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  1. Hey y’all I have a 13’3 surf rod in which the butt is way too long for me. I plan on cutting it 2-3 inches near the butt so it’s easier for me to handle and jig. It is 29.5”from the middle of the reel seat (where my hand will be) to the bottom of the rod. I have never cut a rod before or have done any work on one. What is the best way to cut it and can I reuse the butt cap after I cut it? Thanks
  2. Heading to OC in a couple of weeks and looking for recommendations. I'll be fishing in the morning and at night. I haven't been there in years since I mostly fish the inlet at Delaware/Henlopen pier/bethany surf or closer to home. Not a fan of the Oceanic Pier with too many boats and jet skis crossing my line What's the best outta the OC inlet, 2-4th street, 9th street pier, Route 50 bridge, Homer Gudelsky Park, Assateague... Any specific spots on the beach for surf fishing (shark)?? I have enough gear to do all types of stuff. Hoping to catch some stripers/bluefish or keeper flounders.
  3. Hey y’all, attached below I’ve added a couple videos of myself (5’8) throwing a 12’ foot moderate action rod with a 3oz sinker on a spinning rod. I was getting about 95-110 yards or so and was wondering how I could get it farther? I fish at a dam and it seems like I am usually on the lower end of the people in terms of casting distance. I would appreciate some advice on how to throw further, straighter, and more consistently. Thanks IMG_4910.mov IMG_4925.mov IMG_4930.mov IMG_4928.mov
  4. Hey yall looking for a budget lightweight surf rod that is... -11' spinning rod -Tossing out 2-3.5oz sinkers -Using 20lb braid -Fast Action (a somewhat stiff rod) -Lightweight (under 14-15oz) -More guides the better -Cheap!! (Under $150) -Somewhat similar to the shimano speedmaster but lighter in weight BTW, I have tried/know about most of the common surf rods that are sold throughout the US so looking for most the under the radar rods that are sold in europe/japan. Anyone know how the Shimano Tribal TX2 handles?? My top picks for the moment are -Daiwa Coastal SP Surf (Originally $140 but on sale for $112) -Daiwa Emcast ($90) -Tsunami Trophy 2 ($125) -Okuma Rockaway MH (Originally $110 but on sale for $80) Thanks
  5. Hey yall Im planning to get one of these cheap spinning surf rods for casting 3 oz weights. I have multiple other surf rods and need one on a budget. I've narrowed it down to these two as I needed something lightweight, able to cast 3 oz sinkers, and decent quality. I think I'm leaning towards the emcast as it is a rod I've felt before and enjoyed. Furthermore it has more guides which will allow it to cast further. If any of yall have tried these rods please let me know any information you have. Thanks Okuma Rockaway 11' -10.6 oz -6+1 guides -Originally $130 but on sale for $77 Daiwa Emcast 11' -unknown but still extremely light -8 guides -$90
  6. Hey yall, Im looking for a 13'-14' rod asap. Can't cast far enough at the dam I fish with my 12' rod and everyone else recommended me with a longer rod. I was looking at the "Shimano SURF GAZER 13'3" rod which goe for around $300. I would like any recommendations yall have for under $350. Thanks -13'-14' rod -Not too whippy (mod/mod-fast/fast preferred) -Lightweight (under 16-18oz) -Will be throwing 3-4 oz weights and flukes -Paring with 5500 ultegra ci4
  7. Hello all. I am a recent transplant to SF from Chicago. I moved out here May of 2021 and was really looking forward to getting into some striper action, being a lifelong largemouth and smallmouth bass angler in the Midwest. Unfortunately, one year later and I have yet to find success from the surf. I'm hoping for feedback on what I have tried so far. Places I have fished: * (all from the surf) Setup: Shimano Saragossa 6000 with a Lamiglas Carbon Surf 10'6" M Mod/Fast Terminal: 30lb Power Pro with a 2ft flourocarbon leader and size 7 snap Baits: I have mainly been throwing white Spro bucktails between 1 and 1.5oz as well as Kastmaster spoons, but have given floating SP minnows a shot too A majority of my time has been spent at Ocean Beach * . Some important notes about my strategy that I think are in need of refinement: Time of day - I normally fish 2 hours before and 1 hour after midday high tide. Casting distance - I was told that Ocean Beach is shallow and that I should go no heavier than 1.5oz. However, even with the 10'6" rod, my casting distance is limited to 50-60 yards max. I have waders that allow me to extend this a bit, but the breakers and rip current prevent me from gaining significant distance. It feels like most of the time my bait is either swallowed up in the breakers or getting caught up in the rip current, and if I could cast into the trough in front of the offshore sandbar, my bait would spend more time in more promising water. Identifying fish-holding beach features - This has been the most difficult thing for me. The waves during high tide have been so rough that it has made it hard for me to identify any breaks/sandbars/troughs/holes within casting distance. I'm mainly fishing blind, walking up and down the beach in hope of hitting a productive spot that fish are stacked up on. Any and all feedback on my setup, tackle, strategy, or location is greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to make big progress this spring and summer season and finally land the first striper. Tight lines.
