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Found 104 results

  1. Right now I have my 9’ ODM DNA paired with a Penn Slammer 3 5500 with 30lb braid. I use this set up for bass in the 35”+ range. I usually toss lures from 1-3oz. Which VSX will: 1. Balance my rod nicely 2. Offer enough size so I can feel confident casting 3oz darters and such. I know the slammer 5500 is slightly oversized for the 9’ but I have confidence when I hook up to nice fish that I can control the fish and the fish is not controlling me. I would like the same for my future VSX. Also at times I will be swapping the reel to a 10’6” star paraflex 2-6oz and will never be casting more than 3oz. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share an exceptional moment for me today. I live in Boston (in the middle of Backbay) and I sometimes fish in the Charles during my lunch break. I usually fish with a 7'3 medium rod and a baitcaster, and catch small LMB. My PB is a ~6 lbs which is very good for the Charles in my opinion. I also target Stripers from the shore and on a friend's boat at least two days per week (Boston Bay, Cape, Canal, RI) from May to October. Last keeper. Today, it was nice outside and the wind was low so I decided to go fishing around noon. I grabbed my inshore travel setup with the intention of testing new lures that I bought recently, and that I'd like to use down in Florida in two weeks. Early in the season in the Charles, I usually fish a deeper spot (~30 feet), according to depth data that I found online. Sometimes, I lose lures at that spot and I thought the same thing again today when my Dartspin was blocked...but it started moving, or should I say running... and I finally heard the wonderful sound of my drag for the first time this season. I thought I broke my LMB PB but I couldn't believe what I saw after a fantastic fight... I put many hours on the Charles during lunch breaks for the past three years. It is crazy to think that today, I grabbed my inshore setup to test some lures, and secured this fish on the bank. She went back in of course! I know that Stripers have been caught in the Charles but it's a pretty rare thing, in my opinion, especially of that size and that early in the season. The beauty of fishing is that every cast counts and sometimes, we get great surprises! Rod: Glenn Chatfield Custom 7 foot travel rod 1/4oz - 1oz Reel: Shimano Stradic 3000 XGFL Line: 20 lbs Powerpro Superslick V2 black Leader: Yo-Zuri 20 lbs Fluorocarbon Pink (6 feet, tied with FJ knot) Clip: TA 50 lbs & Uni knot Lure: Hyperlastics Dartspin 5 inches
  3. 40$ shipped 2 lures they just don’t fall Into rotation
  4. Morning- It's reading and tying season and came across Bonderow's "Stripers and Streamers: Successful Flies, Techniques and Other Insights". Likely a good read but was wondering if there were other suggestions? Mainly interested in strategy, fish habits, etc and not flies per se, I have that covered. Thanks
  5. Interested in picking up all-purpose rigs I can wield from the kayak to catch schoolie sized stripers, weakfish, and fluke with. I'd also be using these in land-based backwater situations. I'm a spinning reel guy, but only because that's what I use all the time. I wouldn't rule out a conventional setup. I'm in South Jersey but can help with shipping for non-local deals. I'm thinking of a setup that can throw light (3/8 oz.) bucktails and jigs, but also throw up to, I don't know 1+ oz. Something that would take 15-20 lb. braid nicely, have enough feel to work the light bucktail for fluke while having enough backbone to handle the occasional nice-sized bass. I'd consider the right 8' setup or down to 6'6". I don't need anything crazy nice/expensive and I'm not terribly picky. I have kids that like to fish and we need general purpose gear, so I'm looking for value. A decent, lasting setup at a decent price, or a known cheap but properly functioning setup at a cheap price.
  6. Headed to Cape Cod this coming weekend for a week. I want to fish for stripers/really anything else that will eat a fly. Staying really close to the mouth of Great Pond and planning on fishing incoming/outgoing tides there. That's the extent of my plans. I have some lefties and clousers, but should I grab some other flies? Is Great Pond a solid spot or should I travel over to Eel pond? Any suggestions on time of day vs tides, etc.? Really, break it down for my Barney style, because as much as I can net myself a boatload of trout on the Farmington in CT, I been skunked for 40+ hours of fishing for stripers in the salt. Thanks in advance all, -ChuckD
  7. I’ve been fishing at fort foster, Maine, for a while now. Because of work, I can only go once or twice a week for a few hours at a time, and I have one or two days a month that I can stay from open till closing. Each time I go, I throw my bait in new spots, but nothing seems to work. I’ve seen people catch striper there, and I’ve seen striper every once in a while, but I’ve only ever had one big bite. There’s these big pillars in the water that were to stop nazi ships from passing into the harbor during WWII (I’ll provide pictures of them below) and I’ve read that “Stripers will set up near edges and structure where turbulence caused by fast current disorients their prey, and where currents bring the baitfish to them.”. Do these pillars seem like a good place to try? The only reason I’m asking here instead of trying it is because I only have a month and a half here in maine, and I’d like to catch a striper before going to Texas.
