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  1. Thinking about making my own sinkers. Does anyone do this? I see the molds everywhere, but where do you get the lead?
  2. I just got a box of these things in the mail. They look like jewelry; shiny, well proportioned, smooth, imposing. Are these hooks all 'show'? Do they hold up? I can see them spooking off certain species becasue of the shine. For those who fish(ed) them, what utility do they find in these pretty things?
  3. I'm thinking about switching to Tactical Anglers clips. Plenty of knockoffs on Jeff's Hard Labor Emporium (amazon) but I'm going with the name brand ones. I should mention that I'm a baby. This is only my second season fishing "seriously." Can't wait for the 15th! (more like the middle of may, amirite) I used to tie improved clinch. I kept hearing that affects action. so I go with the loop knot, but then I encountered problems when it came to tie a new lure onto the rig. It really sucks having to palomar a swivel, leader, and lure in a stiff wind. Don't even get me started on braid's audacity to end up wrapped around flouro or mono. So, I heard about these clips, and thought oh great an awesome way to quickly change! Then paranoia set in. Will the fish see the clip and not bite? Will it bend out? Does it affect knots? Etc. I'd like to hear some experiences before I go spending my janitor's salary on some fancy clips.
  4. I just got a box of these things in the mail. They look like jewelry; shiny, well proportioned, smooth, imposing. Are these hooks all 'show'? Do they hold up? I can see them spooking off certain species becasue of the shine. For those who fish(ed) them, what utility do they find in these pretty things?
  5. I am targeting 150 pound+ bluefin tuna off of Santa Cruz. I am rigging 300 pound florocarbon as the leader with owner mutu live bait books. I want to put some line chafing tubing right above the hook for a few inches. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good brand to buy? Does color of the tubing matter? I’m trolling live mackerel in the daytime and knife jigs deep drops after dark.
  6. I'm just a striper fisherman looking for a hobby, something to talk to people about and network with. Seems like collecting plugs is an interesting outlet to that... At the same time, I'm not trying to go gangbusters and blow a bunch of money. A smaller collection that I can swap and trade around would be nicer. How would I get started? Seasoned Collectors: any mistakes you made starting out that you wouldn't want to repeat? Thanks!
  7. One time, I was watching a YouTube video of somebody fishing the Cape Cod Canal. I was reading the comments and someone said that you would be able to open a tackle store with all of the stuff lost there, if you could dive for them. Another person responded briefly that you can't dive there, might be illegal. This comment was made over 3 years ago and I doubt I would get a response clarifying this, especially on a video with little views. I have never been to Cape Cod, much less the state of Massachusetts in my life, and live far away from it. So I am not aware if this is true and I simply am wondering about this. All I know so far is that it is rocky an deep, and heavy tackle is routinely used there due to the conditions. Is it really illegal to swim or dive around there, will you be stopped, have anyone done it?
  8. I've been fishing for about a year now, and surf fishing for half a year. Since its Christmas season, I'm intending on getting a new rod and reel for fishing from the surf in NJ (mostly for striper). I have a budget of about 300$ to buy a surf rod and reel. I will mainly be using it for throwing lures but I also want to be able to put bait on it and just wait for a fish to bite. What rod and reel do you guys reccomend and where and when do you reccomend I buy it. Also, if anyone has a Van Staal, ZeeBaas, or similar reel for sale in NJ can you message me if you would be willing to sell for around 200$? Thanks for the help.
  9. If you can only take 3 lures to the canal, what are they and why?
  10. Card has a total value of $128.65. Selling for $100. Would also be willing to trade for a quality saltwater spinning reel size 2000-5000
  11. In case folks are having trouble finding open tackle/bait shops in Monmouth County, I know that Giglios Bait & Tackle in Seabright is operating as normal (and is my #1 pick), as well as Julian's Tackle & Bait on Route 35 (note: the shop isn't open itself, but it has a live bait vending machine on the exterior of the shop, which is perfect for the current social distancing environment). Happy Fishing!
  12. Hi there! Fishing newbie here with another question, Do swivels/fishing clips scare away your fish? especially striped bass? I know when you are using hard baits it doesn't really matter but sometimes I use a jig head and soft plastic and wonder if that scares away the fish. All help is appreciated!
  13. Selling a bunch of older tackle boxes. $10 each or take all 6 for $30. Lot of 3 at bottom is $10. All are in good working condition. Pick up in Providence- Cash. Fenwick hi tech 5.7- $10 Old Pal Woodstream 4000 Famous Fish Series- $10 Plano Phantom Pro -$10 Various Planos: Take all 3 for $10.
