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  1. This combo is very lightly used and in excellent condition: REEL: Kingpin R2 475. No dents scratches or nicks. Royal blue. Spins like new, easy start-ups. Comes with the original pouch, box, and papers. ROD: G.Loomis IMX 1562-C2 CPR. Excellent shape. There is a counterweight on the butt to offset the Kingpin perfectly $800 for the combo. If you are looking to upgrade your centerpin game, this is it. I have 2 other similar combos and this one needs to find more use. I live in North Jersey, but will meet up with a willing buyer. Everything is in top-notch shape. I take care of my equipment!
  2. I had not been on any road trip this year but just by chance an opportunity came along. One of my friends asked me to arrange a last minute trip to the Harz mountains. Since the season there closed down mid September I had to act quick. Since work was slow it was not a problem to get a few days off. The plan was to leave early on Sept. 1st and return late on Sept. 4th. I booked the hotel well in advance and also arranged that the required permits would be obtained by the folks at the hotel. There where challenges ahead for us as the main road along the river in the valley had been closed due to construction work. It mean longer drives to get to the water but that was not a real problem except for costing more gas. What was more worry some was that the reservoirs along the stream filled well up to capacity. In the days prior to our arrival some serious discharges where visible on the website that monitored river flow and capacity of the reservoirs. The trip to the mountains went pretty well with just one unexpected highway closure that was easily bypassed. When we arrived at the hotel we quickly dumped our luggage, got the permits and headed for the river. The river was high but clarity was pretty ok, I guess I preferred the situation to the more or less low and clear water situation at the end of the summer. Just as we geared up a fellow Dutchman spotted us as familiars as he recognized one of the local supermarket bags we had in the trunk of the car. I had the impression that he was showing off when he mentioned he fished the river almost 15 years … kind of posing as an expert. Heck, I visited that place 18 years but found it not a fact to be interesting to mention. When I asked if he had caught any rainbow trout he declined, that section was known for them so I doubted his skills. We started fishing with our expert in sight and boy we caught a lot of rainbows right away … our expert soon left the scene as he had less “luck”. Anyways the fishing turned out to be pretty good all over the place with plenty of the original small browns with their dark coloring plus off course tons of stocked. rainbows. What really surprised me was the amount and size of the grayling that I encountered. These fish had surely grown since I was there last fall. So we enjoyed four days of good fishing in a very beautiful setting. The only minor mishap was that I went for a swim as I slipped and fell face first in the drink. The camera survived … the powerbank not, ego slightly bruised.. Guess we will make that trip again next year when it is possible.
  3. I’m finally getting around to putting together another display I’ve been thinking about. This will be trouts, frogs and perch!!! Thinking of a multi level, corner cabinet Some amazing pieces here! IMG_4761.MOV
  4. Can’t believe I’m even thinking of this. Cyclone X-Large Rainbow trout. 7.25” don’t think there are many of these around. $215 shipped (f&f)
  5. Brittney wanted me to make a net celebrating her best friend. I used Spalted Maple, Ebony, and Hickory. I sketched her dog and Inlayed him into the net using epoxy resin. What do you think? Wayward_Trading_Post_Spalted_Epoxy_Dog.mp4
  6. Brand new. Brown trout peanut. $140 shipped f&f.
  7. Hate to do this. Beautiful pair from the west Coast. Rainbow trout brown trout. $100 shipped for both f&f. Will ship tomorrow.
  8. Also trying this angle. I missed out on both of the newest Cyclone Trouts. I’m looking to trade a rare GRS frog and a CedarRun Danny for either of the new trout patterns. (My 2 for your 1)
  9. I didn’t get either of the 2 newest Cyclone Trouts. I am looking to trade this Rainbow Trout swimmer and hybrid brown trout peanut for either of these patterns. My 2 trout for your 1 trout.
  10. If the Arctic Blast doesn’t beat me, I’m going to make a last ditch run to the coast- I’m in NC: has anyone tried a fly version of the traditional popping cork setup, say a shrimp pattern hanging tandem off a crease fly or gurgler? There’s apparently still a decent speckled trout bite going on. Thanks!
  11. I’m looking for info on a pond that was stocked this spring and can’t find much. Is there anywhere I can find past trout stocking records? https://www.mass.gov/service-details/trout-stocking-report only shows reports for this fall, and https://www.mass.gov/service-details/massachusetts-trout-stocked-waters-list lists the waterbodies stocked this year but doesn’t give any numbers.