  8. Hey all, I am looking to purchase a new surf rod to throw SP minnows and I have settled on the St. Croix Mojo Surf, but I am looking for some guidance on what size. I like the 11' MH to clear the waves but it is rated for 3-8oz lures and the SP are about 1 1/9 oz and 1 5/8 oz. I am wondering if anyone has had experience throwing these on the 11' MH Mojo and how it impacted casting distance and performance being so far out of weight rating. I also am entertaining the 10'-6" Med. Mojo that throws 3/4 - 4oz lures, but it is only medium power and I am not sure if that is enough for tying into a good sized striper. Does anyone have experience fighting a striper on that rod and how it performed? My main goal is obviously to be able to get past the surf so distance is a big must, but I also don't want to be underpowered when fighting a fish. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I typically have fished for striper during the day but due to work and other commitments around midnight is now the best time for me. I was out last night and saw plenty of action on the neponset River with bass busting what looked like small little rain bait. I threw everything I had at them to no avail. My question to you folks is what lures/methods do you use at night when the striper are in shallow foraging and picking off smaller baits?
  10. If anybody is looking to wet a line this Sunday, I'm planning on heading to CCB in Brewster or Dennis to wet wade the flats for the Sesuit low tide around 11:45am. Mid day fishing so not ideal but I'm a weekend warrior so I'll take what I can get. Planning on walking out from Crows Pasture, but open to anything in the area - Paines, Saints.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm a young angler and been fishing since I was 5 years old. Now that i'm 19 going on 20, i've experience a pretty good variety of fishing in the northeast and down in Florida and have recently fell in love with surf fishing and the gear that needs to be used with it. I liked the challenge of landing large fish from land. I gave me a sense of accomplishment that I am sure many others also share. Besides all that, I want to hear about what everyone else is using and their experiences with the setup they use either their home waters or specifically the Cape Cod Canal. I fish my home waters in New Jersey so the equipment difference is going to be drastically different which is something I was expecting. I am currently using an ODM 9ft 0.5 oz to 3.5 oz paired with a Van Stall VSX150 bailess and is doing wonders for me in New Jersey and is going to probably be my setup for Florida when i take trips down there (might be saving up for a surf setup for florida with the same rod). I am currently looking for a blank that would be around 10ft-11ft suitable for throwing larger plugs, eels, jigs and possibly able to handle the canal. I know trying to make a setup for things back home and it to be usable for the canal is not an easy task and would be seen as being very unreasonable but in a sense I like my rods to be versatile so I can be prepared to fish anywhere up and down the coast. In detail, something that is 10ft-11ft that can handle 2-10 oz would be preferable (I fish with guys that use rods 2-6oz and would like to be in that spectrum). I've been researching blanks from Black Hole, Lamiglas, ODM, and blanks from RH Customs rods which is a builder I may be working with. I would like to use Fuji K guides on the blank in a 8 guide setup similar to my ODM (haven't decided on which guides yet), a low profile reel seat that would fit another vs or maybe the new BG MQ (might get a larger VS that the build will be based off on but will use a higher gear ratio reel for canal). and a grip that isnt too thick. I like my rods to have the smallest profile possible and keep it as light as possible without sacrificing power. All I am really interested in is people's experience with fishing the canal, experiences fishing their favorite custom builds, experiences with rod building, and anything you would like to share that relates to the topic. I am young and I love to learn from people and their idea and perspectives in the sport. Fishing and the equipment involved in the fish they intend to target is something I love to discuss. Feel free to give me your two cent and share your experiences with me and maybe others could learn as well. Thank you!
  12. Hey Everyone, Just seeing if there was anyone in lower Rhode Island area that would maybe like connect. Just picked up my first Hobie kayak to get my feet off the shore. Looking to possibly locate others to get out there and fish with.
  13. $80 shipped LS 69 5.5" Darter in Chartreuse over yellow LS69 6.5" Pink SP Minnow LS69 6.5" Schoolbus SP minnow LS69 5" Sp Minnow
  14. Hi there, I just purchased a brand new Penn Battle II 3000 reel and combined it with a Tsunami Slow Pitch Jigging Rod 661MH with a 30lb braided line. This is mainly for live bait fishing with pogies, mackerel, and pollock for striped bass. Is this reel and rod combo able to handle 20-30 pound striped bass? If someone could help me or give any suggestions I would really appreciate it. thank you.
