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Found 27 results

  1. WTS Van Staal VS X-SERIES VS250XP Spinning Reel with Gold Van Staal Power Knob Runs great and I've never had any issues. Used for a couple of seasons and it has minor scratches and ware. Recently spun up with brain new Power Pro Slick braid. $700
  2. Looking for a reel to pair with my 10'6 legend. I fish lefty and its been difficult to find lefty vs and zee bass. The vs150L seems to be too light for the rod and the 250L seems too big? Its my understanding that there is no 200L... ive been waiting to see if tackle direct ever gets a restock on zee baas and again i need a lefty. Im considering just getting a penn torque 5500 but i never hear much about them usually just the other 2. Anyone have expierence with the torque or even better with torque v. vs or zee. Pros and cons of torque? thank you!!!
  3. Has anyone like Handy, JT, or Scoob done a full VS breakdown? I searched but did not find.
  4. I am selling a Van Staal C-Vex 9/10 in black with original box, bag, papers and backing (line not included). This reel is in great condition as I bought it as old new stock 2 seasons ago and I have only fished it from a boat about a dozen times. Price is $300 and I am located on Cape Cod. Sorry no trades. Thanks for looking!
  5. This is a New VS100SXP Bailess X-series reel in Silver with 350 yards of Power Pro Maxcuatro 20lb trades as i bought a 150 already..never registered...the only reason i am selling it is it is too small for my 10ft rod...i paid over 750 dollars for this setup a month loss your gain.....price is 650 shipped!!!
  6. Wanting to buy vs 250 or bigger . what do you guys have to offer
  7. Excellent condition like brand new VS 250 used once comes with full spool of power pro 10/10 $650
  8. Want to buy !!!! A Van Staal VS100-150, leaning more toward the 150 ..or look to get a zeebaas Zx20 or 22 !
  9. I've had my VSX200 for 2 years, had it serviced both off-seasons and have now decided it is time for me to go lighter as I throw a lot more soft plastics and finesse lures than I did at the time I purchased the reel. My reel has some minor love scratches but reels smoothly and the drag is immaculate. Reel will come in original box. I am looking for a VSX150 in a straight-up trade or I will consider a VS150 plus a couple $$/interesting plugs for the downgrade I will try to post some pictures later tonight of the reel and scratches and if not i can more easily email/text them to anyone who is interested.
  10. Van Staal VS 200 Excellent condition Great reel, cosmetically and mechanically Just serviced 2 weeks ago Have receipt $600 local pickup long island, ny
  11. Looking to sell a brand new Van Staal VSB200SXP. Reel is brand new (never seen water), purchased from J&H this past July for $989 after tax. Had it spooled up with 50# Cortland Master Braid multi color $40. I decided this reel might be a little too big for my purposes and bought the same reel in the 150 size. Selling for $850 w/ braid. Have reciept from J&H, the box, and everything that comes with the reel brand new. I would prefer pick up, as I am new to the F/S rules on this forum. I am located in Nassau County on Long Island. Willing to drive an hour east or west from me if it helps. I could also take more pics, as I only have 1 or 2 in my phone right now that I took for myself. But like I said, this reel is brand new and never even been cast once... Cheers Phil
  12. <p>So I just got done laying down the guides on my first build, I'm attempting a concept guide laytout for a 150 and after looking at the guides I'm just a little unsure as to weather or not I got it right. Anyone who can kindly give me some corrective criticism here would be awesome!Here's my guide layout Kwsg-30j 22 1/2" from reel face,Kwsg-16j 44" (22 1/2" from previous guide)Ktsg-10j 53 1/2" (9 1/2" from previous guide)Ktsg-8j 61" (7 1/2" from previous guide) and 6 more ktsg-8j guides spaced 4 2/8th inches apart to the tip. Rod is a phenix black diamond psw909h 25/50 with a vs150 on it
  13. Which is the better reel?
  14. I am selling a Van Staal VS150 Silver loaded with 30lb PowerPro that is in great condition cosmetically and mechanically. The reel is very smooth for a VS and is it not stiff or geary as some of them are. There are some light scratches/blemishes from use but you can barely see them under normal light. This reel has never been dunked or swam with and mostly used from the boat or shore. The reel includes the original box, van staal bag, paperwork, and has never been registered for warranty! Located in Cape Cod and the price is $525 plus shipping and paypal. Thanks for looking!
