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Found 30 results

  1. I was at a Fisherman's Marine supply store and saw these on sale for 20% off - 11' MH and 12' MH Daiwa Emcast Surf (new model "A"). The rods are lighter than the originals and the blanks look very different. Also the guides are nicer and there are more of them. 2 piece. So I picked both up for $150 ($70, $80) to use as back-ups. Have to say I am impressed with the newer lighter blanks and the components (except for the reel seat) appear to be an improvement over the older model Emcast. The guide layout is decent, but the first collector guide is a bit too low on the blank. The top part of the handle/grip is a bit too thin for comfort (I have big hands). The 12' Medium Heavy and 11' Medium Heavy are both marked 3-6oz. I have the 11' paired with a Daiwa BG 5000, and the 12' paired with the Daiwa Emcast Surf 5500 distance spinning reel. The reel seat is the new cheaper plastic molded seat Daiwa is starting to use on their budget rods. It will not accept some larger spinning reel feet. I have used some other moderate and budget rods - Tsunami Airwave, Ticas etc - but these are lighter and seem stronger. Only wish the reel seat were nicer and the collector guide was higher up on the blank. Time will tell if these hold up but I think they are nice rods - in particular the ferrule fit is very close tolerance and snug. The blanks look similar to the Shimano Tiralejo blanks but the tips are more flexible. Decent rods especially for the money, IMO.
  2. Hello all, I've been stalking your forum for several years. Usually when I'm looking for advice and I google your forum pops up in the first few results. I've got a question that I've been battling with for a while now. I'm primarily a Kayak angler in the Summer/Springtime when the offshore bite is on fire. But come fall/winter I transition to Surf fishing. I say all that to ask. What rods in the 9ft - 10ft 2oz-4oz rating would you recommend that's easy on the pocketbook. Unfortunately, I broke 2 of my surf rods this last winter and I'm looking to replace them for this coming season. I am looking in the price range of $50-$130. I've seen some reviews on the Okumas and Tica rods and they're very hit or miss. Specifically the Rockaway and the Tica UGSA rods. I've been looking at the Tsunami Trophy II but I'm not liking how the break is 70/30 now and the break is at the butt section of the rod any input on that? Also, I know Academy has the H2O express series surf rods does anyone have any input on those? Anyone have experience with the Penn Squadron surf rods? These rods will be used primarily as pompano/whiting rods with the occasional bull red or black drum. I fish light line usually in the 20lb range of braid and smaller reels in the 3000 - 4000 series.
  3. For sale is a mint condition fiber star composit 11 ft 1 to 5 lure $275 pick up Ny queens
  4. Preferably a TFO GIS SP 1102-2 surf in the 11’ 1/2-2oz, a St Croix Mojo MSS106MM2 3/4-4, Tsunami Elite TSAWESS 1102M, or the Star PFS1020S106 Paraflex Surf. I’ll also consider all other rods in this lure weight range. If interested in a trade, I have a brand new, in sealed box, Penn Spinfisher VI 6500 live liner version. I’m assuming a must ship deal since I’m in Florida. Thanks SOL Edit: Sorry, I should’ve stated that I’d like to stay under $175 shipped (give or take depending on rod and condition) OR a max of $50 plus a brand new Spinfisher VI 6500LL.
  5. Hoping someone can give an exact brand and model to a rod that feels and provides the similar qualities to the St. Croix Legend .75-4oz surf rod Model: LGSS106MM2. I’m assuming I won’t find an exact alternative with such high quality components, but something in the $300 or less area that has the same action and feel ratings. Anybody have a recommendation? Many thanks.
  6. I'm trying to find a rod to balance well with my Saragosa 8000. Tossed up between a Tsunami Airwave Elite, TFO, Star Stellar surf rod, or a St. Croix Mojo. Would prefer a 10'6"/11' rod. Does anyone know if any of the aforementioned rods with lure ratings of 2-6 oz will successfully cast 1/2-1oz lures or should I be looking at the moderate 1-4 oz ratings? I mostly fish 2-3oz sinkers with live shrimp or pinfish but would like to occasionally throw lures. I'd like to find a matching rod that is not to stiff with good sensitivity but still able to pull in a red drum, snook, smaller sharks, and/or pompano. Any help is appreciated. Budget is maxed at $250, preferably less (per the Wife ).