  8. Reaching out on here as I am planning an early June trip "June 3rd - 9th" to the southern part of Maine for a fly fishing trip. Ill be fishing from Fort Foster Point and will probably head North from there up to Kennebunkport Harbor. Not looking to gain any secret spots on here. Just looking to rack some Veteran Striper fisherman on what they suggest fly wise for this time of year. Pattern? Color? Size? I appreciate anyone who could help guide me on this and thank you ahead of time for your help!!!!
  9. Hi, I just ordered a Shimano Spheros SW14000XGA. Bought it to built myself the best ''value-for-money'' surf fishing combo to use on my annual 1 week trips to Cabo (that I should pursue in june 2023, last one was in 2019...) I felt like the Penn Clash 6000 I used last time wasn't fast enough at times with it's claimed 41'' per crank. I also think I'd be more comfortable with a bit more line capacity. With the 14k Spheros, I'm not sure if I'll keep using my go to 30lb braid or move up to 40lb. Don't really want to sacrifice distance. Opinions? I did not receive the Spheros yet but considering the 24oz weight and the bigger spool, I'm not sure it will pair well with the rods I already have. The longest rods I own right are: 10' 6'' Tica UEHA MH 1 - 3 oz 11' Daiwa Ardito Surf M (5 piece travel rod) 2 - 6 oz (!?) 11' Okuma Cedros CSX MH 2 - 5 oz 11' 6'' Rapala Magnum Baja Surf (4 piece travel rod) 0.75 - 4 oz 12' Tica UEHA XH 4-10 oz Below that, we move on to 10' MH Penn rods rated 1 - 5 oz I'm thinking my 11' Cedros CSX is my best bet? We'll see. Ideally, I'd want a 2 piece 12' rod that could easily rocket 2 to 3.5 oz lures way out in the surf (80 - 100 yds) and would not break when trowing the occasional 5oz lure like the 228 Magic Swimmer or 182 Stick Shads. Any suggestions are welcome. thanks!
  10. I have a Van Staal VSX 250 silver that I want to sell. I used this reel for one season, washed it after every trip, and kept it from getting any dings. The reel feels great, it is not grindy, and is spooled with 50lb Power Pro maxcuatro braid. The reel includes the box and has the Vann Staal canvas bag that comes with all their reels. I am asking $675 shipped or $650 for local pickup I am located on the North Shore Mass. Venmo or cash as means of payment
  11. I'm trying to choose good surf spinning fishing rod that will work for me on the ocean beach. I want to launch my bait about 200 - 250 ft from the shore. Here are a few I have been looking at. Any thoughts / advice? 1. St.Croix Mojo Surf Spinning Rod - Moderate Fast, Heavy, 12' - $299 2. SHIMANO TIRALEJO SURF SPINNING ROD - 12'0" MH MF - $299 3. Shimano Speedmaster Surf Spinning Rod - SPMS120H2 12', Heavy - $149 4. Ocean Master® Surf Spinning Rod - 12', heavy - $169 Planing to use it with Shimano Big Baitrunner 14000 XT B LC Thanks! PS: ft not yards ..
