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Found 21 results

  1. With the upcoming blackfish season in jersey I was wondering what size rod does everyone prefer for fishing jigs for blackfish? I typically like a rod under 7ft
  2. Dandelions are coming up, anyone getting ready for tog season?
  3. I have a Seigler SGN Lefty in new condition with box, receipt, rod clamp. No scratches and barely used. I purchased it several months ago for togging and loaded it with 30# super slick. I would be open to trades for a lefty Avet SXJ g2 plus a little cash coming my way, or a nautilus NVG 6/7 with cash coming your way. Otherwise thinking $270 for the reel without trade. It saves the purchaser $100 if you were to buy a new sgn and load it with line. Preference of person to person transaction, if not buyer responsible for shipping/fees. Thanks!
  4. For your consideration, a brand new & unused rod and reel that I bought with the intent of using on party boats but instead is just collecting dust. Rod - Daiwa Proteus Inshore - PRIN66HXB-NE - 6'6" rated to cast 0.5-1.5oz, though I feel it would comfortably jig 1-5oz Reel - Daiwa Coastal TW 200 Inshore baitcaster - weighs 8.1oz, 15lb drag, 8 bearings I feel like this could be used for a lot of things like jigging for tog/fluke, casting from a yak, or targeting snakeheads. Rod has loads of backbone and has no defects nor the reel. Who just got their tax return? Asking $330 shipped OBO, venmo, paypal, etc.
  5. As the the title states, who has one and how do you fish it? I'm curious, as a learning experience, as to how people are setting it up for fluke, tog and striped bass. Especially if you're from the cape or long island, montauk, jersey... What test braid are you using for each specific species. What are you finding it can handle real world in terms of sinker weight, diamond jigs... I appreciate Kil's perspective, but he also may be fishing a different technique and I'd like to know how it's working out for others.
  6. Morning SOL'ers, Looking for a basic used conventional bottom fishing setup. Target species is Tog from a boat. Preferred range: 6'6"-7' +50# line rating Heavy or Medium Heavy +15lb max drag Budget <$200 local pickup sometime this week - located in Central NJ (yes it exists) but willing to travel to meet up. I know you guys have those rarely used impulse buys sitting in the garage...lol Thanks SOL!
  7. Is a full day tog fishing charter for $90 per person worth it right now in New Jersey. Thinking about taking a charter on Mimi VI. How much fish are usually caught per person on blackfish charters and how many keepers?
  8. Has anyone try this was fishing for them this morning and had a few missed hookup i was using 4/0 gamakatsu octopus hooks and was thinking about the circle hooks
  9. im just north of Boston and im trying to catch my first tog and hopefully some more keepers. i went fishing off the jetty yesterday past the lighthouse at Scituate to mess around and lost every jig i put out there on the rocks lol. i only had blue crabs at the time that i was cutting in half. * now im trying to head out with my hobie and maybe cover some structure and rocks north of the lighthouse. as long as the weather is nice i can fish anywhere from the plum islands to the cape if anyone wants to meet up and fish. im busy in the evenings so itll be first light to about noon. the crabs will last about 5 days he said so they'll be good until thur/fri.
  10. To all the tog experts, when you have unlimited rocky structure (such as along the the northern coastlines of the LIS - Rye, Mamaroneck, Stamford, etc.), how do you narrow down good areas to target for quality tog? I mainly fish from a kayak so I have the option to search within a couple mile radius of where I launch from, but there's so much good structure everywhere along the LIS that it's sometimes difficult to find productive pieces. I understand that there is no substitute for just getting out there and trying all the fishy areas, but I want to get a bit smarter about my approach at narrowing down these areas. I'm not asking for specific spots, but do you look for areas with some current? Prefer to fish just submerged rocks or next to a rock outcropping that is breaking the surface? The end of rocky jetties? My question really pertains more to rocky structures rather than fishing along wooden pilings, bridges, etc.
  11. MakoMike