  15. Hey guys want to sell my favorite reel here today and offer up a rod as well if anyone is interested. I found out my wife is pregnant and could use the cash right now. It's a manual pickup bailed silver zeebaas zx2-20 comes with 30# suffix 832 braid. In asking $700 or best offer, will ship, buyer pays. Just serviced in excellent condition. I'm the second owner and purchased on this forum, used lightly and serviced each year. I also have a st. Croix avid 7'6 fast action medium -heavy. In asking $200 or best offer. Also rarely used. Thanks all! If no interest in these I also have a VS 250 gold I may consider selling. I have pictures, how do I upload from mobile?
  16. Took it to Fishermen's HQ in the spring to have it looked at. No issues other than it needing some new fluid. Also 40 lb power pro put on in March. 575 with power knob and original handle. 525 without power knob. (Tried to capture all the minor dings). Original bag and box. Serial #30xxx. PayPal please.
  17. I've always wondered why the handles are on opposite sides? It feels like on most spinning reels are so you reel with your left hand, but on a conventional reels you reel with the right hand.
  18. I think all the knowledge can be pulled form all the VS vs. ZB vs. Penn Torque topics but it's hard to get through those as they are full of personal opinion and bias without any real back to back information. Mostly there are people picking at single examples of a failure and not common failure. I hope to hear about what makes a great surf spinning reel in terms of things like gear style and material. rotor cup and embedded spool vs. rotor arms and skirted spool. Line roller bearing vs. bushing, line lay importance, reeling smoothness and the trades we make giving up on that, weight, ease of mantainence and simple designs versus highly complex designs, anti-reverse clutch versus simplier ratcheting devices, retrieve rates, etc. When I think of the great surf reels over the decades I think of Crack/Luxor, Mitchells, Garcia, Penn 704/706. Many are still using these today, including me. VS definitely changed the game by adding seals. It appears to me that RK took a Crack and improved on it with seals and probably most importantly really change the design of the drag in a way that makes it really easily sealed without hindering the reeling aspects too harshly. But outside the sealing it is a Crack that is drilled out to remove the parasitic weight (unnecessary material that adds weight but doesn't improve it's strength or durability). Most specifically, I want to know about the full rotor cup versus rotor arm / skirted spool differences in design. To me, as a surf guy, you cannot possibly handle the load that would require a full cup design (even though my reels have full cups). You would get dragged into the wash, break the line, or break the rod before bending a rotor arm to hit the spool. It would be great if people responding did not mention brand names. Let's talk the feature/quality that makes a surf reel a surf reel.
  19. Anyone Selling a Gold VS200 ????? Even maybe a VS250. Comment below. Thanks everyone
  20. Both in mint condition. No splits please! $50 takes them, shipped. Prompt PayPal preferred.
  21. Up for sale are two used but excellent condition VS 150 and VS250B. I would like to raise money to get a Hobie Oasis. Yes, they've been dunked, and no, they haven't been serviced yearly. Yes, they have been registered but once you send it in for repair you can be the new owner; I'll provide whatever affadvit I can give although I don't have receipts for these. No boxes or manuals, just bags. The 150 has a full 300 yard spool of 14 or 20# fireline in great condition with minimal mono backing. The 250 has 300 yards of 20# FL tied to red dacron backed with mono. VS 150: $520 shipped insured with signature VS 250: $600 shipped insured with signature Buy both for $1080 shipped insured w/ sig Shipping sales require Paypal or USPS M.O. Look at how nice these have been kept before you try and lowball me! I'm in Putnam County, NY and travel to Westchester, Dutchess, Rockland, Bronx, and sometimes Bergen and Columbia counties. I'll be in Boston from 6/27- 6/30. I will be traveling to Bridgewater NJ end of July. In-person sales (cash only) will drop price by $30 per reel to $90 and $570, respectively. Buying both in-person = $1035. No trades unless you have a Hobie Oasis (2012 version with lidded front hatch and click and go drives; I'll pay the difference in cash if you take both reels). Thanks Tim, Derrick, & SOL!
  22. (*Edited - I'm sorry, but we don't allow soliciting, buying or selling outside the BST Forum - you can see the requirements to use the BST Forums here: TimS)
  23. I have a gold VS 150 for sale, lightly used, and well taken care of. 500$, no trades.
  24. For sale: Van Staal Bailed VSB-250 Gold. This is a USA-made model that I just back from its annual service. It has some nicks and scuffs mostly on the bottom and back of the frame, but is in overall good mechanical and cosmetic condition. Can be used for just about everything from skishing for bass to casting poppers at tuna! Price is $550 plus shipping & paypal fees.
  25. This 200 has never been fished. It was purchased new and I'm the only owner. Has two small blems .... one on the right-side rear corner of the reel foot, the other on the reel stem. See pics. Comes with box, reel bag, and manual. $575 shipped / insured with signature confirmation. Check or US Postal Service Money Order preferred. Check must clear prior to shipment.