  12. Hi all, Looking to see if anyone has experience fishing one of these old honey rods and what they're really capable of. I've seen they're rated for 4-8oz but looking for real world experience. I'd be using it to throw my "bigger bag," ie 6.5" spook and popper, 2oz bucktails, some swim eels. Everything basically ranging from 1.5/2oz to upwards of 4oz or so. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Below is a photo of the rod. Trevor
  13. Used once after snapping my rod during a blitz and needing a replacement ASAP. TFO Tactical Surf. 11’ 70/30 split. $275 no shipping. Located in NJ
  14. I guess it's time to unload some of my unused rods. I live in Florida, so I will be listing only the travel rods here. I'm going to try to sell longer rods locally. I estimate shipping to be around $30-$40 dollars (UPS says $42 ground shipping for a random house I picked in San Diego) for a travel rod. Depending on your zip code, I may have some wiggle room on the price. Rod: Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod (NTS-S-1004H) I own two of these and I'm selling one. No issues with the rod and I probably fished it 4-5 times, couple times in sand. So take a close look at the pics. I didn't see any issues. Price: $120 I'm looking to trade for a light 4k/5k spinning reel to keep as a loaner. I have some trips coming up with buddies and they are flying from different places. I'll probably need to keep a couple spares, LOL.
  15. Hey SOL, I'm having my grandfather's old Lamiglas 1165 redone to fish this fall and I'm trying to choose a reel. I'll probably end up putting 30lb or 40lb braid on it. I was thinking about the VS250X2 but that would mean waiting until October (hopefully). I have a spare reel i can put on in the meantime but curious at other options there are. What other fully sealed reels are out there that you all use? Visser? Shimano? Price really isn't too much of a point but don't want to go over $1000. Not super important but its a plus if it comes in all black to match the look of the Garcia Mitchell 396 that was originally on the rod. Thanks in advance, Trevor
  16. Striper moon by Kenney Abrams’s Inshore fly fishing by Lou tabory Stripers on the fly by Lou tabory Surfcaster Ultimate Guide by William Muller Stripers and streamers by Ray Bondorew The Art of Surfcasting with Lures by Z Hromin The Hunt for big stripers by Z Hromin Fly fishing basics by Dave Hughes Absolute classics in wonderful condition. Both tabory books are hardcovers. $50 shipped
  17. Hey SOL, I'm having my grandfather's old Lamiglas 1165 redone to fish this fall and I'm trying to choose a reel. I'll probably end up putting 30lb or 40lb braid on it. I was thinking about the VS250X2 but that would mean waiting until October (hopefully). I have a spare reel i can put on in the meantime but curious at other options there are. What other fully sealed reels are out there that you all use? Visser? Shimano? Price really isn't too much of a point but don't want to go over $1000. Not super important but its a plus if it comes in all black to match the look of the Garcia Mitchell 396 that was originally on the rod. Thanks in advance, Trevor
  18. Hey SOL, I'm having my grandfather's old Lamiglas 1165 redone to fish this fall and I'm trying to choose a reel. I'll probably end up putting 30lb or 40lb braid on it. I was thinking about the VS250X2 but that would mean waiting until October (hopefully). I have a spare reel i can put on in the meantime but curious at other options there are. What other fully sealed reels are out there that you all use? Visser? Shimano? Price really isn't too much of a point but don't want to go over $1000. Not super important but its a plus if it comes in all black to match the look of the Garcia Mitchell 396 that was originally on the rod. Thanks in advance, Trevor
