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Found 71 results

  1. I have been surfcasting on Cape Cod since I was a boy but I've never purchased any modern equipment. My brother gave me a Shimano Saragosa 8000 for Christmas (along with a note telling me to buy some equipment from the twentieth century) so I am looking for a good rod to match with it that I can use for beach fishing. I love fishing plugs and usually fish 3-5 ounce poppers, swimmers and some castmasters. I have a house down the road from Sandy Neck beach, so I fish the bay side a lot but I also go to south and lower Cape beaches quite a bit. I fish a lot, so durability is definitely a major factor. I am hoping to stay below $500 but, if there was a great option that was more expensive, I would consider it. Let me know your preferred length and action for the rod too, I'm thinking about a 11' one-piece rod but could change my mind. Thank you in advance for any input you have on the rod choice.
  2. Hello fellow anglers. I just want to ask people about their input on surfcasting. Wisdom and knowledge from elites and experienced surfcasters will be appreciated. Thank you so much for taking your time to give me your inputs
  3. - Brand New 2.5 ODM Surfwave Bag - Just got new bag back from ODM, they replaced mine due to warranty issue - Surf Bag has never seen water - Bucktail/Plastics removable pouch & tubes are lightly used - As you all know, this is an awesome/lifetime surf bag, I’m just getting a bigger bag - Willing to part with this at a bargain: 210 - Meetup in CT or only actual shipping cost Thank you for looking everyone!!
  4. WTB: A solid pair of Korkers Cleated Overshoes Size XL for size 13 Boots Looking for newer model with spare cleats and no significant damage Thank you for taking a look at my post!!
  5. So who does everything are the best *current/active* custom surfcasting rod builders in Connecticut?
  6. Please provide some thoughts and insights into Surfcasters and tackle shops in/close to Connecticut. Thanks everyone!
  7. Hi all, I am looking for some specific model Daiwa Salt Pro minnows they are: DSPM13S 5 1/8” 1oz Sinking Looking for bone, purple back silver and blurple Thanks for looking
  8. Hi all, I am looking for a nice 3 oz Sporting Wood Bottle Plug or similar. FYI, i am not a collector, just looking for a nice bottle plug to fish. Blurple is preferred. Thanks for looking!
  9. WTT light use Orvis TLS Power Matrix Saltwater Fly Rod for a 9’ ODM or Lami surfcaster to give my 13 yr old who is just starting out fleabay has the exact Orvis rod for 225$ + 30$ shipping, only diff is i have long green case Perfect rod to nail schoolies or even a slot!!
  10. Looking for the 3 oz Blurple wooden bottle plug
  11. Hi Everyone, I need some help. I recently ordered the St. Croix VIS80MHF Avid Inshore Spinning Rod - 8 ft and I need to find a spinning reel to pair with it. I plan to get more serious about striper/blue fishing in cape cod (Eastham/Welfleet area) and this rod will mainly be used in small rivers/estuaries as well as flats. I have been doing some research and I have heard some good options are the Shimano Saragosa 5/6K, Shimano Stradic FL5000, Shimano Spheros 6K, Shimano Sustain, and the Pen Slammer 4500. I was really leaning towards the Stradic FL5000, but my concern is the weight of reel is too light for the rod (roughly 10 oz). This Avid inshore model that I purchased is about 7.5 oz. Do you think I need to pair this rod with a heavier reel in the 12-16 oz range? If so, do you guys have any other recommendations? Also, I would love to hear from anyone who owns this rod on what your setup looks like.
  12. Temps will be in the upper 50s' Christmas Eve. Will Santa bring you a fish or a lump of seaweed?
  13. First things first... I wanted to say hello to everyone!!! This is my first time posting on SOL. It took me some time to figure out how to actually post content, LOL. Anyway, I've been wanting for a long time to get a VS150L with the right hand retrieve. I finally saved enough money for it and was ready to pull the trigger. The Van Staal website shows the VS150L so I assumed they still made it. However, when I contacted one tackle shop to order one they said Van Staal doesn't make the VS line anymore and the VSX line doesn't have any L models. So I called Van Staal and the rep told me the same thing. Now I'm trying to find a suitable VS150L substitute (similar in size & weight but doesn't have to be fully submersible, as long as it could take some spray and wave splash). I'm going to fish this reel on a 9ft rod working the shorelines of Jones Beach, NY ). I would appreciate some feedback, thanks.
  14. Hi. I am looking to purchase a 9’ or 10’ rod, as well as an acceptable surfcasting conventional reel, for under $200. I mostly fish small to medium-sized stripers and bluefish. I obviously don’t need the best of the best, but the reel should last and be a decent caster. Any suggestions?