    Tog stocks

    @fishfinder401 Didn't want to derail that thread to answer your question about tog. You have to start off by realizing that tog don't travel very far, so they are regulated by the says and the ASMFC, there are no regulations for tog in Federal waters. Some of the states. like our RI and MA have done a pretty good job with tog. The RIMFC has been managing tog conservatively since I lived up there in 2000. I hear they have a pretty good fishery in MD, but I don't know what's going on in VA or ME. NH is too small a coast to worry about. The states that have really screwed things us are NY, CT and NJ. In all of those states the stock is overfished and overfishing is occurring. Worse, there is no rebuilding plan in place and it looks like the overfishing will be allowed to continue. Unless and until someone takes the bull by the horns fishing is just going to continue to slide downhill. Tims will probably chime in, as he has had a lot to say about tog in the past and he has some strong views on the current mess. @TimS
  12. Scooby did a great tear down video on this reel earlier this year. Then I found out they had a P (5.1 ratio) version. I picked up a 15P for my dad as he doesn't fish much and at $225 (no tax, free shipping, ebay bucks), I figured it was a perfect buy. Hasn't been fished yet, but looking it over, I have to say this is one very well made reel. No it doesn't have 10 bearings. But it has 4 CRBB's and that's more than enough. At least I know the bearings I have are corrosion resistant. 17 pounds of drag is more than enough and even the star drag itself feels comparable to the saltiga. It's very smooth. It's not heavy at all but it feels solid. I was so impressed, I purchased the 20 size for my wreck rod. Figured I didn't need to spend $400 for my least used set up. That all being said, I think for the money it's a better value than a trini, ocea jigger, or saltiga (not to say I wont/dont own them and like having super nice reels).. No, it doesn't have the same amount of refinement, smoothness, high level of gearing, protection and so on and so forth... But it's just a really good reel at a really fair price and you barely hear anything about them. Would've thought the toggers in the North East would have been all over them.
  13. It's that time again to have a thread for your togging exploits. Winter season reports 2018-2019. Let's see the tog(s)!!!
  14. This has been discussed before. Looking for an up to date opinion. Jigging for blackfish. 20lb braid, 30-40lb leader. South shore Long Island. Montauk. Jersey. I’ve seen a number of smaller Daiwa BG’s (2500-300). Saltists. I’ve seen a Tatula used (I wouldn’t). Stradic FK? Ballistic Lt 2500? Other thoughts? Not the biggest Penn fan. I know Tackleadvisors goes through them all. Would love your opinion for this application, as well as all of yours.
  15. Newbie here. Started fishing about 4 years ago, aimlessly. Started understand species and species specific gear this year. I'm pretty happy with my fluke set ups, I'm looking to put together a tog set up with a saltiga 15. Will be fishing long island sound as well as montauk. Will at time need to use sinkers up to 16oz to hold bottom. I haven't done any striper fishing and if I do it might be once or twice this fall (probably using live eels), so my aim is a tog set up that may allow some striper fishing as well. I have a st croix premier musky 7'H 40-80lb. It's nice and light with plenty of strength. I would just rather put together a custom rod, shrink wrap handles, fuji guides, rod color, lightweight, etc... I'm looking at the st croix 2M70MHF as well as the blank from the rod I have. I also saw a custom Calstar GF700-M yesterday that was beautiful (would probably consider the 700-MH). I've also been told about the lamiglas CGBT861MH from the tri flex 7240 I believe. And I've seen some posts on the Seeker Hercules. I know the best way to go about this is to really hold and pull on each rod but there aren't too many places that have each blank in stock. It's a lot of info to take in. Need some advice on which is the best choice based on those parameters. Thanks
  16. Selling a penn fathom 12 loaded with 40lb suffix 832 paired with a tsunami 7’6xh rated 40-65lb and 3.25-7oz. Asking for $230 for the combo. Located in Atlantic county and can meet up within a reasonable distance.
  17. I've been reading many helpful posts in this forum on togging. I learned that a sensitive tip is key for tog fishing (I am a newbie and I haven't caught any tog yet). I bought this spinning rod over the holidays, hoping to use it for inshore togging on party boats (~30 feet water, use crab as bait). I think "R" probably means mod fast to fast. The lure weight is unknown. Will this rod work for tog? The tip is quite stiff. How about black seabass? Thanks for your advice. Model Number Power Action Length Feet Pieces Line Wt. (Lb.) Lure Wt. (Ounces) No. Guides SAG70MRS MH R 7' 1 12-25 – 7
  18. Does anyone think blackfish are line shy? Is the bite affected by using heavy leader or do you need lighter line or fluorocarbon? What pound test do you use for your main line and your leader? for Fishing wrecks or rocky structure I use 40 or 50lb braid and 40 or 50lb leader. Does anyone use anything heavier or lighter and why?
  19. What hook works best for blackfish using crabs? J or baitholder J or Circle or Octopus? Size?
  20. Tog charter - kinda last minute, Diklarsen pulled it together - it's THIS Friday - December 4th Trip is limited to 20 people - it's going to be $90/each, that includes white crabs - the boat is the Northstar sailing outta Ocean City, NJ. Presently, through various channels, the following folks are on board: 1. TimS 2,3,4,5. Diklarsen (+1) 6. Otter 7. TomT 8. MikeMc ******(Michael P had to bail) 10, 11, 12. TTMako (+2) 13. Kneel 14. Crazybellringer (?) 15. seadogface 16. Sparky 17. fishing pete 18. MikeMc's son 19. Looney 20. Martzy 9. Brother Brian 4. 5. If you can make it and wanna go, please let me know by posting in this thread - thanks TimS
  21. Anyone read the PID and have any comments? I think the regional proposals make a lot of sense.
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