  7. Looking to trade my ZeeBaas 25 spool for a 11’ rod in good condition. Comes with fresh #40 line that’s never been used.
  8. Hello, I have a Fenwick Atlantic Stik Fenglass 12' surf rod. I was wondering if someone could tell me when these were made? Has ASU 1445 on it. Looks like late 80s or early 90s to me, but I could be way off. Thanks for any help!
  9. Before I buy one retail. Thought I might check in if anyone has a used one. Airwave1102m. Thanks. Jim
  10. Hello all, I have some questions on a decent surf rod. I’ll be upfront, I’m fairly new to fishing and a lot of my troubles I’m sure are due to inexperience. Given my troubles described below, I should look into getting a guide to show me the ropes next time I’m at the beach. I mostly use light tackle at the beach targeting things like fluke and kingfish; however, recently my kids really want to attempt shark fishing. We generally fish off the beaches in Lavallette just north of Seaside. Last year I decided to buy a rod/reel that I thought should be capable of that task and currently have a 10 foot Penn Prevail, 1-5 oz lure, with a Penn Battle II 6000 with 400 yards of 50lb braid. The problem I’m having is that I didn’t account for the weight of the bait. I have lots of troubles casting far, and if I attempt to put much force into my cast, I often see my terminal tackle fly off into the ocean. I believe this is due to a combination of poor technique and overloading the rod. It would seem that I could only get away with maybe a 2 oz sinker plus bait and be within the rod rating and 2 oz won’t hold bottom most of the time. With that being said, I would like to purchase a rod that can handle more weight plus bait, and since this is the New Jersey forums, I imagine most here are familiar with the average conditions of the surf, average sinker weights needed, etc. Would anyone be able to recommend a good rod in the 100 dollar range that would be capable of shark fishing? Thanks in advance.
  11. Just throwing this request out there. I'm booked for surf fishing to PVR in August. This is my 5th trip and I have met a local man there that I have used as my guide the past 4 years. The situation is that he is dirt poor, makes some money guiding and selling fish as well as some manuel labor work. He has a wife and two kids to provide for. Lives in a house with a dirt floor in a very small village on a dirt road off of another dirt road. He is in need of a surf rod around 11'-12', 1-4 oz range and a spinning reel with a high retrieve rate in good shape. If anyone has some gear like this that they could part with for a worthy cause I would be happy to hear from you. I am taking some clothes, toys and jewlery with me besides some cash to buy food and medicine for the needy ( don't like handing out straight cash as it can easily be misused ). My city is about 1000 miles NW of Denver so no selection of used surf fishing gear. I can pay shipping to Montana border to keep costs down. If this has any interest for you or you need any more info let me know. If your not interested, no problem, I realise this is not for everyone. Thanks for your time.....Don PS. I fly out on Aug 12
  12. I am looking into a new surf rod and reel. I am overthinking the process, which I enjoy... and would love the help! I would like a reel that can get somewhat wet/sandy without breaking. Occasional dunk/wave I am planning on using the rod on the east coast- surf fishing strippers. West coast for Corbina and Halibut. Costa Rica/Cabo for Roosters. Lures- poppers, spoons, bucktails. - all around 3/4 - 2+ ounces Most often in the 1-2 oz range Looking for something that can travel easily, along with my golf club travel bag, but I am not overly interested in a 4 piece rod. I was thinking of a 50/50 split on a 8 foot rod, but I am not sure how the feel is compared to a one-piece or 70/30 split... (70/30 seems counterproductive, as I would still have too long of a rod for travel). Current idea is: St Croix Legend 8 foot two piece Shimano Spheros SP6000SW 30LB braid Any thoughts on this setup? Any better suggestions? what am I missing?
