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Found 88 results

  1. Caribbean

    All, I've been to Anguilla many times, but I've never had much luck in the surf. I've fished from Rendezvous Bay, and all I ever catch is small whitebacks and the occasional small Jack or needlefish. I'm planning on bringing more plugs and a variety of gear this time to hopefully change my luck, but I'm wondering if anyone here has done much fishing in those parts? I heard that there are some decent tarpon spots on the island (from locals) but I don't know where they are. I don't have a boat there, so I'm looking for reefs and other areas that I can reach from shore. Does anyone have any good spots on the island? Any places with night lights? Thanks a bunch!
  2. Was just wondering if anyone has used this reel for distance casting from the shore/bank. What your experiences were. I only want to know about this reel please leave out any other distance casting reels. Thanks and merry christmas.
  3. Hello, I am looking to buy a 10’ MH Surf Rod with a rate of 1-4oz or 1-5oz. I would prefer in person buying and I am located in Boston, Ma so north or south shore is also fine. I am open to shipping if the price is right as well. Looking to spend up to $150ish depending on the rod. Open to suggestion, thank you for looking!
  4. I have the red Daiwa saltiga surf 6000 spinning reel. My question is, will the 5000 saltiga surf spool fit on the 6000 reel? Thanks very much in advance
  5. Was looking through my log for the past 5-6 years or so and let me know if anyone has any thoughts on this theory: The near complete lack of bluefish the past two seasons has been detrimental to the fall run of striped bass from the surf. Bluefish blitzes used to push bait, adult bunker, peanuts, etc into the surf and bigger sized stripers would move either mixed in with the blues to clean up the mess or just after the blues moved on. Bass now have no incentive to clean up the scraps of the bluefish in the surf and stay offshore to feed on adult bunker schools. Now we are left with smaller bait in the surf, rain fish, spearing, pockets of sand eels and other small baits for schoolies to feed on. There are obviously more than one factor as to why the surf run hasn't been good for a while now such as beach replenishment, the recent storm patterns ect. But I'm a little alarmed by the considerable lack of blues for the second year in a row now. It's a real shame that slaughter happened 3-4 years ago around here. Tight Lines!
  6. Yo, I want to get into shark fishing from the surf for small/medium sharks, 4/6 feet. I need to get a rod, but I'm not sure which one to get. I don't want to spend more than $100. I was looking on Tackle Direct and after filtering surf rods to being 10-12 feet long w/ medium-heavy to heavy power, I came down to this list: - Penn Prevail 11 foot - Penn Prevail 12 foot - Star Aerial 11 foot - Ugly Stik Bigwater 11 foot - Tsunami trophy surf rod 11 foot (it's normally $130 but right now it's on sale for $90) - Daiwa Emcast - Daiwa Emblem 11 foot Any opinion on which one is best or any idea of another rod that can hurl baits and lead out into the surf and handle some big fish? Thanks gents
  7. Hi, Next summer I want to try to catch some small sharks (4-6 feet) from the beach in Block Island. I was watching some videos on YouTube and the guy said that he uses an Ugly Stik Bigwater 9 foot for sharks from the beach. Do you all think this would work? The rod doesn't need to have good action or be very light or any niche things like that. I just need to be able to cast bait and a sinker out into the ocean. Ugly Stiks do have a reputation for being indestructible, and they're not too expensive. Side note - is it even possible to catch sharks from Block Island? It has to be... I just never hear or see anything about it. Thanks
  8. Hi, I want to purchase a bib or waders that will work for surf fishing, creek fishing, and to wear on a boat. I already know that I want to get a pair that goes up to my chest. I just can't decide whether to get one with built-in boots. stocking feet, or ones that just cut off at the ankle. I don't really want to have wear waders with built-in boots on a boat. However, I think that if I just slide boots over the bib with no feet, water will come in after the tops of my boots go underwater, and I won't have as much versatility. Do y'all think that I could buy the bibs that just go to the ankles and then buy hip boots and an elastic belt to go around my waders that the hip boots strap onto? I would tuck the bib into the hip boots. Or should I just get a pair with built-in shoes and look kind of dumb on the boat? I don't own a boat so I only fish with my friends who have boats and charters, and I do most of my surf fishing in the summer but occasionally in the fall/spring. I don't want to spend too much; they don't have to be insulated, I just want them to last. Thanks for the help.