  12. Its worth a shot. anyone looking for some cash? Searching for a few trout I’m missing from the group. I also have some gorgeous Cyclone Wonderbreads that I would trade.
  13. This is a gorgeous 10” Cyclone Wonderbread swimmer. Not many of these floating around. looking to add a few missing Cyclone trouts to the collection. let’s talk!!
  14. I went out on Sunday in search for trout. The weather forecast predicted clouds but no rain and as I left the sun was just out. The clouds overtook me though and as I entered the water it was completely overcast. Main target was trout but at the first pool I only got a tiny golden shiner on the nymph. I spotted some rising fish under a bridge where I suspected trout so I tied on a small dry fly. The fly yielded two fish but again small golden shiner. I ventured further into the no-go zone but even there no trout to be found. The water was extremely low so I assumed any large fish would flee and produce a wake but alas nothing to be seen. The next stop was the so called guest stretch open for the public that bought a day ticket. Maybe they had dumped some fish in there. With the nymph and squirmy not getting anything I tied on a heavier tippet and tossed a tiny weighted streamer downstream through a deeper pool. That streamer made the difference and I caught a nice brown trout. I switched between dries, nymphs and streamer at various other spots but the fishing was tricky. Most bites came on the nymph from the tiny bottom feeders, the gudgeons. The first pool on the guest stretch had delivered trout in the past so I tried the streamer there again. And again it worked like a charm on the resident rainbow trout. In the mean time contrary to the forecast it began to rain. I had relocated to another part and without raingear with me I feared it would be a wet fishing session on this day. Luckily heavy foliage made it possible to stay more or less dry while fishing. There was one spot where I knew for sure a trout was located. A partly submerged tree had formed a deeper pool and the trout would either feed in front or behind it. The frontal assault failed but a cast upstream to the tree caused a violent attack of the trout. Alas the hook sat not solid and came out, I was pretty sure that trout would not eat again on that day. The rain was at times heavy, I checked the weather radar to see if it would let up so I could make a run for it. The window of opportunity came and I made it to the pub just in time before the next load came falling down. I was quiet at the pub as the weather kept the day trippers and bikers inside. Hence the waiting time for my Parmesano burger was short. As dessert I got the Herrencreme, vanilla pudding mixed with cream, chocolate shavings and a good amount of rum. Late in the afternoon the rain let up and as I was early at the pub I figured I could spent some time in the mill pool. Here it was the same as in the other stream, extremely low and dirty water. A film of dirt was covering the surface which did not look inviting. The water was almost stagnant and nothing was moving. I pulled a streamer a couple of times through the pool with no results. A squirmy yielded just a little perch so I called it a day.
  15. Hello all, i am moving to from NJ to Florida so all my trout stuff needs to go. Will meet locally for pick up. I live in north NJ near the willowbrook mall. $500 OBO cash, venmo, or zelle takes everything or i will sell in 3 different lots. All of my equipment is dried, and kept indoors after use. Everything is clean, and working properly. lot 1 $300 OBO Lamson guru 2 fly reel with rio line and foam reel case temple fork outfitters SG 3, 5/6 weight 6’9” 2 piece rod Trout net with bungee patigonia wader work station 4 foam boxes full of flies extra empty box orvis hemostats dry shake x2 silicone floatant Rio tippet Lot 2 $160 OBO shimano symetre 500FL reel st croix trout series 5’4” ultra light rod Lot 3 $225 OBO everything you need to tie flies for years. too much to list, see photos. (Fly boxes in photos go with lot 1) vice full tool kit dubbing feathers elk hair Beads mop fly bodies head cement Threads wires hooks etc… please dont low ball the heck out of me, moving is expensive and all this money is going to renting a moving truck. I will accept any reasonable offers made.