  13. heya guys Im considering doing an even trade of a mojo surf 10'6 3/4 to 4 (Spinning rod) for a mojo surf 10'6 2 to 6 (Spinning rod) . ideally with someone in Long island, queens, brooklyn or someone in or near Lynn, MA. Its in good condition. its been babied while ive owned it. just want a rod that can handle larger plugs for my visits to the canal. Lue
  14. Want to Sell a barely used St Croix Avid surf AVSS100MF2 It is a 10 ft fast action 2 piece 70/30split 1-4oz rod that has been used 2 times with the clash 5000 i am selling on here too. It is a cherry red blank with K guides.. It is a very nice rod with alot of new technology in it..It is just too fast for my liking. I paid 330 dollars for the rod new and would like to get $250 shipped for it or $240 picked up in North Jersey. I will post pictures later.. any interest or questions let me know...Paypal for shipping or cash or paypal on pickup
  15. asking $250 Located in North Jersey BRAND NEW Lamiglas Graphite Surf and Jetty Rod XS10MS2 piece size 10'action: Moderate Test: 14-30 Tags still on the rod
  16. asking $250 Located in North Jersey BRAND NEW Lamiglas Graphite Surf and Jetty Rod XS10MS2 piece size 10'action: Moderate Test: 14-30 Tags still on the rod
  17. Anyone currently fish this rod or who has fished this rod, what's your overall impression of it? What is the rod's true lure range? 2-4 or 1-3? Thinking of purchasing for the fall; it seems like a good value. Thanks!
  18. Century Nor'Easter Surf Rod model # NE1448 12', 2 piece 50/50 split, 1-8 oz lure, 20-80lb line, Moderate/Fast action Brand new / never used / not registered / full warranty / still in dealers possession / I can have it sold to you $440 w/o shipping. I put a deposit on this rod a couple months ago, I also got an 9'. I need to pick them up soon. My seasons plans have changed and I won't get to use it at all this year. Your chance to get it at a garage sale price, the balance I owe. *** my loss = your opportunity. *** I've tested and to throws everything in the whole spectrum very well, with lots of (cow) backbone. I'd say one the best jigging / chucking rods, but you all know what it is. Located in Central mass
  19. hey guys I'm new to this so bear with me. I'm in the market for a new custom surf rod either 10' or 11'. ill be using it for strictly plugging, mostly open sand beaches on LI. any and all advice would be appreciated. as i said I'm new to this so if i left anything out let me know!
  20. Hey guys I know the recommended surf rod length is 10'6" but I been told that for shorter guy it might be better with 9' rod. I'm 5'7" and planning to get Mojo Surf if that matter. Please provide some input, thanks.
  21. I'm selling my Century S-2; 1326. This is a two piece rod. I used this rod for one season, 2015, June-August. Since that time it's been in my office. I have enough surf rods and this one deserves a new home. I'll take $375.00 for it or the first reasonable offer.
  22. I have been thinking of purchasing a new surf rod. I only fish beaches in Ocean County. I cast 7/8 ounce Bombers up to 2 3/8 ounce Super Strike Lures and everything in between. I’m looking for some recommendations from other members who fish in NJ. Please make a recommendation for a factory rod that you believe will perform best for this situation. Thanks for your input.
  23. WTS my G.Loomis IMX Surf Rod. Rod is BRAND NEW. Never fished, still in plastic. 10ft 2-pc, rated 1/2oz to 3oz Asking $450 shipped (paid via PayPal or MO). If buyer is local to Eastern MA and wants to meet up and pick up, $430 cash/paypal. Description of rod from a retailer website: "G. Loomis IMX 10' 2 pc Surf Fishing Rod IMX 1204-2S SUR is a nice, medium-power, two-piece spinning rod designed for long distance casts for smaller plugs, jigs or bait. It's got plenty of power for most averaged-sized species and has that special G. Loomis reserve power should you hook up with a real monster. When the surf is running high and wave clearance becomes an issue, this 10-foot rod helps keep you in the game. It will handle up to 25-pound test monofilament and 30-pound Power Pro, casting lures up to 3-ounces about as far as you can imagine." Thanks in advance SOL!
  24. Ok, This might sound stupid, so bear with me. Besides decoration, what is the purpose of a butt wrap in a surf rod. I know for shorter rods like freshwater, inshore, it acts as a hook guard to protect the blank while the lure is hooked to the hooker keeper. But most people I have seen including myself hook the lure to the frame of the striper guide. The is no hooks around the butt wrap area. Anything I missed? Please enlighten me.
  25. Want to sell century 9'6 1145 slingshot and shimano Saragosa 6000. Rod built at CMS in Gloucester back in June, has blue accents and low rider alconite guides. Reel bought in June as well, comes with box and reel case. Comes spooled with 30lb Power pro Super slick. Both are in excellent condition and only used a few times this year. Looking to clear out space and get rid of some rods. Asking $500 for the combo but will split them up as well. Rod $300 and reel $200.Thanks