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Found 71 results

  1. The stripers are here! Time to get the reports going. Please, be considerate in your reports, i.e., don't be so specific that you could spot burn but share enough to contribute to the spirit of "sharing is caring".
  2. Hi there! im planning on coming over to USA for my first Striper trip! I spent Many years fishing for European bass and looking forwards to getting over this October! I would really appreciate any recommendations for what areas to hit for rock fishing using lures and casting lures from the beach etc. thinking about cape cod, Montauk and maybe Martha's Vineyard, although Incouldnt find any affordable accommodation in the later! thanks Guys!
  3. Original Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is the 6" size Torpedo Jr. Gold over white - Pine. In unused original condition - $155 shipped.
  4. 2009 carolina skiff 1780 DLX. 90 ETEC. 170hrs last 120hrs have been fresh water only. Self winterizing, new injectors new battery,Bimini top, new upholstery ,live well, new bilge, compass, Lowerance 7 GPS fish finder and chip CB radio. LED lighting. 5 hours on last Springs service. New plugs fuel filter pump and impeller. Bottom was media blasted, 4 coats epoxy paint 2 coats of ablative done 3 weeks ago. 2010 trailer. $12500obo boat is in Lake Hopatcong nj 6DF58878-CB97-4BF2-A7CC-9CAA402A7425.MOV
  5. Original Don Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is a 7 1/2" Torpedo Sr. Maple - 4 oz. Off White/Cream finish. Metal parts have oxidation but lure is in unused condition - $155 shipped.
  6. Would anyone like to share some topwater fly photos. Was looking to tie some up for the spring run.
  7. In the surf, what do Stripers feed on during the beginning, middle and end of their season? Secondly, what approaches work best for you and your approaches change throughout the season? Thank you in advance ——— Tight lines! SB
  8. Hey guys, I have a 7 foot shakespeare alpha rod with 20lb test line and I want to catch a fat cow striper in the cape cod canal in a few weeks. I've heard that you need a 10 foot rod to fish the cape cod canal, is this true? I dont have the extra money to get a new set up but i was thinking of throwing a live eel on the hook and throwing it out as far as i can and let the eel swim around and hopefully the stripers will eat it. Has anyone ever fished with a rod under 10ft in the canal? I have a primal urge to catch a fat cow fish and cook it up and eat it with some panko fried in the oven and i really need to make this happen. Can someone help me out with my shakespeare 7 footer whats my best bet to catch a fatty? *whats the best set up for me?*
  9. Hey all. A friend recommended this forum. Just moved to Pacifica CA, and I've heard stripers, salmon, and crab are pretty plentiful here. I live about an 8 minute walk to Linda Mar Beach, so looking up to load my wagon on the weekends and do some shore fishing. What's good to catch in March? Anything bite consistently throughout the year at this beach? Any general tips for good fishing here? Thanks!
  10. Finished out my 2018 season with some nice fish out front on Sunday fishing with Gary and Chris. We spent the morning dodging the fleet to snag some bunker to live line. Had two nice fish landed up to 27lbs. Now it’s time to put away kayak till next season and waiting for the new baby boy to come.
  11. scup

    How successful have y'all been in livening scup? i had some 40's on liveling from shore. saw a 70 doing it and didn't even believe they got that big!!
  12. Bought this spring to fly fish have not had time never been used or cast every thing is new ok have pictures of the rod later. tfo lefty kreh professional 9wt reddington behemoth 9/10 wt Rio intouch striper 400 grain sink tip with 20lb backing two 20lb tippet 5 flies looking for 325 shipped or 310 local pick up in Portsmouth nh
  13. This is a straight poll on whether or not you would support culling the seal population on Cape Cod. The method of culling is not specified, it would be via whatever agreed upon method to reduce the seal population on the Cape
  14. Super stoked, landed my first Striper! Looking forward to more! 6.5 Sardine Pencil Popper, xxxxxx dropping tide, second break, hour before sunset. Removed spot name per spot burning rule - Surf Hunter
  15. Brand new, never used Cheeky Limitless 475 and spare spool. This is in the limited edition all black that is currently sold out on their site. Awesome 10-12wt reel. Has a fully sealed drag and tons of stopping power. Awesome for fly fishing for tarpon, bull reds, stripers, albies or offshore. Comes complete with boxes, pouch, etc. retail is $670 for the reel and spool, now asking $450. PM or call/text 508-735- zero two nine eight
  16. I am looking for a West Warwick Screw Products Striper reel. Condition not super important, I am going to fish it. But not looking to drop a fortune either. Hopefully someone here has something!