  14. There is no ice still in my area and while I can not fish - I make homemade fishing tackle. I made a video about how I make very simple strike indicators. Take a watch:
  15. I am getting ready to come up to New York City for vacation in October and I plan to surf fish Montauk. I have a few bucktails and yo zuri mag darters. Could anybody give me a few other suggestions of some good lures to throw? The set up I will be using is a Star Rods VPR 9ft Surf with a Tsunami Shield 5000. I look forward to hearing from the community soon. Sincerely Sandesh Sukhdeo
  16. Hello, Is there a fly box (brand, model and size, please) that you’d recommend? Looking for something that I can carry with me when wading; something that can carry Surf Candies, Deceivers, Clouser Deep Minnows... the usual. What about out those of you who also like to carry longer flies such as flat saddles? Thank you, John
  17. New to the Portland area and curious to hear some favorites from locals: 1. Tide/time of day? 2. Top water lure? 3. Swim/crank bait? 4. Colors? 5. Any local shops or people making good bucktails? So far I've been fishing the outgoing at dawn at a tidal river with moderately strong current. I've had some success using techniques that have worked for me in NYC/cape cod waters using white bucktails, bone sp minnow, tsunami swim shad and white/blue talkin popper, but I'm wondering if any locals have some experienced advice to offer. Thanks for any info, Ryan
  18. I have a daiwa Catalina 100 with a power handle. I am looking for a Light bait casting rod with a trigger grip and full rear grip. I don't like th trevala as it is way too heavy for what I'm doing. Bucktails from 1-4 ounces and popcorn rigs with 6-7
  19. I purchased this net a few years ago after a 50lb bass was to big for the net that I had. The opening measures 30 inches across at its widest point. I then sold my boat and still have the net, unused. So I am selling it now. Asking $60 picked up in Manhasset, NY Thanks for looking
  20. (I apologize in advance for this post, I'm just really excited to go fishing this summer) I spend a lot of time freshwater fishing in the north shore area and it was just this summer that I started to transition towards saltwater fishing. Last summer however, my lack of proper saltwater gear and knowledge of the fishery limited me to jigging up squid and mackerel from the Salem Willows pier. Currently, during my Christmas break, I've been spending a lot of time researching the striped bass fishery and purchasing new tackle for this coming summer. Hopefully you guys who are familiar with the fishery in the north shore area will be able to answer a few of my questions regarding tackle that I would need and some other striped bass related questions. The equipment that I have right now is: pflueger trion spinning combo (6'6'' medium action graphite rod, trion 30x reel, 12lb mono) - the only saltwater readyish rod that I had last summer unfortunately Ugly Stik Bigwater 9' medium-heavy + Okuma Avenger abf 50 + 17lb mono w/40lb shock leader - just recently bought from a friend barely used I plan on purchasing: -a couple 3/4 oz bucktails -a couple 4 oz bucktails -pack of softbaits (something along the lines of berkley gulp) -2 floating daiwa sp minnows -2 cotton cordell pencil poppers -Berkley big game 17lb -Berkley big game 40lb -a bunch of the basic tackle (bank sinkers, swivels, hooks, sabiki rigs, etc.) This season is going to be mostly a figuring things out time for me, so I don't plan to put too much money into it, but I am willing to spend enough to where I'll be able to figure out what works and what doesn't. I honestly have no clue how to surf fish for striped bass and bluefish, however I did spend some time browsing forums and reading articles on the subject, which gave me a pretty basic understanding of what I'll need. I'm not too sure though so I have a few questions. Will the surf rod and reel (the ugly stik and okuma) that I picked up work well for surf fishing in the area? Also, do you think that the lures that I picked out will be sufficient for catching bluefish and striped bass? I understand that giving away fishing spots in a big no no in the fishing world, but as someone who genuinely is clueless as to where to fish from, do you think you guys could direct me to a general location in the north shore that would a good place to for me to get the hang of things and learn the ropes? I've heard good things from the plum island and Gloucester harbor areas. Also, I don't really need to go to an established "fishing' location like a pier or a jetty right? Like with surf fishing I'll be able to just set up along a beach that seems fish-able and make a day out it? Last part I promise. This is purely out of my obsession over getting everything planned out as soon as possible. For bait, I hear a lot about using clams, mackerel chunks, bunker chunks, and eals, but I seldom hear anything about squid. After last summer, I've gotten pretty good a catching squid. I was wondering if I'd be able to rig up a squid the same way you would a fish chunk and cast it out for bluefish and striped bass. For example, on Monday I spend day catching a whole bucket of squid off the salem willows pier and throw them in the freezer right when I get home. Would I then be able to use it for bait later in the week. This would save me a lot of bait money. Hopefully I won't get banned or something for this ridiculous post, but thank you so much to those of you who reply!!!
  21. I'd like to hear your opinions... If you could only take 5 lures fishing for bass, which would they be? I'm new to surf fishing, having just moved to the coast from PA. Trout bum converting to Beach bum craving Stripers. I have gear to start with, but want to make sure I use my money in the right place on the right tackle & lures. Appreciate your shared knowledge!
  22. What are your recommendations for a size 4000-6000 spinning reel to be mounted on a 7'6" seeker Rod. I will be fishing with plugs and bucktails up to 2 ounces. I Will be using 20 lb braid and 30 lb mono leader.
  23. Anyone use TROKAR hooks for stripers. If so, how well did they work. Are they worth the money or should i stick with Gammus?
  24. Hi, I'm looking to get into tuna fishing and was curious what kind of tackle I should be looking for, chunking, plugs, etc...
  25. As a response to the forum about cabelas and bass pro shops thread, give your local fly or tackle shop a shout out. I use a few on the east end of long island and they help me keep the lines tight. On the south fork, Ken at tight lines tackle is great for info and keeps the shop stocked with great products. On the north fork Steve and crew at wego tackle is loaded with all your bottom fishing needs. Support your local shop. What shop(s) takes care of you?
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