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Found 76 results

  1. Any black 300s out there?
  2. Wts 9’6 1145 slingshot for $360 if your willing to pick up. Rod is in excellent condition. I’m located north shore, Ma.
  3. I’m considering buying a van staal vs 50. What do you guys think? Is there any better option Ford light plugging
  4. Looking for a mint VSX250 in black with box and bag thanks guys!!! Meet up in Long Island area.
  5. Hi all, I have a VS150 I purchased back in 2006. 2 years ago I noticed friction while reeling - the handle is sluggish and tough to turn. It is not seized; however, trying to work my lightest plugs is a serious forearm workout. I've sent in in to an authorized VS center for service in 2019 & 2020 and the reel came back w/ the same sluggish retrieve. I don't want to send it to a warranty center again, as it cost me money and the issue was not addressed. Has anyone had this happen to them? How have you self-serviced your VS that had a sluggish retrieve / friction?
  6. Anyone have a VS power knob they would like to part with ? My reel is silver but matching color is not a deal breaker as long as the price is right.
  7. Looking to get a VS100 or VS150. Also would be Interested in a ZeeBaas ZX22 depending on the price of these things nowadays.
  8. VS250 US made with low "2909" in excellent condition. $575 Shipped with Original VS bag the nice one
  9. For sale I have a USA made Van staal 250 that does need a decent amount of work/servicing done on it. Hasn't been fished since 2017 and the handle is locked in place, but the drag seems to be ok. The serial # is 2564. Asking $275 shipped. Don't have PayPal so USPS or Walmart money order would be fine. Thanks fellas
  10. Right now I have my 9’ ODM DNA paired with a Penn Slammer 3 5500 with 30lb braid. I use this set up for bass in the 35”+ range. I usually toss lures from 1-3oz. Which VSX will: 1. Balance my rod nicely 2. Offer enough size so I can feel confident casting 3oz darters and such. I know the slammer 5500 is slightly oversized for the 9’ but I have confidence when I hook up to nice fish that I can control the fish and the fish is not controlling me. I would like the same for my future VSX. Also at times I will be swapping the reel to a 10’6” star paraflex 2-6oz and will never be casting more than 3oz. Thank you in advance!
  11. Looking to buy a van staal 200 for my cousin. Let me know what you have.
  12. Selling my VS 275. Serial number is 15699. It does need service, and the drag is currently stuck in place. It also has a little bit of rash on the handle and top of spool. Asking $325 shipped cash check or money order (no PayPal). Located in MA. Thanks!
  13. I have the following for sale, shipped and delivered. More pics upon request. $365 - Odm Frontier x 9’6” 3/4-4oz Only had for 1/2 the season, perfect condition. SOLD!!! $175 - Odm DNA Back Bay 7’6” 3/8-1.5oz - Perfect condition, had for 3/4 season. SOLD!!!! $50 - Vsx200/250 Black power knob -Excellent condition $750 - 2019 Stella 6000 SWB HG - great condition, knob arm is only part with a scratch from lure hook.....i know, i know, my bad. Shimano platinum service makes this reel great. SOLD!!!! $105 - Odm 2 tube plug bag 2 of the d rings rusted some, ive had this bag for 3 seasons so it is what it is. Great bag, but finally ordered a flatlander. only selling this stuff for a new endeavor, tuna thats expensive stuff. Let me know if you have any questions.
  14. Looking to sell my van staal vs150ls, it is a right hand retrieve with right hand crank. Reel was serviced recently and in excellent mechanical condition. Asking 850 PayPal shipped. It comes with bow and bag. See picture below for details. It has me minor scratch. Show in picture. Brand new line, suffix 832 30 pound.
  15. I replaced the whole clutch assembly last season along with the line roller. Only used it maby twice since then. Will include the old clutch assembly "needs 1 anti reverse bearing " ,box,tool,factory knob and bail kit. $400 cash meetup only... 07747
  16. I am hoping that some of you might help me to find pictures of some of the early VS300 reels with a solid rotor cup from more than 25 years ago. I build them for a very special group of Surf Fishermen, that purchased around 35 VS300 reels, specially engraved by me personally with their names. Steve Campo at that time came to my shop in Fairfield to pickup all the reels I had engraved for guys like Guppy, Ben Russo, Stephen Weitzen and many more. I can never forget those early days building the Van Staal Reels and growing the brand. That group of guys plus many others were very instrumental in the evolution of the Van Staal reels and they deserve much credit for that. I would be very interested to see how many we can find. Any help will be much appreciated!
  17. excellent condition black VS150L. 950$ to your door.
