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Found 18 results

  1. Dandelions are coming up, anyone getting ready for tog season?
  2. Hey all -- just wanted to start by saying I'm new as a member but I've been lurking these boards for a while now. Moved to the north east recently and wanted to learn something new so I've challenged myself to learning something new and tautog on shore has been a blast. I've recently been reading that tautog are predominantly opportunistic sight feeders. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface and there's probably not as much written about them as many other species but it seems that this a habit that has been proposed by biologists and anglers alike. What I'm a bit confused by is that often times when we're fishing for them it's hard to say that using portions of crab offers a lesser opportunity than whole, intact live crabs. In the spring time in some states people have reported that cooked peeled shrimp can often times be an excellent choice of bait! This doesn't seem to "match the hatch" and doesn't seem to provide much in the way of sight. It also seems as if artificials designed to mimic crabs are viewed as mostly ineffective -- both gulp peeler crabs and also a small number of reports using merkin crab flies and crab flies in general seem generate only a lukewarm response. Minnow patterns have been reported to work in the spring but seem to rely on inciting aggression towards egg raiders rather than feeding. Am I over simplifying or over thinking this seeming disparity? Does the sight of an offering or disruption in the water pull them in and the scent/familiarity of the bait get them to bite? Will any of this make me a better tog fisherman or should I just focus on other (numerous) issues with my angling and simplify my bait of choice to the trusty asian/green crab? I like to tinker so I'm thinking about testing this sight vs. scent hypothesis with tipping impressionistic crab/shrimp flies with some cooked shrimp... I've tried my best to google and search sol for this topic -- I really appreciate any opinions on this
  3. Was at an inlet today for some shorebound togging. Following an unsually slow beginning of slack period -- heard some very loud splashes close to the rocks. After several instances, suspicions were confirmed: The splashes were Tog coming up close to, and out of the water. Jumping, breaking, swirling, the like. Energetically too. Additionally witnessed several groups of the fish swimming together close to the surface. Anyone ever witnessed anything similar? There were dolphins present earlier in the day in the Atlantic (not within the inlet), and the resident seal never came up for air, nor was witnessed chasing fish near the surface.
  4. Looking for Tog on the Northshore of MA. I have heard of a few spots up in the Marblehead, Salem, Beverly areas. I have tried them several times this year, but never had any luck. Tried green crabs, clams, white crabs even bits of lobster. Been trying very hard. It just hasn't worked. I really hope someone will help me out. I do know how to catch them, I just can't seem to get them in my area. Would anyone be willing to share a couple of spots with me? I boat out of Beverly, MA. I can share spots where I believe there are Tog up here and/or share my spots for Stripers, Squid, etc. Thank you!!
  5. No boat so I'm targeting them from the pier. New to the tog game this fall, so any tips/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Is a full day tog fishing charter for $90 per person worth it right now in New Jersey. Thinking about taking a charter on Mimi VI. How much fish are usually caught per person on blackfish charters and how many keepers?
  7. Been a long time since I’ve posted...Sadly, I just lost my dad to COVID and want to build a togging rod on his behalf. Apologies if my writing is all over the place but I’m just thinking of all the memories of going fishing with my pops. The man loved being on the water and despite being in his 70s, he was still going out to the bay 2 days a week. I remember we used to get up at 4am to drive 45 min to catch a tide. I honestly don’t remember how many fish we caught or got skunked but I remember our routine of stopping at the 7-11 for coffee and then the bait shop. We’d be back before noon to do the weekend lawn work. Before his passing, he was getting very interested in togging and I was thinking about booking a trip with him in Delaware or NJ...not being able to make this one last trip hurts. He was into fishing gear but when it came to fishing, he kept it simple and would often just drop bait. Sorry for the wall of text...just to keep it simple like dad: What’s a blank for togging in DE or NJ?
  8. Was thinking of giving tog fishing a shot. I don't have a boat so I'm stuck with fishing docks as well as the occasional jetty. Any suggestions on a setup?
  9. Has anyone had luck targeting tautog recently? I'd like to take my son out tomorrow and see if we can scare a few up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. MakoMike

