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  1. Hey yall, im just wondering your opinions on what I should throw and what colors from around 3 hours before first light to sunrise. My only problem is that high tide on thanksgiving is going to be around 4:30 am and sunrise around 6:50. So I am unsure what to do and what to throw. Any advice is greatly appreciated! The beach im planning on walking is pretty deep with a steeper drop off at high.
  2. Wondering if anyone on here actively fishes for american eels in new jersey creeks and/or has any experience. Been finding em in central jersey in small creeks using worms at night up to about 15 inches, however hookups seem to be an extreme challenge even with small hooks. Anyone have any tips for catching eels through the colder months? Also wondering if the eels in our local creeks are reaching big size (24 inches +) or if I am just wasting my time.
  3. Finally headed up the the magnificent Kennebec tomorrow for our yearly fix. 10 days of great. We'll be down around the mouth at Cox's and hope the river has had a chance to purge from the rains. Wanted to ask if anyone has heard about clamming, specifically if it's been shut down due to rain down by the fort. We'll be chasing stripers in the kayaks regardless and looking forward to a great time.
  4. Hey everyone, it's been a few months, and I'm taking a chance on fly fishing for striper this spring. Watched a few YT vids on the subject and I get the basic concept, but I am curious if anyone has any experience doing this around the Metro Mass area, and any tips on what exactly to look for in these back rivers, estuaries, etc. what kind of lures do you think are best? Thanks in advance.
  5. WTB TB swimmers preferably new.
  6. What are your favorite early season (based on NYS regs} striper lures? I fish mostly back bays on the north shore of Long Island. Maybe time of year is not all that significant but I would like to hear peoples' preferences.
  7. Had a friend move up to the Thomaston area, near Rockport I guess? Are we getting to the upper reaches of the striper range up there? We fish the Kennebec all the time and love it, but not sure how far up they go. Just general info please. thanks.
  8. What beach in Long Island north shore is good for stripe bass surf fishing?
  9. This year has been the first I have tried night fishing with plugs for striped bass. The first night out I caught three of my best fish of the year and have been addicted ever since. I have several spots along the Southern Maine coast that are in rocky areas on the shoreline. Recently I have tried to try out the beaches to see if I could have similar success. I haven't quite figured it out yet. I live in an area with extremely flat beaches that don't have the "sandbar" type of build that many of the beaches south of Maine do. It is a long gradual sloping beach so it does not get deep very quickly. All of the research I have done recommends certain methods for targeting fish on sandbars and troughs, and I am wondering what tips might be out there for a more flat beach with active surf conditions. Any ideas?
  10. Hey guys, new to the message board and located on the Sakonnet River. I'll be honest, more a novice to saltwater fishing than freshwater but I'm working to get better as a saltwater fisherman. Not looking for secret spots or locations, really just want some friendly talk about fishing the Sakonnet River and/or Mount Hope Bay. I know the bay is getting between 72-74 degrees and Common Fence Pt and the Channel there hasn't been producing more than some Porgy. Thinking of going the opposite way and down the Sakonnet and seeing if I can locate some blues and stripers. From a technique standpoint, I have popper plugs, Hogy epoxy jigs, swim baits, and tube & worm. With the water getting warmer, is it better to go early morning? Late night? What's the best time with the tides? Rising tide? Lowering tide? I have the ability to reach places via boat and jetski and I know to try and find the birds for a blitz but recently it's been staring at my depth/fish finder trying to find bait balls. Any and all comments and help would be great. Thanks guys!
  11. VSX200 in great condition spooled with 40lb Diawa braid. Bought new from Goose Hummock and only used a few times. I also have the original box. $700 TYD or $675 picked up in Merrimac, MA or West Yarmouth, MA.
  12. I have been doing some striper fishing out of my kayak in the bay and rivers of NJ but I am not happy with the length of my rod handle. The handle portion seems too long to fish while siting in my kayak. What rod do you guys recommend for fishing back bay/river stripers & blues from a kayak?
  13. Hi everybody! I bought an okuma 8k surf over this off season. I currently have it loaded with a whole lot of 20lb mono. I have seen people taking about using alot of 65lb braid and then a topshot of heavy mono. Supposedly it is strong enough to bring in medium sized sharks and heavy rays. Does anyone else agree with that? It's not a metal body reel but it is strong. I just wanna know if it would hold up to some abuse.