  18. FS Van Staal VSX 250 Bail less in Silver Has PowerPro SS V2 50# @ 400 yard Bought brand new at Saltwater Edge on 9/15/2020 Used only once, did not like the bail less lol 800 Shipped or 780 local pick up in MA 01605
  19. I got this Vs x 200 brand new about a week ago, spooled it up and last night I took it fishing. After hooking into a couple big snook on heavy drag I noticed on one fish the reel would lock up like the line was digging into the spool, which had me confused as the reel was spooled very tight. When I got home I noticed several scratches on the base of the spool and figured out that either the frame or the fasteners on the liner roller was scraping the spool. My first thought was that the reel was slightly over spooled causing the line to dig and pull the frame into the spool, so I pulled of fair amount of line. To see if I had solved the issue I hooked my jig to my truck, tightened down the drag and pulled, I quickly learned the problem wasn't solved. The the damn thing was scraping against itself causing the reel to bind and lock up. This only happened when the base spool was at the top of the frame, leaving a new scratch on the reel. Even at slightly lighter drag setting the reel would still scrap but not fully bind. When I took the spool of to asses the damage I noticed the scraping at the top of the frame, so since I can't feel any rough spots on the fasteners I assume that the top of the frame is getting pulled to the center of the reel and scraping against the base of the spool. Under normal circumstances I would just send it in for warranty, but according to my local tackle shops Van staal is at an almost stand still due to the virus and allegedly a lot of the workers decided to not come back in after making more off unemployment. I would like to have a reel to fish the rest of the summer so sending it in doesn't seem like a good option. At this point I might try to sand down the area that is scaping, but other than that I have no idea on how to fix this issue. The obvious solution would be to fish lighter drag, but if you have ever fished for snook around structure you know that just isn't a option. Has anyone else had this issue on their reel? And if so were you able to fix it?
  20. First "WTB" thread on SOL. Looking for a newer US production GOOD condition ZX25/27 in Blue/Black, Tuxedo, or Silver. Preferably good to great cosmetic and function, will not low ball anyone for the right reel. However I am also not looking for a super limited or early gen display piece. (I do also have a BNIB VSB200SXP bailed reel or a BNIB VS200SXP if anyone would prefer a trade.)
  21. All, Just bought a sweet used VS 150 and have a question about the drag. The reel is basically unused or has been used very little and seems in mint condition. The drag however as some small issues. With no drag knob attached, it still has some resistance. As i tighten it, it does get tighter but not anywhere near as tight as my other VS 150. I can max out the drag knob and still fairly easily pull drag. I caught one slot fish last night and the thing pulled more drag that I’m really comfortable with with the knob tightened all the way. So I did a little forum pounding and found some ppl with similar issues but no real easy fixes. Someone said to leave it overnight fully tightened down, another said to tie the leader to something and walk/run with rod to break in the drag. Serial Number is 17xxx Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Looking for a lefty VSX250. Any color. Doesn’t need to be mint, but needs to be in excellent working order. Need delivered or shipped to MA ASAP. Willing to pay any fair price. Take my money.
  23. Hey everyone, I'm a young angler and been fishing since I was 5 years old. Now that i'm 19 going on 20, i've experience a pretty good variety of fishing in the northeast and down in Florida and have recently fell in love with surf fishing and the gear that needs to be used with it. I liked the challenge of landing large fish from land. I gave me a sense of accomplishment that I am sure many others also share. Besides all that, I want to hear about what everyone else is using and their experiences with the setup they use either their home waters or specifically the Cape Cod Canal. I fish my home waters in New Jersey so the equipment difference is going to be drastically different which is something I was expecting. I am currently using an ODM 9ft 0.5 oz to 3.5 oz paired with a Van Stall VSX150 bailess and is doing wonders for me in New Jersey and is going to probably be my setup for Florida when i take trips down there (might be saving up for a surf setup for florida with the same rod). I am currently looking for a blank that would be around 10ft-11ft suitable for throwing larger plugs, eels, jigs and possibly able to handle the canal. I know trying to make a setup for things back home and it to be usable for the canal is not an easy task and would be seen as being very unreasonable but in a sense I like my rods to be versatile so I can be prepared to fish anywhere up and down the coast. In detail, something that is 10ft-11ft that can handle 2-10 oz would be preferable (I fish with guys that use rods 2-6oz and would like to be in that spectrum). I've been researching blanks from Black Hole, Lamiglas, ODM, and blanks from RH Customs rods which is a builder I may be working with. I would like to use Fuji K guides on the blank in a 8 guide setup similar to my ODM (haven't decided on which guides yet), a low profile reel seat that would fit another vs or maybe the new BG MQ (might get a larger VS that the build will be based off on but will use a higher gear ratio reel for canal). and a grip that isnt too thick. I like my rods to have the smallest profile possible and keep it as light as possible without sacrificing power. All I am really interested in is people's experience with fishing the canal, experiences fishing their favorite custom builds, experiences with rod building, and anything you would like to share that relates to the topic. I am young and I love to learn from people and their idea and perspectives in the sport. Fishing and the equipment involved in the fish they intend to target is something I love to discuss. Feel free to give me your two cent and share your experiences with me and maybe others could learn as well. Thank you!
  24. Looking for a VS 275. US or China made doesn't matter just has to be in good to excellent working condition. Preferably black but silver or gold works too. Located in Hull MA
  25. For sale: VR50 Black Bought a few weeks ago, Used just once to test cast so basically brand new. spooled with Maxcuatro 30lbs braid, pretty expensive braid. $525 shipped to your door, i paid shipping, tax, and braid with receipt to prove It, reel has not been registered yet. Im FIRM on the price.