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Found 63 results

  1. WTS my backup new Custom Century Stealth S-2 1326 11’ - 2-5oz Rod built by Chris Abut. It was wrapped with Fuji’s best Torzite guides. The rod is super light and can handle big fish in big current. It’s a parabolic rod that takes less energy to cast compared to the Slingshot series. $485 Stella 3000 Reel 9.5 out of 10. It includes everything that originally came with. $375 I would consider trade for other quality fishing products.
  2. Hey everyone, Last year was the first year in a boat trolling tube n worm for stripers. Did very well in rivers where depths maxed out at 35' (all the way down to 4') using unweighted tubes with 40-50# braided fishing line. I am wondering if it would be beneficial to add an egg sinker (and what weight to add) for deeper water? Or would it be worth it to get a dedicated lead core setup? Ive seen many posts online that say the tube *needs* to be close to the bottom or close to where the stripers are, but clearly that isn't true from my experience. I'm just wondering if its worth the money to go lead core to get the tube down further, especially if it would help me catch bigger or more fish. Obviously adding a lead weight won't cost much and I'll definitely be trying it out this season. Also, I did not have any luck fishing the ocean (Long Island Sound, CT side) with the tube and worm. Would getting my tube down deeper help in this situation? Fished a few times near reefs and shoreline/structure with no luck. Thanks! Sharing your experiences or adding your input would be very beneficial.
  3. I think it's time, a lot of the other forums on this site have's time for the Main Forum to have one Pictures of fishing, fish, fishing trips, lures, tackle, people fishing, etc, etc, etc - let's see them Couple guidelines - please don't post images that are water marked with promotional logos or URLs - please don't post promotional or commercial/advertising type images - and if you are posting pictures of girls fishing, please make sure they are appropriately attired I'll start I've got miles of pictures...I'm sure lots of you guys do - let's see some! TimS
  4. I grew fishing in the 80s when the Striped Bass fishing was terrible. Thankfully, we had big Blues to fill in that void. That is no longer the case and hasn't been so for a number of years where I fish on the SS of LI. Just recently they gave the unused recs quota to the comms which made absolutely no sense to me. Does anyone know if there is a new stock assessment coming up or is anything being done to address this?
  5. Selling lightly used Allen Kraken #3 in Dorado color. Only selling because I need to thin the herd! Reel is in great shape, nothing wrong with it, and is supposed to fit 7-9 wt rods but in my opinion it balances much nicer on 9-12 wts. It's just too much reel on a 7/8. It will come loaded with #30 orange dacron. Have plenty of fly lines from 8-10wt so let me know what you need and we can figure out the price. Selling reel with backing shipped to your door via Paypal (In lower 48) for $215. Mike
  6. Was looking through my log for the past 5-6 years or so and let me know if anyone has any thoughts on this theory: The near complete lack of bluefish the past two seasons has been detrimental to the fall run of striped bass from the surf. Bluefish blitzes used to push bait, adult bunker, peanuts, etc into the surf and bigger sized stripers would move either mixed in with the blues to clean up the mess or just after the blues moved on. Bass now have no incentive to clean up the scraps of the bluefish in the surf and stay offshore to feed on adult bunker schools. Now we are left with smaller bait in the surf, rain fish, spearing, pockets of sand eels and other small baits for schoolies to feed on. There are obviously more than one factor as to why the surf run hasn't been good for a while now such as beach replenishment, the recent storm patterns ect. But I'm a little alarmed by the considerable lack of blues for the second year in a row now. It's a real shame that slaughter happened 3-4 years ago around here. Tight Lines!
  7. Hi guys, as the striper season is weaning towards the end, I am going out to denver, colorado for a little 5 day vacation and the weather is going to be perfect to fish for stocked stripers and or wipers if possible, I will be out there with my plugs and soft plastics hoping to wake a few up, has anyone tried this before? Striper fishing in ponds and lakes can be wicked different than the surf and was wondering if you guys had any tips & or places to hit in denver for advice and etc. Just gonna snoop around not too far from denver so we may not travel too far out, thanks!
  8. So I’ve been tying the Murdich Minnow a ton lately, tied in a size 4 on a Gamagatsu B10S just smokes smallies here on the Connecticut in western MA. But my frustration is with the Hairline Ice Fur used in the original formula. The hank you receive is pitifully small and only is enough for 5-6 flies. I’ve seen guys using EP fibers on the internets but haven’t tried it. Has anybody used a substitute matierial that goes a little further?