  19. For many many years, the JDM has had telescopic rods and in this case, a surf rods.But they were convenient to use, easy to transport, and took up very little space. So many people liked its design and function. I know where in the US theres a bad stigma about them. Alot of yall dont like telescopics, called them cheap, wimpy, fragile, etc. Yada yada yada whatever. If youre not open minded, dont keep reading, ignore this post. In my findings, the rods are getting better and better. Even matching the quality of their 2 or 3pc counterparts. I just wanted to revisit them again. Traditionally most rods in japan were for lighter applications. 1-3,4oz, light baits. Shrimp, worms, etc. To target the smaller table fish in the local waters. So years back, as a guinea pig because I love innovation that can make things easier or fun. I took in a entry mid tier Daiwa Prime T rod. It was rated #27 on daiwas scale. About 60-100 grams full power casting. 150g was doable but can feel the rod getting bogged down. But if i stayed within parameters it was great. I sold that to a friend in Florida and he still uses it for pomps on the beach throw 3 and shrimp. Was a nice rod. It packs down great, the 3 pieces slide and nest in with each other, a cap holds the guides and pieces in place. Nothing falls out, lightweight, good overall. At a 27 rating, power was a bit lacking for my tastes, i usually need to use 4-8oz plus bait for my lazy fishing (yes yes shame me for using bait, screw you too), for my usual fishing spots. So 3oz wont really cut it. i am someone who is used to using Century and Zziplex rods, which most can hurl full pendulums, 24.7, 50-150++yards out. So its not fair to compare the tele to a heavy 2pc beachcaster. Even the weight is massively different. 300-400g average on the teles, to 600-750g British rods. The UK rods uses MUCH more carbon, resulting in rods capable of MUCH more power to withstand those crazy casts. This time around, to get a better idea, i said screw it and just dived into the pool, not just wet my foot. This model was released a few years ago, but i never considered it too much. Bit my lip, ordered one of their top of the line model instead. Daiwa Tournament Surf T. Power Torque 34-405. https://www.daiwa.com/jp/fishing/item/rod/nage_rd/t-surf-t_powertorque/index.html If youre familiar with the model number, doesnt it look similar to the Ballistics we use here? Ballistics usually come in 33, 35, 40. 405 being the length of the rod. Yes sir, this is a tele rod with a 34 rating. Slotting it right between a ballistic 33 and 35. Which many people use to throw 3-8oz. With a Msrp of 62800 yen. About $500 odd USD. See where im going with this train of thought? The heaviest Surf T goes up to a monster 37 rating FOR A TELESCOPIC ROD!. (29, 31, 34, 37). I wanted a all around rod instead of a straight up telescopic heaver. So the 34 is perfect. I use my Centurys for heaver work. I will test it when i have a chance this summer with 3-6oz n bait. To be fair, when i go test, i will use my ballistic 33-405 right next to it. So its kind of apples to apples comparing. Ill use it with my good ol Basia 45 QD. In hand, you can really appreciate how gorgeous the rod is. How nice the fit and finish, and quality of parts. Toray nano carbon, fuji sic guides, beautiful form fit reel seat. Rod slides out easily, has positioning dots so you know it's aligned. The guides itself have splines, and it mates up with splines on the rod for a 100% positive lock. It took me about 30 seconds to draw out the rod and lock the guides. Thats quick. That also means, if i leave a reel on the rod. Hop out the car, loosen drag 1 turn, pull the tip, click all the guides as i draw towards butt (easy to see alignment as tiptop and 4th guide is fixed) straight out, hook a bait. Boom 30 seconds. Im fishing. I bent the rod butt against wall corner. Bends like a 1pc, feels exactly the same as a ballistic 33 and 35 in curve and power. Nice. So far, i like it alot more than the previous entry level 27-405 prime rod i tried. Since im not going fishing soon, just look at some pics and ill update sometime in the future.
  20. I am just beginning to get into surf fishing and I’m looking to purchase a rod and a reel. Any suggestions on an affordable set up for a rod, reel, line and etc.? What brands are best for rod and reels? Looking to spend less than $200 for everything. Thanks!
