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Found 9 results

  1. Anyone have a med that they want to swap for a large? Pretty new, got it a couple months ago and been out with it a few times.
  2. Been experimenting with tools placement on my surf belt. I have not found a good solution for where to put my pliers. I am right-handed so like them on my right side. If I put the pliers in their sheath on the 'front half' of the right side of my belt I find I hit them with the rod butt often. If I move them back to the rear half, they can be hard to reach. I hang my plug bag on my left side which works well for me since I like to be able to slide it from front to back and reach into it with my right hand. The bag itself does not have a good spot to hold the pliers. Have others had this issue with interference with the rod butt? What configurations have other folks used for placing their pliers? Thanks.
  3. Looking for a new or good condition Large surf belt for 34” waist.
  4. Hi everyone, I am working on finalizing my surf belt, please take a look at the pictures sand let me know. I am trying to keep a minimalistic approach. Mainly going for Bass/Blues/Fluke from the surf covering a beach spanning a few miles. Any suggestion(s) would be greatly appreciated! Tight Lines!
  5. I am trying to finish up my surf bag and I can’t seem to find an effect, light-weight and compact way to store the Boga/Fish Griper on my belt. I first purchased a cheap one to see if I would like it and even use it. With that said please see the first picture of the dimensions. Then I tried to find a “duty belt” attachment to hold flashlights, see picture #2. This was too large and the Boga went into it and was at risk of falling through. Currently I just the bottom of a pocket on the side of my surf bag and out it there however it is still large and a little uncomfortable against my back and arm. Please send any ideas, DIYs, duty belt alternatives and anything you can think of that can help or has helped you.
  6. Hey! Looking for a solid new surf belt. So far, I've used a cheap belt that is is flimsy, has all plastic components, and problematic as the buckle often pops off due to fraying of the belt (yes, I've burned the frayed portion many times). Ideally, looking for a stiffer belt with stainless buckle that can handle a 60lb boga, plug bag, bucktail pouch, pliers, & knife. All suggestions welcome!
  7. Surf fishing in Florida has thus far meant walking the beach casting off the sand, fishing off the inlet or wading the intercoastal/lagoon. I used waders several times last February when the lagoon water got "cold" but otherwise I am wet-wading. Thus, a wading belt for me does not need to cinch waders as would be typical when river wading (I have those too). Which explains why this is more a Batman-style utility belt than a traditional Northeast wader belt. For the past year I have been carrying all my "tools" on or laced through the same belt holding up my pants. Not a problem except when I want to slip out of the gear quickly without to get in truck, sit by bank, etc. so I have been contemplating a variant of the Brokos "battle belt" I use when taking AR courses. Given I wanted a stiff belt that would hold up to weight and movement, I opted for a base using a battle/tactical belt from Blackhawk. Three-point buckle is easy to manipulate but holds tight enough for my usage. Being fully adjustable with Velcro makes it hugely convenient to size for what I am wearing or my changing girth (holidays are tough). The preliminary result is shown below, front and back showing attachments. From right to left: -Jaws holster with Gander Mountain titanium multiplier and Sea Scissors -Dive knife with locking hard plastic sheath -Pouch-style water bottle holster / Dump-pouch -Flatlander beltclip -Spare rod holder/tube, BladeTech QR holster clip & cut top of Rubbermade box -Boga hanging from molded belting clip I am not yet convinced I need the Boga just for fish handling. I have the lipper pliers shown at the left which I may opt for as well. Or buy me one of those lippers that so many striper guys use. The rod holder is used when I wade the lagoon and take two rods with me: 7.5' 0.5-1.5 oz and 8.5' 0.75-3oz. When the second rod is in the holder, I can easily walk and cast without interference. While I haven't taken this belt in the ocean beach yet, I will likely remove the rod tube which is why I made it with the Blade-Tech clip. With all that gear and a bottle of water, the belt doesn't not feel heavy and sits very nicely in my hips over my shorts belt. Comments and questions welcome
  8. Looking to buy Gear Up Surfcasting Surf Belt. Located in California. Thanks
  9. Selling my Ultimate Surf Belt, size Large. Too big for me so I bought the same belt in a smaller size. It has been used for a couple seasons but is in great shape. Some light scratches on the buckle but that's about it. It's 54" long - according to the website it fits a size 34-37" waist. If you're just wearing it over a wetsuit or light jacket I would say it should fit a bigger waist. $30 shipped PayPal