  16. High summer and the water table was really low. Choice of venue was coupled to the weather forecast as it seemed unsuitable for chub sight fishing on the lower part of the stream. My destination of choice was the upper part of the stream hoping to get a trout. I blew the first chance as I felt the take but missed the fish, the hook came out so that trout was not going to bite again on this day. I did get fish be it mostly dace and oddly rudd on perdigon nymphs, squirmy's and dry flies. Fish were feeding both on surface and sub-surface. The shallow water made fishing tough, lots of debris and off course no cover. It had not decently rained for ages so extreme low water and slow moving current. The lack of cover was pretty obvious when I noticed a trout making a run for it well in advance of me trying to make a cast. Third chance came at a pool where a sunken tree formed a dangerous snag. I fished a nymph amongst the branches and again caught rudd. I assumed the rudd came from the syndicate's pond in the village which was full of these fish. That a decent trout was lurking in the branches was a suprise and with the light leader I could not bully it around, the hook came out... bummer. I then tried another approach and tossed the tiniest of streamer through the pool and behold I caught a trout, not the same but nice anyways, The last stop of the day was in the forest where it was again rudd and roach that hit the nymph, I tried the little streamer for a second time and again a hit of a trout but also a quick exit of the hook. It was a warm day so what better than to cool down in the pub. I opted for the inside dining ... closer to the bar so the glass stays full. Menu of choice this time was the Chili cheese burger ... pretty hot. Dessert was the bee sting cake, with surplus strawberry's
  17. After a warm week the weekend started chilly and windy. Conditions were not ideal to go tossing mayflies around in the morning but I tried. I spotted one rising fish early morning and it responded directly as the mayfly landed on the water. Unfortunately the fish missed and as I struck the fly went up high in the trees, lost … With no insects around I tried the squirmy and that yield a roach. I also fished with the perdigon nymph which yielded some of the small dace and gudgeons. At one of the spots I fished the nymph yielded not a single hit, an indicator for me that a predator was around as there had to be other fish in the pool. Fishing a streamer can make the difference of night and day and so a black woolly bugger entered the top of the pool. I was right … a trout intercepted the bugger but came off after a short fight. Maybe later in the day I would return to this spot for a second try. I continued upstream using the perdigon that yielded small roach and dace. It was tight fishing amongst submerged tree roots and debris when I suddenly hooked in to something larger … behold trout nr.1 With trout nr.1 under the belt it was time for nr. 2 and that would be at a spot where I had seen rising fishing every week I went fishing there. First though I fished a small fast flowing pool in the hope to catch a larger roach. I spotted the roach but a small trout was faster to grab the nymph. Now it was time for trout nr.3 but the spot that showed so much activity last couple of times was totally dead. Next it was into the forest … no signs of insects on this windy day so the bugger was tied on again. One spot looked like it could hold trout and boy it did. A massive trout grabbed the streamer but although I thought the hookset was solid the trout came off … spot remembered for next time. I had one other hit in the forest but no solid hookup. There was a rising fish under a tree and I tried to get it but my approach was too clumsy so I scared the fish off, time for an early break in the pub. Ever since the old pub was taken over by the Africans it was quiet, on a cold day like this it was nearly deserted. I was early so I could only opt for the small menu and I chose the simplest dish, curry sausage with fries. After my quick lunch I tried a long shallow stretch as it was now afternoon and mayflies where on the water. The water was shallow though and with no rising fish I tried a small nymph. Every time the indicator landed on the water the fish scattered. A brown trout raced past me so my efforts where in vain. I switched to a big mayfly pattern and moved upstream hoping to see a stationary brown somewhere. With low light conditions due to cloud cover it was difficult though to spot fish. A big bow wave in front of me was a sign that my approach did not work. In the end I opted to try for the trout that I had missed early morning. The woolly bugger was once again put into action. I immediately felt a tug on the streamer and on the second cast the trout nailed the streamer, a good day.
  18. Pumped to add a Dmag to the trout/frog collection. Really pretty rainbow trout
  19. On Sunday it was off to the stream again. As mayfly season had started the goal was to catch a trout on a large mayfly. In the early morning though nothing was flying to I tried nymphing first. The tactic did not work and as I suspected a trout at the spot I fished I tied on a streamer. The streamer once again did the trick as I battled a pretty nice trout. I managed to land the fish and for good order I measured it at 43cm / 17 inch. Storms of the last week had downed quite a few trees and a few had landed in the stream causing different fishing conditions. With no signs of trout I headed upstream where I had seen some rising fish earlier. The problem as usual on such an overgrown little stream were the trees. Somehow those branches reached out to grab your fly. The fish I spotted rose steadily but I just could not drop the fly accurate enough without hooking the one or other branch. With the spot ruined by my lack of skills I tried the forest an although I had not seen many of the naturals buzzing around fish where feeding. Off course feeding meant under spots so tight that I could never land a fly there. I was almost at the end of the stretch before private land began when I noticed a shape in the shallow water. A downed tree in the water disappeared with in angle of 30 degrees in the stream. A narrow stretch allowed water to flow over and just behind that sat a trout. It was difficult to spot as it had the same colour as the sand but the tail movement gave it away. My second cast landed at the right spot and the mayfly imitation drifted though the opening. The trout did not hesitate and took the fly instantly. My friends were out and about also and we intended to meet at the pub for some drinks later. As I had to double back I downstream I came across the spot where I had bungled with that rising fish. When I left that place I did some tree trimming so now I had some more space to make a cast. Fish where still rising and I nailed a small brown on the mayfly, I was sure there was a larger fish in there but it did not surface again. At the pub the understaffing was noticeable with a long wait before you could order. My friends complained about too much salt and small portions so it was not a success. It all just took too long so I even skipped the usual coffee and cake and called it a day.