  9. ISO of black perfection non fouling guides size 70 60 50 40 30 25 20
  10. US National Casting Tournament, October 27 & 28, 2018 Kenilworth Athletic Field, Washington DC 4001 Deane Ave NE, Washington, DC 20019 The entrance to Kenilworth Athletic Fields (active recreation area) is located at the westernmost end of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, N.E. It is approximately 0.5 mile south of the Aquatic Gardens entrance. There are no facilities at the site. Coming by auto: Take Route 295 southbound if you are coming from north of Route 50 or Route 50, to the Eastern Avenue Exit. Go straight up the ramp to the second street on the right, Douglas Street. Make a right onto Douglas Street. At the end of Douglas Street, make another right onto Anacostia Avenue to get toKenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Go left to get to Kenilworth Recreation Park. If you are coming from south of Route 50, take Route 295 north to the Burroughs Street Exit. At the bottom of the ramp go left. Go straight to Kenilworth Recreation Park. 38 Degrees 54' 31.64" N 76 Degrees 57' 0.83" W Additional Info (non commercial): Visitors are welcome. Due to insurance requirements, membership in Sportcast USA is required to participate in the event. Start time is 9:00 AM on Saturday. Start time Sunday to be determined by casters on Saturday
  11. Listing for a friend that's moving out of state. Rods in my posession, will get better pictures tonight if needed. - ODM Frontier NFX1002-4 3/4 - 4 oz Condition 8/10 $250 - Daiwa Saltiga G Jigging/Spinning SAG-J 60MHFS 6'MH Condition 9/10 like new +Daiwa Beefstick BF-BT 70HR 7'H Conventional, 10/10 new, with tags. $75 for the lot - Local Hooker MSF800f1225s 8' 1 piece rod 12#-25# line, Custom built by Bob Jenkins, great jetty rod. Condition 7/10 $75 Pick up only, North Jersey to Monmouth county.
  12. Hi everyone, I am fairly new to surf fishing and constantly looking for new spots to fish. I recently stumbled upon a new beach that originally looked great. After further investigation (walking the beach at dead low) there is very little depth or cover on the beach. Are there still bass and blues to be caught on this beach? And if so what plugs should I throw? I tried some plugs like sp minnows, but they would only retrieve properly for the first couple of yards of the cast. After that they would begin to dig in the sand. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  13. Super stoked, landed my first Striper! Looking forward to more! 6.5 Sardine Pencil Popper, xxxxxx dropping tide, second break, hour before sunset. Removed spot name per spot burning rule - Surf Hunter
  14. flats

    Dare I ask - How do I buy the proper parking permit for fishing areas out on the East End of Long Island - in mid-October. I'm ok with the local rich people making it difficult to fish anything out there except crowded ole' Montauk - but just don't make it impossible for me please. I know all those other areas out there hold fish often.