    Tog stocks

    @fishfinder401 Didn't want to derail that thread to answer your question about tog. You have to start off by realizing that tog don't travel very far, so they are regulated by the says and the ASMFC, there are no regulations for tog in Federal waters. Some of the states. like our RI and MA have done a pretty good job with tog. The RIMFC has been managing tog conservatively since I lived up there in 2000. I hear they have a pretty good fishery in MD, but I don't know what's going on in VA or ME. NH is too small a coast to worry about. The states that have really screwed things us are NY, CT and NJ. In all of those states the stock is overfished and overfishing is occurring. Worse, there is no rebuilding plan in place and it looks like the overfishing will be allowed to continue. Unless and until someone takes the bull by the horns fishing is just going to continue to slide downhill. Tims will probably chime in, as he has had a lot to say about tog in the past and he has some strong views on the current mess. @TimS
  11. This has been discussed before. Looking for an up to date opinion. Jigging for blackfish. 20lb braid, 30-40lb leader. South shore Long Island. Montauk. Jersey. I’ve seen a number of smaller Daiwa BG’s (2500-300). Saltists. I’ve seen a Tatula used (I wouldn’t). Stradic FK? Ballistic Lt 2500? Other thoughts? Not the biggest Penn fan. I know Tackleadvisors goes through them all. Would love your opinion for this application, as well as all of yours.
  12. Hello all. I am interested in getting a rod that's rated 4 - 10 oz load for fishing on headboats. I currently own Lami TFX7030CT and thought that I could use a heavier rated rod under certain water conditions. I've used the TFX7030CT up to 8 oz. It handled it okay, considering that the rod is fairly stiff. I would like to go on wreck fishing with the wife and let her use the TFX7030CT while I use the heavier rated rod. I didn't even know about Kevin Bogan Fish Poison rods until I was on the BTS forum. I read up on what I could and it seems like general consensus is that Fish Poison is a very good rod for wreck fishing (Togs). Kevin Bogan Fish Poison FC70MH (4 - 10 oz) with cork handle = $230 shipped Lamiglas TFX7040CT (4 - 10 oz) = $247 shipped from Tackledirect I do not own any Fiberglass "E-GLASS" rods, so I don't know if I will like the softer action. I tend to prefer faster action... Any inputs would be appreciated. I have done enough googling and still can't decide. Lamiglas TFX7040CT vs. Kevin Bogan Fish Poison FC70MH Graphite vs Fiberglass (No preference) More vs Less sensitivity (I prefer more sensitivity) Faster vs Slower comeback rate (I prefer faster) Off the shelf vs Custom (No preference) Lighter vs Heavier rod weight (I prefer lighter, but if it's only a few oz's, no big deal) +$17 for Lamiglas, but not much different so doesn't matter Yea, based on the comparisons, I am leaning more towards the TFX7040CT, but maybe there's a big factor that I didn't account for.
  13. Hi All, I am looking to purchase a conventional reel for blackfishing in deeper water. I would be using anywhere from 6-12oz of lead and fishing in depths of 60-80 feet. I was wondering if anyone had any information or recommendations on reels. I was looking at an Avet SXJ but worried that 14# of drag won't be enough but if I am completely wrong on that assessment, please let me know. -HoboFisher
  14. Does anyone think blackfish are line shy? Is the bite affected by using heavy leader or do you need lighter line or fluorocarbon? What pound test do you use for your main line and your leader? for Fishing wrecks or rocky structure I use 40 or 50lb braid and 40 or 50lb leader. Does anyone use anything heavier or lighter and why?
  15. For those who fish Montauk a lot, is Montauk a good place for blackfishing from the shore? I just want to know if they are there at all. Not looking for peticular spots but you can share if you want. If there are any blackfish at all, are they small like a couple inches or do they reach decent sizes. Thanks for the feedback.
  16. Just wondering if anyone has started their spearfishing season in RI yet. I know Tautog season started a few weeks back but have not gotten out myself to check out the numbers. Mainly just want to start a thread for spearfishing. But also interested in stripers since I have heard a few keepers have been caught already.
  17. I've been doing some Tog fishing in my area and doing pretty well with Asian crabs, I was curious on some recommendations on the different Black Fish jigs and colors that you've found have worked the best? I use jigs since I really only Black fish from shore and from a good jetty spot I have in my area.
  18. Anyone read the PID and have any comments? I think the regional proposals make a lot of sense.
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