
  11. Looking for a blank recommendation for a VSX200. Will be fishing area with rocks and current. My GSB1321M is a bit too moderate for this. Primarily fish buck tails and Darters. Might be looking towards ODM NEX1 or the new night shift. Prefer 1-5 or 2-6. Has anyone built these yet?
  12. For sale $600 or trade for same condition vsx150. Reel used 1 season has minor scuff marks small nicks on bottom of body see pictures. Spring for clicker removed. Never dunked fully serviced works perfectly.50lb spyder wire stealth.
  13. Hey guys, I’m looking to purchase a VSX200. Would like silver but black is nice too. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone, I am currently looking into buying a new surf rod and equipping it with a Van Staal. I have never before owned a Van Staal, and I am unsure of the size that I should get for my rod. The rod that I am buying is a 9'6" Shimano Tiralejo. It is rated medium action. From what I've heard, VS150 is for rods in the 9' range and the VS200 is more for rods in the 10' range. This stumps me because the rod that I am getting is right in between these estimates. If I were to buy the VS 200 I am worried that the reel would be too heavy and bulky for a long day of surfcasting. I am not so much worried about extreme drag or extreme line capacity. Because of this, I am leaning more towards the 150. Just wanted to ask everyone's opinions before I pulled the trigger on such an expensive reel.
  15. Van staal vsx200 black has some small scuffs from rocks, nothing deep, used for about 6 months then put away. Never registered comes with box bag and registration card $650 to your door. I'm located in florida
  16. Looking to buy a fiberstar predator or raptor 1087 rod. Preferably with titanium guides but not a necessity. I'm in Florida so for most of you guys shipping would be necessary. Would also be willing to trade my vsx200 black plus cash on your end
  17. I have a Black Van Staal VSX200 bailess up for trade for a GOLD VS150 +cash on your end. There is only one small paint scuff not even a scratch on the reel. Reel is in immaculate shape. Reel was fished a couple times but it is too big for my rod so that's why im looking to down size. Will also sell VSX200 for $680 if someone wants to buy it outright. Will post images later today. Located in Florida but will to ship.
  18. THIS POST IS CLOSED. I double posted by mistake. My apologies. WTS: Black VSX200 with the Van Staal Power Handle. "Almost new". I think it's loaded with 30 or 40 lb PP Super Slick. I have the bag and box. $650.00 shipped with payment via PayPal. Thanks!
  19. I've had my VSX200 for 2 years, had it serviced both off-seasons and have now decided it is time for me to go lighter as I throw a lot more soft plastics and finesse lures than I did at the time I purchased the reel. My reel has some minor love scratches but reels smoothly and the drag is immaculate. Reel will come in original box. I am looking for a VSX150 in a straight-up trade or I will consider a VS150 plus a couple $$/interesting plugs for the downgrade I will try to post some pictures later tonight of the reel and scratches and if not i can more easily email/text them to anyone who is interested.
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