  15. Does anybody have any insight on the shimano speedcast ive seen it a few times and I was wondering if it’s a good feel or not
  16. Goal is to help each other locate bass in the pacific surf, primarily Norcal (SF - Watsonville). Other areas are welcome to contribute and learn here as well. Please share any strategies you find helpful in find bass in the surf. Personally, I would like to learn how to spot them from a distance (via look out points, possibly with binoculars). We can also share ways we locate fish while on the beach/rocks/piers or reasons why there might not be fish. Thank you to all the contributors! FYI - This is my first forum topic and I'm new to the community. I will be sure to contribute where I feel I can help. Tight Lines, Sbent
  17. I'm looking for opinions on guestimated difference in casting distance these two rigs w/ 2oz metals (everything else being equal--we'll just assume powerpro 20# on a penn battle II, average skill): a)UGSA80M2C (tica dolphin 8' 2 piece rated for 6-17lb line, lure weight .5-2oz, fast action, med power) b)UGSA90M2S (tica dolphin 9' 2 piece rated for 10-25lb line, lure weight .5-3oz, fast action, med power) thanks
  18. For sale are two used surf kayaks and one paddle. The kayaks are in storage so the images are stock photos. The colors are correct. Will pull out of storage for serious buyers. Located in Queens, NY. Both are in very good shape with no cracks or dents. Always took care on the sand launch and landings so the bottoms have minimal scratching. The first is a classic hard to find Competition Kayak ck 4.4 (14’ – 6”) with surf-to-summit seat with cup holders and paddle leash. Single removable skeg, surfs like a long board. $400.00 The second is a Danny Broadhurst designed Cobra Strike (9’ – 7”) with Cobra Backband Seat and Leg Straps. Fast enough to catch most waves, sticks like glue to wave faces. Braces rock solid. Very maneuverable. $425.00 Also, a feathered DB Designs surf paddle. I will pull it out tonight to check the size and hand and will update the post. $125.00 Complete Big and Small Wave Surf Kayak Package $900.00 Cash only.
  19. Im just wondering if the stradic sw is going to be sold in the U.S. I saw scoobydoos video on it and you can get them on eBay but i just want to know the status on them and if its worth the hassle of getting one
  20. Im just wondering if the stradic sw is going to be sold in the U.S. I saw scoobydoos video on it and you can get them on eBay but i just want to know the status on them and if its worth the hassle of getting one
  21. I recently bought a Shimano Saragosa 8000 and am looking for a surf rod in the $130-$230 to pair it with. I would prefer it to be on the lighter side (so I can cast for hours) but still strong enough to handle canal slobs. What do people recommend?
  22. I am looking to buy a Stormr Typhoon or Surf top, size XL. Just missed out on great deal for a new Stormr Typhoon here. Hope there are others. Thanks Gil
  23. WTS St. Croix Mojo Surf 8ft 1 Piece Barely used This rod has been meticulously maintained and cared for (please see pictures). Very good condition, almost mint, I have only used it three times. Retail is $170, but I am asking $140. Paypal or ca$h. Shipping may be a complete nightmare because it is a 1 piece. I am in the North Jersey area and can meet for pickup. I also added a Mudhole butt cap. Very nice rod, looking for a good home!
  24. Century SurfMachine Surf Rod 11' 3" 2 piece 50/50 split, 1-6 oz lure,, Moderate/Fast action Used less than a dozen times, little reluctant to sell but, casting this out there to try and justify gearing up more for Kayak fishing, awesome rod in great condition. Built by Hatteras Jack of NorthCarolina. Had it built to pass 125lb tactical anglers through all guides, 26" to center of reel seat. I'm in Central Mass and hoping for a reasonably local deal looking to move it asap so first $450 w/o shipping. yup that $200 bucks off new, so don't even get ridiculous. you can look it up at CENTURY RODS SURFMACHINE 20MM FUJI DPSM REEL SEAT FUJI BMNAG (CASTING) FUJI BKWAG (SPINNING) JAPANESE SHRINK GRIPS RUBBER BALL BUTT CAP BLACK GUIDE WRAPS
  25. I have a 10’ Lami Triflex 2 pc rod rated 2-6 oz; 27.5” butt to mid-seat, and 33” lip of upper hood to 1st collecting ring. All Fuji Hardloy MN guides and an oversized Alconite tip (bottom 3 pics). Wrapped by Dave W. from L. I. The other rod is a 9’ Star Stellar Lite rated 1-4. I’d like to kee this a a combo and ship together for $225