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Found 24 results

  1. Folks, Will be heading to the West Coast of FL soon and would appreciate your thoughts on fighting belts. Are there belts for both inshore wreck fishing with conventional setups for Grouper, Jacks etc and also 100 lb Tarpon with 7 1/2 or so spinning rods with and without gimbals? I've started looking into Braid - (B100 Snap-on and the Brute Buster Belt) and some Aftco products. Many thanks.
  2. heading to the BVI’s soon and wasn’t sure what size bait the tarpon there eat during the spring. Any lure or info about the bait there would help a ton.
  3. Hello all my family is down for a week staying in Avon OBX and I was curious if there’s any chance of getting any tarpon around this area either from shore or with a boat that I could rent. If not any recommendations for bull reds and areas where I can try thanks!
  4. Hello, my father is moving to Florida and I would like to outfit our family for fishing along the River and surrounding areas. we will eventually have a boat , but it won’t be devoted to fishing. The property has a slip along the port street lucie river, bridge in close proximity . can anyone give me some ideas what Isize fish we will encounter and possibly throw me some outfits that will handle these types of fish. also, I would like to be able to have a set up for tarpon and maybe another for snook , and flounder. Totally unfamiliar with redfish. also, a good pompano setup. blacktip . thank you in advance and we will down in the fall. Moving from pa. jeff
  5. hiya, I'd like to find a Tarpon 160, any version or a Scupper Pro in a bright color.
  6. These seemingly popular lures have been around for a long time, and production has switched hands a couple times. I've never used one but I've been interested in them all along. However, recently, it seems like i'm seeing more and more reports of these new spoolteks having cable issues, whether it is that they don't deploy as they should or that the cable breaks on the initial hit. What are your experiences with these? Is the lure designed that should the cable break you can replace it or when it breaks the lure is toast?
  7. I have a question about braided line on VR and VSX reels. Is there any reason why you would not recommend deviating from the published line recommendations? For example, will 15# braid cast better than 20# on a VR50 with marginally less strength? On the other end of the spectrum, will the small cup of the VSX150 be a problem for 40# or 50# braid when throwing artificials for snook or tarpon. I normally wouldn't care about experimenting, but braid is expensive and there's a ton of smart anglers who can answer my question and save me a few bucks. I just moved to FL so there is a lot of different fishing going on, not just surfcasting (who knew).
  8. I’ve been researching this a lot on the web. I’m seeing many set-ups employed for spinning rod and reel include doubling up your braided line( spider hitch) connect that to a 5’ 50 lb. leader via a bristol knot and then add 60/80 lb 12” leader to the 5’ leader via a double uni knot. The goal is to keep the 12” of 60/80 outside the rod tip. Do many use this? Seems like you could accomplish the same thing with an FG knot connecting 60/lb leader to your braid. I’d be interested to get opinions one way or another.
  9. Ok i read lot of advices and topic about the same , which one is more "loved"... my scenario of fishing is beach, a bit windy most of the time (other days is windy as hell), the fish i find here is snook and tarpons, the most "common", i have 30lb jbraid on a Daiwa BG4000 and 40lb supwerpower on a BG5000, On the way is coming 2oz talkin poppers and 2 3/8 pencil, 2oz Spro bucktail (items for a surf starting thinking in the beach i fish every day) , i fish from the rocks (breakwaters), sometimes from the sandfloor, what u recomend me, i have $240 giftcard on my amazon wallet, and i see not much stocks on st croix mojo surfs, but i have 9' 3/4 4 and 1-4, .... Have the TFO 9' MAG L too 1-5 but dont know much about these rods, thank you all.
  10. Just a friendly reminder to make sure you revive your fish regardless of size or how "lively" they look. an extra minute or two can make the difference for some fish and this is the third one seen this year
  11. Hey folks, Excited to be heading to Belize in July. Couched under my "40th Birthday Present", I started pitching it to my wife four or five years ago, and it's officially got the green light. Even my toddler daughters approve, too. I'll be posted up on Caye Caulker July 18-22, and I'm excited to be down there when the bigger poons are on the move. Other misc. details: the new moon falls on the 20th. I think I'll carry an 8-11wts down with me, (including my 10wt CTS Affinity X-Herb Special (my first build)). I'm also bringing down an older T&T Vector and a Bauer M4 reel to donate to the local high school fly fishing program on the island. If anyone has landed in that neck of the woods, I'd love to hear about your experience. Any insights you can share about tides/moons, water temps, feeding habits, etc. I'm sure I'll get it all from the guide, but I need something to preoccupy my time with.
