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Found 36 results

  1. These metal lips are true legends... both fished but in good shape 5.5" 2 oz $75.00 shipped
  2. Used a few times. in great Shape... ready to haul in a COW 5" 2 oz $55.00 shipped
  3. I forget the guy who makes this plug but i know someone out there knows... This wooden plug is the jersey killer... 7.5" 3 oz $100.00 shipped
  4. I have a brand NEW SharpEye SquidSwimmer 4.5" 1 oz $55.00 shipped
  5. Great Swimmers... Both approximately 5.5" 2 oz pre-owned but Good shape $40.00 shipped
  6. Dropping this post to get any feedback on the Outcast MagNeat plugs. Does the system aid in keeping the hooks out of the line? How do they cast compared to other related swimmers ?
  7. Hello all, I have been turning some Donny plugs and have tried a number of lips. I used pine 2x2. I was hoping for no roll but no matter what lip I try the plugs roll. They don't roll out but it's they had eyes the would look at 2 and 10 alot. My next try is going to be ayc. Other donnys I have bought also roll about the same. Is this normal? Thanks Jeremy
  8. Does anybody know the lure builder/model of this plug? I found this plug on a piling, looked to have been up there a while. I put some new hooks on it to fish, but wanted to learn more about the lure. Approximately six inches long. Two belly dots could be an indicator Thank you
  9. Wood plugs. Not sure makers. $50 plus $5 shipping. No shipping on local pick up Astoria, queens.
  10. This is a juvenile muskie pattern made custom by Muskiellunch lures these are not made anymore. This has never been fished and measures in at about 7.5". $50 shipped offers are welcome as well.
  11. Mikes Custom 7 1/4” Mag Swimmer With A40 Lip White Pearl Blue Eye looking to trade for other Mikes Custom Plugs. New With Package
  12. (7) BM lot $170 for all + shipping No splits (2) spin atom jrs.(yellow/blue) (1)Cowboy Jr. (Blue mullet) (1)Danny Jr. (Parrot) (2) wadds (blurple/Block green) (1) Early style needle (blue)
  13. Looking for black talon lures older models preferred as well as wonder bread pattern
  14. I just picked up a few metal lip swimmers that look to be a bit older, but unused. There is no artist trademark on them, but the weights are written under the clear coat and the eyes are raised (either glass or plastic). I'm not sure if these have been refinished, but I would doubt it by the looks of them. While I'd like to fish them, I'd like to know if they'd be better off on display. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Small dmag lot 80 shipped brand new with package and hardware
  16. Cheap wood lot. $35 shipped with tracking. All hooks in good Condition. Gibbs Bottle Has chip in middle of lip but still swims fine. PayPal Preferred. Gibbs Darter: Green Mac Gibbs Bottle: Green Mac Creek Chub Surfster: Turquoise Foil Mac Tsunami Needlefish: Olive over White Tsunami Pencil: Blue over White with Feather Tail Flag Siwash Unknown Poppers: Black, Blue over white
  17. Plastic Lot. $40 Shipped w tracking. All hooks Sharp, Some rust on Northbar bottle hook eyes, but still good. PayPal preferred. Bomber 16A: School Bus Jointed Bomber 16A: Red/ White Bomber Longshot 7 (the big one): Blue Mac YoZuri Mag Darter 165F (the big one): Bone Rebel Wind Cheater (the little one): Blue over White Rebel Wind Cheater (the little one), Black over White Northbar Bottle-Darter: White/ Pink hue/ White Northbar Darter: Yellow, Pink Hue, White
  18. Just wanted to post something a friend and I got into over the weekend. Through-wiring and weighting factory swimmers like Redfins, Mambo-minnows, old Top Guns, Bombers, etc... This is something I tried in the past but didn't have the right materials. This time, with the correct tools, I think they came out really nice. My friends source makes the loaded Redfins based off the method put up on I think another site a while ago, and he knew Ron who used to make them back in the day. Anyway... Here are my finished 2 unloaded but they are through-wired and filled with foam for a little extra weight but mostly to prevent water from filling the cavity. Anybody have any experience doing this, or even catching a cow on one of these plugs? Would love to hear about it.
  19. $15 - shipped Metal lip swimmer or less than lethal self-defense plug? I've thrown [lobbed] these out a couple times, I thought it was going to destroy my rod. I did have one memorable night with the short one, schoolies were hitting it 5-6 times each cast. They were too small to get hooked, it was wild. Probably better use would be a boat plug, finish came out wrinkled. Made using a salty's kit. Hooks are 6x VMC, rings are 3x.
  20. $20 shipped for the lot. Can't remember the manufacturers but all of the stock hardware has been removed and upgraded. the white swimmer is in really good shape and saw very little use. Going to max out the four thread requirement, once these sell I will have others. Check out threads in other areas of the site, I am purging all of my gear.
  21. Original Don Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is a 7 1/2" Torpedo Sr. Maple - 4 oz. Off White/Cream finish. Metal parts have oxidation but lure is in unused condition - $155 shipped.
  22. Original vintage 5 1/2" Naturalized Rainbow Trout Floater, F3071S. New in original boxes. New old stock. I have nine of these. $18 each - shipping and paypal included.
  23. Original Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is the 6" size Torpedo Jr. Gold over white - Pine. In unused original condition - $155 shipped.
  24. Original Don Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is a 6" Rattler Jr. Pine 2 1/2 oz. Blue Mullet finish. In unused condition - $155 shipped.
  25. Original Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmers. These are the 6" size Torpedo Jr. Two available - both are pine. In unused condition - $130 each shipped.