  21. Hi folks, I realize this might be a long shot, but I'm interested in a new condition G Loomis IMX Surf 11 footer IMX1325-2S. Open to similar recommendations as well. Would need to have it shipped and will cover the shipping costs!
  22. For Sale: G. Loomis saltwater Spinning rods and Shimano Spheros 8000SW reel Canadian striper guy here looking to sell some rods currently located in Cape Cod. This sale is for pick-up only on the Cape. Just before the pandemic hit, I left four rods and a reel at my buddy's place in the Cape, intending to go back in the spring. It beat driving back and fourth from Canada with these rods in the car. Well we all know what happened to 2020 and 2021. Figured I might as well sell them for who knows when I'll ever fish them again. Greenwater GLX GWMR843S 7' 1 piece spinning rod, lure weight ¼ to ¾ oz. $150.00 Greenwater GWR981S 8'2" 1 piece spinning, lure weight rod ¼ to 1¼ oz. $100.00 IMX Surf 965S 8' 1 piece surf spinning rod, lure weight ¾ to 5 oz. $150.00 IMX Surf 1264-2S 10'6" 2 piece surf spinning rod, lure weight ½ - 3 oz. $200.00 Shimano Spheros 8000SW spinning reel $100.00 The condition of all of these rods is excellent with the Spheros 8000SW having been used only a couple of times. My last trip to the cape was the first trip for this reel as I had only just bought it. The IMX Surf 965S hasn't been used very much. The two Greenwaters and the IMX Surf 1264 have had more use, but they're still in excellent shape. Terms are pick-up only at my friend's place in the Cape. Cash or electronic transfer only. Disadvantage, you have to drive to pick them up. Advantage, you get to see and handle the tackle before handing over your cash. PM me if you're interested and I'll send you his contact information. NOTE: These pictures are from a few years back and the sale does not include the reels. Since the rods and the Spheros are at the Cape and I'm in Ontario, I had to use old pictures.
  23. Hi everybody! I bought an okuma 8k surf over this off season. I currently have it loaded with a whole lot of 20lb mono. I have seen people taking about using alot of 65lb braid and then a topshot of heavy mono. Supposedly it is strong enough to bring in medium sized sharks and heavy rays. Does anyone else agree with that? It's not a metal body reel but it is strong. I just wanna know if it would hold up to some abuse.
  24. For sale I have 5 rods (all in excellent condition) A* 3 piece (5’x3) saltiga surf 15’ custom rod 8-12 oz 25-50lbs This is my go to for bait fishing from the beach. This casts a 6-8oz and bait super far effortlessly, due to the custom reel seat). This rod was designed to fish casting or spinning. I’ve fished on beaches where I was the only one catching because others couldn’t cast out far enough $200.00 B* 2 piece(5’x2) saltiga surf 10’ mh rod 3-6 oz 15-30lbs $100 C* 2 piece (8’&2’)Abu Garcia Beast fantasista 10’1”rod 8-18 oz 60-100lb $100 D* 1 piece shimano trevala 6’9” jigging boat rod ml 20-50lbs $100 E* 1 piece wSt Croix legend inshore 7’6” medium spinning 8-17lb 3/8-3/4oz $100 I’m in Brooklyn 11210
  25. Up for sale is my used with box Star S7000 spinning reel, currently in bail-less configuration. Bail and components are included in the box. I have no idea what the braid is on it, came spooled from previous owner. One small blemish shown it the photos. Everything shown in the pics is what you get. 125$ shipped to conus + PP 3%. I think venmo now has purchase protection for something like .019% plus .10cents? I would accept that for payment as well. TRADES : I am interested in similarly valued 12' surf rods with up to 8oz ratings+. I know they are not economical to ship, but throwing it out there. May be willing to add cash for a rod that I cannot live without. I am also interested in long cast surf model spinning reels. I also am willing to add cash for a reel that I am very interested in.
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