  12. I'm going to charleston this week and I'm wondering what flies some of you guys down there like to use for tarpon and reds. Also what colors are best? I'm going to tie a few to bring. Thanks
  13. I am heading out tomorrow morning on my first tarpon trip. I talked to the guide and he said that I will most likely be throwing a 12wt fly rod. I have never cast anything that big before. Any tips on casting this as opposed to the 8wt that I usually use for stripers? Thanks for any help. Salty
  14. All, I'm taking a trip to the keys in June and will be targeting tarpon, primarily under bridges, all from shore. I have a Penn Slammer 3 6500 that I just used in the Caribbean. Big fan. My fishing partner is convinced we will need 500 yds of 80lb braid to catch big tarpon. So, what exactly should we be using? We will be throwing artificials and bait. The Slammer I have can hold 350 yds of 50lb PowerPro. Is this going to be sufficient if I hook a decent fish? I am worried about line strength due to the structure, but I'm also worried about capacity for obvious reasons. Will my reel be sufficient, and what line/capacity would be enough? Thanks so much!
  15. Hey all, This question go out to all who have experience or intel on fishing the south beaches of Florida. Within the next few weeks I will be traveling to the beaches of southern Florida. I am looking to surf cast off the beach for just about whatever bites! I have every piece of fishing tackle a striped bass fisherman could want, however I am extremely ignorant on what to fish down south to target the sport fish of Florida. I plan on bringing a selection of lures to cover the water column but I was curious as to what you all would recommend to bring with me. Thanks
  16. Retired and have way too many rods, reels and other fishing equipment. Downsizing to just what I need. Billy Pate Anti Reverse RH (Ted Juracsik) Tarpon on TFO BVK 9' 12WT 4 piece. $450 picked up. Billy Pate Anti Reverse RH (Ted Juracsik) Bonefish $290 picked up. I can meet within an hour of zip 08759. I am in Whiting (Manchester Township), NJ in Ocean County. The reason for meeting is I want to make sure you are happy with the condition and equipment before purchasing. Thanks Gil
  17. Hi, I'm going to Saint Martin right after Christmas and want to put myself on some tarpon. Any tips? I was thinking of bringing a rod and reel, or maybe just a reel and renting a rod there. I wanted to go with that one guide service, but he went out of business. I've heard I should use at least 300 yards of 50 lb braid, 6/0-10/0 hooks, and 80 lb mono leader. I've also heard I should go at night to a bridge, and also that the southwest side of the island is where the tarpon are. Is there a place on the island where I can get bait? Thanks
  18. I thought you guys might appreciate this video my friend made of me jumping and landing a tarpon the Everglades last month. The video doesn't capture the full story: I was using my buddy's rod, which was equipped with a beautiful Tibor Gulfstream. All good, except the reel was a right hand retrieve, whereas I generally retrieve with my left hand. Awkward, but fine. As I was fighting the fish, I carefully increased the drag, tic by tic, as it was a bit loose for me. Of course, I was not remembering that the turn to tighten the drag was towards me, not away from me, as the reel was backwards - so I was steadily loosening the drag. The fish made a big pull and the thing free spooled and created a rat****. I immediately stripped line and put the fish back on my hand as I surveyed my colossal screw-up. Looked hopeless, but the guide (God bless him) was able to work it out while I fought the fish. Anyway, I got it back on the reel, brought the fish to hand and whooped louder than I ever have catching a fish. As my buddy said: "the stoke was real." EDIT: trying to figure out how to embed video. Sorry, new guy.
  19. Whats going on everyone? The mullet run has been pretty good this season in SE FL. Things have definitely slowed down and some of the bigger mullet have moved in the bay, and the fish don't seem to be pushing them as much. Best bite has been in the late afternoon before sundown on the small finger mullet. This video was shot last week and we were only fishing for a couple hours. Guys throwing artificial were getting two jacks at a time. We caught a bunch but unfortunately missed a bunch too, one was definitely a big fish that broke 30lb leader. I was fishing with my neighbors 6 year old grandson and told him I would hand him my first fish, little did I know it would be a tarpon.