  15. I'm looking to go fishing with my dad to catch some striper for father's day. I know you need to get there early was thinking about 330. I also have a 9' rod 12-25lb 1-4oz and a 4:1:1 reel. Is this sufficient? Should I look to fish else where since it will be a new moon and could be insanely packed? Just looking for some advice. Thank you
  16. The stripers are here! Time to get the reports going. Please, be considerate in your reports, i.e., don't be so specific that you could spot burn but share enough to contribute to the spirit of "sharing is caring".
  17. Hey Guys, I'm looking to get into striper fishing and was hoping for some advice on gear. I'm most likely going to be fishing off jetties or piers in the MA/RI area, as well as the canal. I was checking out the St. Croix mojo inshore in a 7 foot 6 medium-heavy or heavy, with a Penn battle 2 or Daiwa bg for a reel, either 4000 or 5000 sizes. I also have an older 1o foot Penn pro guide surf rod (pgs1530s10) and a Penn 750ssm reel from my dad. Should I save my money and use what I have, or do you think I should invest in the new setup? I was also thinking of running either 30 or 40 lb braid with a 50 lb fluorocarbon leader. Would that be a good choice for line? Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.
  18. Hello, I was just wondering if a Penn pursuit 5000 model would work well for a Star Paraflex 10'6 surf rod. I was also considering a Daiwa bg but it costs 100$ instead of 60$. I am trying to minimize costs because I am only 15. I would use this for striper fishing. Thanks
  19. Hello, I have been to the Beverly pier many times. I have fished at the pier and at the marina place where the parking is. I have not caught anything at the marina, just a squid. However, on the pier, I have caught mackerel. Has anyone had the luck of catching other species like flounders or stripers? I think the crabs get to the bait before the fish can. Has anybody caught tog there maybe when dropping down to a piling? Info is appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Hello, I am interested in buying the Star Paraflex 10'6 surf rod. I know it is good for the canal but will it work effectively at other places to like plum island? Thanks!
  21. Hello, When the stripers arrive in the mouth of the Merrimack soon what is the ideal bait for the start of the season. Thanks
  22. In case folks are having trouble finding open tackle/bait shops in Monmouth County, I know that Giglios Bait & Tackle in Seabright is operating as normal (and is my #1 pick), as well as Julian's Tackle & Bait on Route 35 (note: the shop isn't open itself, but it has a live bait vending machine on the exterior of the shop, which is perfect for the current social distancing environment). Happy Fishing!
  23. Hey everybody, hope you all are being safe out there. I’m hoping to get some advice on a rod weight selection. Here’s the situation, My main type of fishing is in lakes for lm bass from a boat. I’d like to venture out for striper and other species of game fish and prefer having multiple rods set up for different conditions. I currently have an 8wt with a orvis bass float line and an 8wt with a rio ob sink 7. I’m looking at setting up an intermediate rig. i like the echo ion xl due to the price point either in 8wt or a 9wt paired with an airflo sniper in full int but i can’t decide which. Most fishing guides are using 9wt rods but I’m thinking in terms of cost effectiveness to go with another 8wt and sacrifice the power or follow the latter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Can’t go fishing so I’ll just buy gear. Cheers!
  24. Hi all, I am looking to get into fly tying. As of right now I only fly fish freshwater mainly for trout. I am planning on getting a 9 wt setup so I can target stripers and blues in the back bays and surf too though. I am looking for advice on what to get for tools, a vise in particular. Ideally I would be able to try tying both trout flies and some saltwater flies on this one vise but I am just graduating college and budget is a major limiting factor so I know this may not be a possibility. I mainly want something that is going to give me a good idea of if I like tying or not but that is not going to set me back a crazy amount. If I do end up liking tying I will be willing to upgrade after a few months but don't want to go all in right away and not like it. Any recommendations? The vise that I have been looking at a little is the EZ rotary vise. It is only $69 and seems to be decent. Does anyone have any experience with this vise? Thanks in advance!
  25. Looking to get into fly tying. Basically looking to build a starter kit of sorts. Definitely looking for a vise if nothing else. if possible some of the basic tools needed like scissors and bobbin too and even some materials if willing. I am just graduating college so budget is definitely a factor. Would like to be able to tie both freshwater and saltwater flies(including teasers and bucktail hooks for stripers with spin gear). I would like to keep things under $150 if possible.