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Found 9 results

  1. I have a Penn 8500SS in very good condition that I really don't use very much, maybe once a year for the past few years . I 'inherited' it from my father-in-law who I don't think used ever if at all. If I keep the reel I would consider getting it serviced based on its age and the certainty that it has never been serviced. I think I saw that Penn no longer services this model. Does anyone know if Penn does or if they have an upgrade program? If not, how about recommendations for shops in Suffolk County, NY where I could get a servicing/tune-up done? Not sure how much I'd use the reel but even as well as it seems to be functionning, I would like to be sure lubrication, seals, drag washers, etc. are refreshed. Thanks.
  2. So I've had my Van Staal VSX 150 for about a year now. Ever since I got it though, I felt that the drag was too light. When locked down tight, I could turn the spool without much effort. I didn't return the reel and just fished it with drag locked tight every time - I know I shouldn't have been. I'm currently going through my reels for maintenance. In the process, I checked out the drag for my Shimano Stradic FK 3k and 4k and both have much more drag output than the VSX. I quickly searched to see if I could upgrade the drag on the VSX myself, but it looks like it's not as straight forward, because it is sealed drag. My question is... Has anyone upgraded their VSX drag? If so, how? Currently, I don't think that it has enough drag to handle spring stripers in the 35lb+ weight class - I'd have to worry about getting spooled. I still have about a month until the 1 year is up on the reel, but I'm not sure if VS will identify it as a "problem" since mechanically, it's fine... It just doesn't perform.
  3. I didn't want to change to much on this revolver without a couple hundred rounds down range but some changes are in the making. S&W L-Frame Comp 357 7-Rounds. The compensator makes full house loads very, very manageable so it's a pleasure at the range. That said, I'm not a fan of the shortened grips and I definitely do not want the Square Grip panels. Anybody out there have knowledge of something between the two? The curved back is available in the J-Frame but, so far, I've come up short on the K/L frame misfits. I've looked at Altamont and Pachmyer but I'm left wanting.
  4. Good morning - I've been putting off upgrading since Microsoft started predicting Doom and Gloom and the best path was to buy a new computer, did the (free and "legal," registered) upgrade with a 8 or 9 year old Dell notebook and a 2 year old Dell desktop a couple of weeks back and yesterday bit the final bullet with my primary desktop, a six year old Dell desktop yesterday - still free and legal. Each upgrade was painless, with no errors or glitches, and from what I see, each got everything back in the same place with everything still working. This includes MS Office 10, some Adobe programs (including Photoshop CS5), all of my contacts and saved messages from Thunderbird an GMail and a phone directory from at least a 122 year old copy of Palm desktop. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement, and I undersatnd that it's possible to dump almost the entire Win 10 interface and set it up so it has the same look and feel of Win 7, but with Win 10 functionality. I had decided that if the any of the upgrades became problematic I was just going to switch that computer to Unix - and was sort of looking forward to that, so I didn't do full backups on any of the three computers, only on the saved work and graphics files. But, at least so far, it wasn't necessary. The only possible "casuality" I've discovered so far was my sign-in to Surftalk, and I had to bug Tim to the extent of what's my ID? and getting a new password but that might have also been due to (my) user error. But everything else seems to be working the way it should. I'm pretty sure I will be running into occasional problems for a while, but most probably nothing really major. Anyway, the reason for this post was to let you know that at least with my three computers it wasn't necessary to go with the Microsoft email warning barrage and buy new computers with Win 10 installed at the factory, and that the still functional free upgrades were still available on the MS website - just search "win 7 free upgrade to win 10" and follow one of the available llegitimate inks. I used both the ZDNet and CNet links. In my case at least, none of the fear and loathing was justified, the upgrades were each easy and effective and I'm supposedly less susceptible to all the computer bad guys and gals once again. It's going to be nice to be able to blow off all of the dire warnings from now on. So if you've been procrastinating the upgrade, give it a go (but keep in mind that because I had a really easy time with upgrading three existing Win 7 machines is no guarantee that you're going to be that fortunate. If I tried another the whole process might still "blow up.")
  5. I’m looking to upgrade the bearings and drag in a Newell s229-5. Any recommendations?
  6. Good Morning, Happy Veterans Day. I’d like to see if I could get some suggestions for a jigging rod for the Canal. I currently using a Shimano Tiralejo 11’ 2-6 oz. and a BG 500 with Super Pro 40LB. and 20 lb leaders. I’m looking for more distance and more feel on the bottom. I'm getting long in the tooth and need help with distance compared to many guys I watch. If you're not losing jigs your not fishing them correctly. I must be jigging correctly. I’m also looking for Knockoffs for SP Minnows large. Thanks for your help. John
  7. Hey SOL reel repair guru's! I am thinking of getting a set of graphite newell bars to upgrade my squidder before heading down to OBX. I am curious to know if there are any drawbacks to using the graphite bars instead of aluminum? I realize that they are not likely as indestructible compared to the aluminum, but are they still good enough for the average Joe? thank you! -Buckmark22
  8. Nik J

    vs150 pair

    hey guys, I'm a couple years into the sport and I've really caught the fever. I bought a used vs150 in the off season and I have an airwave elite 10'6 1-3.5oz for now that I know I can pair it with. Any suggestions on an upgrade for the rod to match the vs150. I want to keep focussing on sandy beach light pluging 3/4-4oz for now I've been looking at rods in that rating. I would love to get the bang for my buck but at the same time I have to ask if you guys want to start recommending something like century, should I just go custom. Thoughts? Also I know a lot of guys up north go 250 when they get much past 9' or 9'6 but I like the longer stick so unless you all steer me shorter I'm still thinking the 10'-11' range. Any and all comments appreceitated
  9. Hello to the fisherman all around the world! I have just purchased a new Dawia Certate 13 2506H with a 3kg (7lb) drag setup. The dragsystem is a single felt washer setup, and i wonder if i can upgrade the drag with Carbontex on a single felt washer to 1. increase the drag, and 2. get the smoother drag. I have google some but online find tutorials on how they do it on a multi-surface-dragsystem. BR
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