  20. Hi folks! I am looking for a rod to pair with my Saragosa 10k with #50 braid for fishing migrating tarpons (70-200 lbs). I'm between two rods: Shimano Terez and St-Croix Mojo Salt. I'm leaning towards the St-Croix because of the warranty and the fact that it is made in usa. Moreover, I've read some bad things about the Terez (breaking for no reason), but it looks like the perfect match for the Saragosa. What would be your recommendation? Thanks!
  21. SOL'ers, Headed to the Bitter End in North Sound, Virgin Gorda. Thinking of bringing a travel rod and having a go at the local fish. I've been here a bunch but never fished. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Looking for any help regarding fishing in cuba. I will be in havana for only a few days. Oct 28-31 and looking to fish one of those days. I know im pretty far away from the great flats there but maybe there is a great guide service who can help guide me to some bonefish/tarpon or possibly a charter boat who can take us out for marlin,wahoo, tuna etc. thank you any help!
  23. Lets give this another try. I posted several days ago, but no responses, so at the suggestion of another member, I am trying again, this time with specific questions. First, a little background. I have been fly fishing freshwater since I was a kid, but only recently has it become more than just a part time hobby. Over the last two years I have spent a considerable amount of time on the water in Montana, and more recently in Alaska, where I now live. April will be my first foray to a salt water destination, and while I wont be in St. Maarten specifically to fish, I will have lots of free time and will definitely be bringing my rod. So pretty much I am starting at ground zero. Apologies for the noob status, but I wanted to give some explanation for my questions, should they sound ridiculous, because in truth, I don't know much right now. Now a few questions for your consideration... 1. Are there any specific books/you tube videos/pod casts I should check out before my first salt water experience? Any other sites where I might be able to find good info on St. Maarten? From what I can tell, its not a common fly fishing destination and beta is hard to find. 2. What should I be looking at for a fly quiver to bring down there? I am just starting to tie my own flies, but with job related time limitations over the next 2 months, it is unlikely I will be able to tie enough to use on this trip. If possible, I would like to buy a complete salt water fly kit. It sounds like permit, tarpon, and bonefish are what I will be looking for. What flies should I make sure to have? Sounds like chartreuse clouser patterns are good. Any place online recommended to pick up these and a few others? 3. What rigging options I should try? Steel leader seems to be mentioned for tarpon in other threads. I have WF floating rio grand on my spool now, but should I consider bringing another spool with a different line? 4. What are the regs/license requirement for St. Maarten? 5. Any techniques that I should focus on? I am watching videos on the slow strip that seem to work well for tarpon. What other techniques should I become proficient in that will help me down there? Thank you in advance for anyone that takes the time to respond with info relating to these questions, or any other general beta you are willing to provide. Stoked to give salt water a try, and I am looking forward to exploring the opportunities on St. Maarten. My plan is to post my experiences on this page after the trip, so if nothing else, hopefully it will help someone else out.
  24. Hello, First off, I am new to both this forum and to salt water fly fishing, although I have been fishing fresh water in Montana and Alaska for several years now. This spring I will be visiting the Caribbean island of Saint Martin (or whichever spelling is correct), and I have 4 days with nothing planned, so my hope is that I can pack a rod down and throw a few flies. That said, my initial research on fly fishing on the island has proven fruitless. The only fly fishing guide service I have seen mentioned is Tyt Lynz, but their website is down and I do not see any comments on them in the past several years. However, my preference is to only hire a guide as a last resort. I am hoping someone can give me some general info about places to fish, what fish to expect, how to fish them, and what rod/reel/line setup to bring, as well what flies might work. So yes, I am asking a lot, but my guess is there is someone out there who has fished this island, and I would love to glean some knowledge. My thought was to bring my 9' 10wt. Sage One, as it is the only rod in my quiver that seems appropriate for the larger fish, like tarpon, which seem to be fairly common in the inland water. I just want to catch fish, and I am willing to do what it take to make it happen, so lay it on me! Thank you in advance for any information you share. I know noobs can be a pain in these forums because we don't contribute, but I appreciate you helping facilitate my learning and adventure! CK
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