  15. I bought this rod new roughly about a year ago. I’ve used it a dozen or so times for some light plugging and eeling. Been doing the boat thing this season. Would like to get at least $280. I’m located in Beverly, Ma
  16. Looking for advice on building and materials when it comes to surfbag building, any resources, hints, tips, tricks, anything that could help, especially when it comes to technique on sewing thick fabric. Heres what ill be purchasing soon, lmk if theres anything i need to add to the list. 8 oz Dacron sailcloth or Topgun Cloth Stainless steel Grommets Heavy Duty marine grade thread (V-92) Not sure on webbing for bottom portion of bag as well as the trip needed various buckles I know there's more, I'm just not sure what exactly i should get such as the webbing for straps and what to use for binding edges. Thanks in advance! i read the available threads on here and they helped with some perspective as well as materials!
  17. Hello! I’m looking to learn more about surf fishing. I have some experience with surf fishing where I would tag along with a friend of mine when he sets out to fish at the beach out on Long Island, NY. Although I have a pretty good sense on casting out and reeling in, I know that there is much more to fishing than just casting and reeling. I am seeking for more knowledge when it comes to rods, reels, lines, lures and etc. Any advice, tips, techniques and guidance for a beginner wanting to become good at surf fishing is appreciated.
  18. I’m going to Cabo for Christmas. I am bringing my 10’ St Croix travel rod and bailless Tsunami Shield 5000. Gear wise am I ok? Anyone have any experience surf fishing Cabo in December? What is biting and what should I be throwing?
  19. Hi All, I have two of my surfcasting combos I use for shark fishing up for sale. They are both spooled with 80 pound powerpro. Will take 220$ for each combo or 400$ for the pair. Pick up in Johnston RI, and can meet anywhere between here and the canal. Rods: BassPro Ocean Master 12' Heavy 20-50Lbs 6-12oz Reels: Daiwa Sealine X 50SHA Some rash on both Mechanically 10/10 Upgraded drags in both
  20. Is it me, or is looking like it may not be the best weekend for fishing in SoCo? Big storm just passed through, Wind will be sticking around most of the weekend, I'm guessing the water is churned up as of now... Anyone have any positive thoughts!?!?
  21. Flyfishing

    Just retired in May! For the first time since the 70’s and early 80’s (dating myself here) I’ve had time to re-explore my old favorite beach fishing locations around the Cape and Islands. I’ve been away from New England for a long time and now as I’ve covered a lot of beaches here I’ve been shocked at how many smart and aggressive seals I’ve encountered. “Smart” because while surfcasting, 9 times out of 10 no matter where I’ve been, within 5 minutes of the splash of my lure(s) one or more seals pops up near me. Fly fishing does not trigger the “seal stampede” immediately to my location I’ve come to expect while surfcasting, but I believe simply the daylight profile /shadow I create by fly fishing on the beach or in shallow water elicits fairly “soon and certain” seal “swim-bye” too. “ Aggressive” because several fish I’ve hooked have been attacked by Seals. Several times I’ve reeled in just fish heads. One time I reacted too slowly and got spooled. Then to add insult to injury the attacking seal then circled back and munched on what remained of “my” bluefish less than 10 yards out in front of me. Wow!! This reminded me of “educated”. Barracuda and bull sharks over heavily fished wrecks and or reefs in Florida. There I reeled up many fish heads there too! So my question to this community forum .... What do you think we (beach fishermen) can safely do for us and the seals to mitigate the seal participation in our fishing outings? A fellow fisherman I talked to on a Cape beach the other day (in between Northeasters) said he opens his bail or loosens his drag once he sees a seal in pursuit of his hooked fish. His claim is the now “free swimming” fish gets a better chance to escape the pursuing seal... (???). In my opinion, maybe an escape initially may not end well if the seal is persistent... ideas, alternatives or recommendations? One obvious insight for me is location - I've found shallower fast moving water creates less hungry seal encounters. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!
  22. Brand new Shield 6000. Never fished. Never spooled. Box is wrong. It was mixed up with another reel and says 5000. $100 shipped
  23. Want to have a rod built for fluking from shore and occasional casting to bluefish/ striper or albie etc. Want an 8-8.5ft max length but want a 2 piece (60-40 or 70-30 split) so I can fit it in my tdi golf easier. I tried out the Century ss1025 but it felt a little too whipey/ light and not able to throw 2- 2.5oz if needed as the rod specs say... will pair with a VR50 spooled with 17lb braid. Any thoughts on having a ss1025 blank tip cut down to like 8ft or 8'2" to make it a little stiffer to impart better action on the jig? Open to to other blank suggestions. I tried the ODM Frontier x 8ft 6 but it was too heavy (action and the factory rod build weight). The ODM DNA 9ft is a bit closer in action (however too fast maybe) but its 9ft. Thoughts on cutting the butt end down by 6 inches could be an idea perhaps? I want to be able to throw 1/4oz -2.5 with the primary range of 1/2oz -2. Last I heard about the Weapon... are they all 1pc though? I just got a Star VPR (pictured below) and fished Jersey with it last week. Right weighted rod for the vr50 but action was a bit heavier than I would like. Cheers
  24. As the title says looking for info on convention that can be reeled in while submerged like a van staal or zee bass...any thoughts?
  25. I am not too familiar with reels that I am able to swim out to rocks with without causing any damage to my gear. I was wondering if there are any reels in particular that I should look into? Thanks!