  17. Last night me, my brother and friend were fishing off a rocky point of a private beach in the Dennis area bay side. It was around 10:00 PM a little before dead low and we had been catching a fair amount of stripers between 20 and 32 inches. My friend hooked up on a smaller fish and was bringing it in easily when all the sudden the drag started screaming and going straight out, there was no head shakes, no side to side movement or diving. Whatever had eaten the striper was pulling straight out at a very steady but fast speed. There were no boats in the area. After about 1 minute of pulling drag steady without any signs of stopping the knot connecting the braid to backing gave out and the fish was gone. We were fishing shallow water, at the most it was 10 feet deep but most likely around 6-8 feet. We were fishing off a rocky point but it was surrounded by sand but there were many large boulders around. I have 3 theories for what I could be. My first thought was it was a seal but I’ve never seen any in that area and in videos I’ve seen of seals attacking hooked fish that thrash violently on the surface, there was none of that just a steady unstoppable run. My second theory is that it could have been a dolphin because lately there has been an unusual amount of dolphins around the Sesuit harbor area however the closest I’ve seen them come to shore is about 150 yards and I don’t think they would be hunting in a rocky area where they could get injured. Also I don’t know if a dolphin would try to take a 20 plus inch striper off the hook. My last theory is that it could have been a small Great White because there have been multiple around the 10 foot range spotted in the area in the past week. And I know there already been a few incidents this summer of sharks taking stripers off the hook in the bay. Still I don’t think a shark would be in that shallow and around that many rocks. I would be greatly appreciated if anyone had any input of what it could have been or what could have happened. Thanks.
  18. Hey guys. Getting out in the kayak for the first time in the ocean. Want to take it mostly inshore, harbors or around different rock piles close by (think Salem, Marblehea, Beverly area. I have a 13’ SOT). I am planning on fishing for stripers: 1. lures 1-4oz probably (thought I might be higher om that . Could always gi lighter if that’s what’s suggested). 2.Spinning gear 3. Plugs, plastics, swimmers, jigs, ect... 4. Occasional bait if I can manage it on the same rod. I have a few surf rods I can use for that if desperate. 5. Looking for rod/reel combo <$250 I’m open to any an all suggestions. I was thinking 7’ with maybe a 4000-5000 reel size, but I really have no clue what’s necessary, what’s small, and what’s overkill. Have kayak fished for LMB’s for years. Looking for a set up that can be reliable, handle the cows, won’t kill my arm from casting all day, and won’t break the bank.....aka needle in a haystack! Thanks for any and all help. Looking to up my sleigh ride game!
  19. How's it going out there everyone? It's been a while since I've been into the surf, or beach in general due to medical issues and hospital trips over the course of 2 years. I was just looking for general info on where I can wet a line for striped bass, blues, porgy, seabass, dig for clams, squid jig or crab net. I fished Plum Island yesterday and it was slow for me last night, not much bait anywhere except for a clams every 15ft {are these surf clams edible? white big shells} looking to try something new . I currently am using a mojo surf 10'6 3/4-4oz medium and a pen spinfisher v 6500, I also have a Tsunami trophy surf rod 3-6oz medium heavy for chunking or throwing big bucktails/jigs in the Merrimack river. I am willing to drive 1-2 hours for spots. Just looking for general areas to explore and gain more experience with the plugs in my bag which I'm trying to limit to 8 or less to become proficient with specific techniques. I have fished , Deer Island , Plum Island, some beach fronts in Ispwich and Salem. I have only really fished from shore and do not have access to my own boat.
  20. Goo morning all! I a new to the site, I have been fishing the Merrimack river for 35 years and have done well, I know where to go for mackerel as well as stripers, I now have my boat on Saco river and am trying to find my way around yesterday was my first day out and I did ok with rotten chunk mackerel and clams I bought from a local bait shop I would like to know from the locals or anyone who fishes the where to go for mackerel around here. Thank you
  21. Looking to head down to catch the spring run in Jersey. Was wondering what month would be the best to fish Island Beach State Park. Never fished the spring run, only made the fall. Please feel free to inform about spots, gear suggestions, baits to use, and anything else.
  22. Hey everyone. I'm new to this site but not to fishing. I'm 18, and I live about 2 hours from the cape(1.5 from the canal). I've been fishing on the cape every year since I was a little kid, now that I can drive on my own I'm looking to start going down with a friend or two. Naturally, I want to start fishing the canal as well and I need advice on a rig. Right now I'm thinking the Penn SSV 6500 paired with the Okuma longitude 10'(not sure how good it is, but it's super cheap). I'm also looking at the Diawa BG 4500 and the Penn Prevail 10' or 11'. I'm looking to make at least 1 trip down a week. I'll be throwing topwaters, sluggos, kastmasters and whatever else you guys recommend. What does everyone else think? Should I pick a better rig, or is mine fine(I'm a little on edge about the rod)? Other advice is also appreciated. Thanks, John
  23. Does anyone know any good Striper spots in Southern Maine?
  24. Hello everyone. I'm a new member on this site, and new to striper fishing. This year will be my first attempt. I would appreciate any info about rod and reel setup, technique, plugs and lures, times of year, and places to fish( I realize that's probably not going to happen).
  25. Give me your top five (or more) saltwater lures, plugs, soft plastics, or anything else that you have used to fish for stripers and blues over your fishing career.