  20. It was nice weather so I tried chub once more. At my hotspot there was not a single fish to be seen. But I noticed some of the big chub at spots where I could not get to. High steep banks made casting impossible as you got stuck in the high grass on the backcast. Furthermore it was almost impossible to land a fish without getting wet = jump in the drink and then figure a way to get out. I tried the open field and found some fish but they where all cruising to somewhere and not inclined to take a surface fly. I was almost about to give up when I spotted a few mayflies buzzing around which made me stay and visit another spot. From a bridge I spotted a big chub and it was stationary moving about in the pool looking for food. Again steep banks but it was possible to slide down the bridge embankment and find some footing on the rip rap in order to land a fish. I went down to the bank and hid behind the high grass but could not spot the fish anymore. I feared he was on to me but suddenly I spotted him right under the bank where I was standing. A quick flip with the rod and the mayfly dropped on the water, the chub instantly moved forward and grabbed the fly. Managed to fight the fish and keep it out of the weeds, 50cm prime chub ... happy. With the first big chub under the belt I went to the upstream section to try for trout. I noticed that the big trout was still present but when it spotted me it shot off downstream to be never seen again. Luckily I got another nice one further upstream. With the work of the day done it was time to hit the pub. Went again for the feta cheese appetizer and the noodle main coarse. Topped it of with Cappuccino and a piece of chocolate mousse cake.
  21. And off course next day we did the same ... sort off. I actually overslept and when I came at the water I encountered all kind of flyfishing riff raff ... well I knew them by name. I gave my friends some intel and headed out further afield. A lot of debris from the trees on the water and since it had not rained for a considerable time the water was low. Did not get a bite until I dragged a weighted woolly bugger through a pool. It yielded a nice little trout so at least I avoided the skunk. In the woods I spotted a rising fish and as the rings where small I assumed it was a dace. I tossed a small fly near the fish and bang fish on, it was not a dace as they do not jump. Turned out to be a very acrobatic brown trout bit it eventually threw the fly. The plan was to meet the riff raff at the pub but apparently one of them had to get home early so I had the place for myself. Off course there where plenty of folk sitting outside but I preferred the quietness of the inside dining to the noise of motorcycles and farming equipment of the main road. This time I went for the Bruschetta as appetizer with as main course the pork chops with mushrooms. Finished all off with a Cappuccino and icecream ... with cream.
  22. Hello, my father is moving to Florida and I would like to outfit our family for fishing along the River and surrounding areas. we will eventually have a boat , but it won’t be devoted to fishing. The property has a slip along the port street lucie river, bridge in close proximity . can anyone give me some ideas what Isize fish we will encounter and possibly throw me some outfits that will handle these types of fish. also, I would like to be able to have a set up for tarpon and maybe another for snook , and flounder. Totally unfamiliar with redfish. also, a good pompano setup. blacktip . thank you in advance and we will down in the fall. Moving from pa. jeff
  23. Gorgeous Cyclone Toasted Wonderbread swimmer. Looking for trouts I don’t have.
  24. Hi All - Hoping some of you can point me in the right direction. I fish the salt 99% of the time but do some trout fishing every now and then as it's convenient and I grew up doing this type of fishing. I currently have a St Croix Premier 7' UL. It works great for bouncing worms or eggs off the bottom in rivers/streams. I went recently and started throwing some rapalas and other small (2-3") swimmers but missed every single hit. I think the rod is just too soft to set the hook. Can anyone point me to a rod or rod rating that will have more back bone to drive home a hook set but also versatile enough to throw a meal worm and a split shot? I see the Premier series offers a ML and also a M but not sure which one would be best. Also open to other rods as well. Thanks! Fluke
  25. Another pandemic year and again another plan B vacation. Since Joe would not let me in I had to forge other plans and so I went to the Hoch Sauerland region at the neighbors to the east. With all kinds of fall weather I chased the trout and grayling and did pretty good. Started fishing oct. 2nd and went through until the season ended on oct. 19th. The fishing was good and one of my friends decided he had to go to the same place where I was at just to have some decent fishing days this year. Hopefully plan A (SW FL) can be executed next year.
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