  14. Been trying to surf cast Popham for the past few seasons and despite great structure, current and bait, I haven’t been able to land any fish over 30”. I’m a surfcaster and only use plugs besides chucking and reeling eels sporadically with some good results. I usually fish Georgetown and do extremely well (got three 40” and over in a 3 day period last season) but haven’t done much at Popham. Anyone else surfcast here? What should I throw? Bottle plugs? Darters? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. As all the freshwater anglers out there know, Alabama rigs (A-rigs) are killer for largemouth. I want to experiment with A-rigs for striper this year and am looking for a product/brand suggestion. Does anyone have a favorite A-rig for stripers? Specifically, one with hardware that can withstand the striper of a lifetime. Thanks for your advice!
  16. Last fall was the first time that I can actually say I truly surf fished for stripers. I have done it in the past but very sporadically. I had good success last fall when the sand eels were around throwing tins and teasers. I tied my braid to a barrel swivel then I added about 3 feet of mono to a TA clip that I either connected to a plug or tins. From the same spot on the barrel swivel that went to the plug/tin I attached 4 to 6 inches on mono to another TA clip and this is were I attached my teaser. My question is did I attached the teaser to the correct spot on the barrel swivel or should I have attached to the spot where the braid was tied on?
  17. Hello all, I am now working on a research article about striped bass and their feeding patterns in the fall run and their migratory patterns in the winter. The article should be up by Thursday 10/14/21, thank you for your patience.
  18. What’s the warmest water bass you ever caught? Last night I was in a deep back bay spot and was slamming nice fish on poppers. The fish were super aggressive and the water temp was 82.5 degrees! I couldn’t believe it. There was some big big fish swimming around.
  19. This month Ill be targeting stripers at a location where there is a bottleneck of action. During the nighttime outgoing tide, bait fish are carried to this bottleneck and the stripers feast. You can see the flash of stripers slicing through this bait ball. But considering the heavy action I wasnt happy with how few we caught last time I fished the location. I was using live eels, hooking the eels through the upper jaw and livelining them. Im wondering if there is a better way. Should I try a sinker rig instead? I was thinking about tying a weight at the end of the line and tying the hook a couple feet above so the eel cant dive for cover and is flailing in the middle of the water column. Any suggestions?
  20. Guys, I have been surf fishing for nearly thirty years. Just the last few years I have been building a collection of high end gear. There is a big difference forsure. I own Van staal reels and like them. I have been in the market for a Zee Baas reel but I am not sure how the sizes compare to a Vanstaal. I own a VS200,VS150 and VS100. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  21. I'm on vacation on the Vineyard this week. I was fishing up-island Monday morning from about 1:00 a.m. to sunrise. There was a nice light wind blowing directly into the beach. About 2 hours into the incoming tide the bite turned on. I was catching stripers that were progressively getting bigger when my needlefish got slammed. A 26" striper was the biggest one at this point. As I reeled in the fish I thought it would easily be a slot fish but hopefully not over. When I beached it I discovered I hooked a tank of a blue fish at 31", and guesstimated at about 12lbs. That was the big fish of the night. A blurple needlefish was the hot lure on the cloudy, dark night. As sunrise approached birds started to show up and there was a lot of fish activity in the water. However they weren't stripers. I put in a 5/8 oz silver Hogy epoxy then proceeded to catch shad like crazy. They were fun to catch. I was getting multiple hits on every cast. The shad were also putting on great aerial shows as they tried to throw my hook. They were mostly about 12"-14" big. Unfortunately I was traveling lightly that night. I didn't have any bait hooks so I could use a small shad as bait to see if any big fish were on them. I also left the box with my sebile magic swimmers in the car.
  22. I have a brand new 12wt fly rod for sale. It is a G. Loomis CrossCurrent Pro 1. 8’ 10” 1 piece rod. Due to the size it would need to be picked up in Philly, unless we can agree on a place to meet up. Asking $425. Would consider trades for Van Staal or Zeebaas reels.
  23. Tattoo 2oz Yellow Darter Tattoo 2oz Brown & Yellow Darter TA 2 oz SubDarter Bob Hahn 2 oz blue darter LIFishVT 2z Darter $130 shipped
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