  9. Newbie here. Started fishing about 4 years ago, aimlessly. Started understand species and species specific gear this year. I'm pretty happy with my fluke set ups, I'm looking to put together a tog set up with a saltiga 15. Will be fishing long island sound as well as montauk. Will at time need to use sinkers up to 16oz to hold bottom. I haven't done any striper fishing and if I do it might be once or twice this fall (probably using live eels), so my aim is a tog set up that may allow some striper fishing as well. I have a st croix premier musky 7'H 40-80lb. It's nice and light with plenty of strength. I would just rather put together a custom rod, shrink wrap handles, fuji guides, rod color, lightweight, etc... I'm looking at the st croix 2M70MHF as well as the blank from the rod I have. I also saw a custom Calstar GF700-M yesterday that was beautiful (would probably consider the 700-MH). I've also been told about the lamiglas CGBT861MH from the tri flex 7240 I believe. And I've seen some posts on the Seeker Hercules. I know the best way to go about this is to really hold and pull on each rod but there aren't too many places that have each blank in stock. It's a lot of info to take in. Need some advice on which is the best choice based on those parameters. Thanks
  10. Brand new, never used Cheeky Limitless 475 and spare spool. This is in the limited edition all black that is currently sold out on their site. Awesome 10-12wt reel. Has a fully sealed drag and tons of stopping power. Awesome for fly fishing for tarpon, bull reds, stripers, albies or offshore. Comes complete with boxes, pouch, etc. retail is $670 for the reel and spool, now asking $450. PM or call/text 508-735- zero two nine eight
  11. New to the Portland area and curious to hear some favorites from locals: 1. Tide/time of day? 2. Top water lure? 3. Swim/crank bait? 4. Colors? 5. Any local shops or people making good bucktails? So far I've been fishing the outgoing at dawn at a tidal river with moderately strong current. I've had some success using techniques that have worked for me in NYC/cape cod waters using white bucktails, bone sp minnow, tsunami swim shad and white/blue talkin popper, but I'm wondering if any locals have some experienced advice to offer. Thanks for any info, Ryan
  12. I'm 15, should i get a 12" tracker jon boat and a 6-7 hp outboard or a kayak for long island sound fishing? I like the idea of bringing others out on the boat and have fun/playing music etc. kayak is half the price, yet slower with only room for one, and even fishing kayaks seem awkward to fish from too me. No budget for a Hobie.
  13. What is the best reel for a 9wt fly rod for striped bass around $200?
  14. Today a little after noon striper madness began in the Saco river, the catalyst for this being a picture of a single schoolie at a now VERY popular fishing spot. Sadly I still have not landed one after seven outings this year but as usual I settled for a shad in order to end my skunking. I will probably be going after it every day until my first striper, may even be out somewhere on the river later tonight. Happy fishing to everyone and don't forget to release those cows safely .
  15. Got out for a couple hours between working. Had a couple nice fish on a Yo-Zuri Hydoo Minnow then they just wound’t feed after the sky cleared and moon popped out. Water was 62 degrees on ththe incoming too. Won’t be able to get back on the water till Sun, and looks like bad weather. Snagged some big bunker by accident also.
  16. Does anyone know of any sealed fishing reals besides the van staal that would be affordable for surfcasting?
  17. Is the lamiglas blue water series spinning rod good for throwing swimbaits and plugs to striped bass? Any experience with it? Its rated 1-4, but how well can it throw lures on the upper end of its rating?
  18. I am looking for a sealed reel in the $100-$350 range it does not matter if it is bailless or not. Thanks, Mainfishhunter7737
  19. What company and weight should I get for snaps swivels for Striped Bass?
  20. I am debating on wether to get an sp minnow in mackerel color or a sandeel color or if I should get a sebile magic swimmer in ghostescent. I am fishing in the southern Maine area so their are lots of pollock that the striped bass are feeding on as well.
  21. I was wondering I anyone knew any lures that have a pollock's color for striped bass because I have done some searching and found nothing.
  22. I was wondering I anyone knew of any lures that have a pollock's color for striped bass because I have done some searching and found nothing.
  23. Does anyone know any good Striper spots in Southern Maine?
  24. Hey all ~ I will be visiting Cape Cod in early July, I have rented a house in a canal, not the main canal, though. I'm planning on targeting striped bass, I also want to target any fish I can off the dock, so I'd like to ask if there are any lure recommendations for stripers, and any lure recommendations and guesses for what fish might be living around the dock? Thanks Josh
  25. I am fairly new to fishing in Maine. This year I went a few times, to only be skunked. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice or general productive locations in Southern Maine to fish at. I know it's very early, but I was hoping to get ahead of the game.