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Found 7 results

  1. Was in Rhode Island over the weekend and stopped in at one of my go to tackle shops on the Pawcatuck in Westerly. They had 2 rods there that were almost exactly what I was looking for in an 8ft spinning setup. 1. Jigging world Onyx. 8ft 2 piece 50/50 split. 1/2-1.5oz. Downside, well its a 50/50 split and the ferrules are female bottom half male top which I absolutely hate. Upside, it's only $99.00. 2. Star Rods VPR Inshore. 8ft 1 piece. 3/4-3oz. Downside, it's $300... little more than what I'd like to spend. Upside, it would be a very do everything rod and Star has great warranty. Does anyone have either of these and can offer some field review? I don't usually splurge, but that VPR is really nice. Might go crazy and just get that with the new Procyon LT or even better pair with a Saltist MQ 5000 and drop some coin.
  2. I have two star rods for sale. 1 -Star Stellar Lite casting rod. Lightly used, have only had it for 6 weeks. Rated 12-20 lbs, 5/8-2 oz. 7 foot length. $70 2- Star stellar lite spinning rod. Split grip cork, rated 5/8- 2oz, 12-20 lbs. 7 foot length. $60 Located in Narberth, PA but can meet occasionally in South Jersey by Cherry Hill or shore points between AC and Ocean City.
  3. (I am new to the forum so please forgive potential rookie mistakes) I have recently acquired a handful of what I believe are deep sea / big game / trolling rods. I have a poor understanding of rods in general and need some help identifying and describing these rods. I have taken what I think are detailed pictures of each rod and written out any identifying marks. Any additional information or keywords to describe the rods would be a huge help! Here are the rods in question: Fishing Rod 1 - Aftco BillFisher AC80SP 8-93 - Measures 86", 7'2", Removable Aftco Base Fishing Rod 2 - Aftco BillFisher AC50D 8-93 - Measures 84", 7' Fishing Rod 3 - Seeker SL660XH-6' AR 50-80lb - Measures 6' Fishing Rod 4 - Aftco ARS-2M - Measures 6' Fishing Rod 5 - Star Rods Handmade SUS1220HC 12-20lb Line 1/2-3 oz Lure - 6' 6" Fishing Rod 6 - Star Rods Handmade SUS1630HC 16-30lb Line 1-3 1/2 oz Lure - 6' 6" Fishing Rod 7 - Fuji Seat Model FPS-D20GS - Measures 82" 6' 10" Fishing Rod 8 - Star Rods Handmade S812HC 8-12lb Line 1/4-3/4 oz Lure - 6' 6" Fishing Rod 9 - Fuji Seat Model FPS-D20GS - Measures 82" 6' 10" Fishing Rod 10 - Seeker PS85-7'S 20-40lb - Measures 7' Fishing Rod 11 - Shimano Triton BeastMaster - Measures 66", 5' 6"
  4. Clearing out some gear, rods are price + actual shipping, everything else the price is shipped. PayPal preferred Located near Reading, PA for rods. 1) Sebile Magic Swimmer, 228, slow sink. 1 LNIB. $20 2) Savage sand eels. $10 SOLD 3) Two Penn Long Beach 65’s, great condition with boxes, wrenches and lube. $35 each 4) Cabo 40 PTS, about 15? years old, line roller was sticking, sent to beavertail reel repair last year for service and haven’t fished since. $40. SOLD 5) Triumph TSRS70M, 7’ medium power, has some very light scratches below first eye. $50 6) Star Rods, Aerial EX510, 6’-9”, 1/2 to 1- 1/2oz. Never fished, small indentation in the Eva grip. $20 7) Star Rods, Stellar Lite,SG1530ISL , 7’-6”, 5/8 - 3oz, cork is a little dark, some small scratches, great rod. $65 8) Two ugly stick casting rods, small eva gouge in butt of one, otherwise good. $10 for both
  5. Hey guys looking to move a couple rods. Daiwa Salt Pro Surf spinning rod. 9 foot rated 1-4 oz. Bought last spring only used once. $100 Star Stellar Lite Surf Rod. 7'6" rod rated 3/8-2 oz. One piece. Great back bay rod. Bought last spring and used a handful of times. $60 All rods in great shape. Need some cash for the holidays. Pictures will be posted this evening. Located in Gloucester County South Jersey. Willing to drive a bit to meet up. Thanks
  6. I'm selling my Star Rods Paraflex PFS1225c10 10', 2 piece casting rod. I really love this rod, but no longer need it. It's less than a year old and only used 4 or 5 times. The rod is in exceptional shape...the reel is NFS. The rod retails for $200, I'll do it for $150 and include shipping. Thanks for looking. Video: 20181029_135153.mp4
  7. Hello everyone, Last year a bought a Star Rod Stellar SG90IS. Around that time one of the swanky exclusive beach clubs in my area decided to push a bunch of sand right up to the adjacent groin that separates their beach and the public beach, this effectively created covered crevices (booby traps) between the rocks. So while i was walking on the sand next to the rocks my foot plunged through the sand into one of these covered crevices resulting in a nasty leg scrap, a dislocated pinky and worst of all I broke the top piece of my brand new rod. I tried contacting Star Rods to see if i could purchase a replacement top piece since the butt piece is perfectly fine. Star Rods was gracious enough to ignore my communications, awesome customer service! Since I have a practically brand new butt section I wanted to try and build a new top piece on my own. I am new to rod building so I thought this project would be the perfect way for me to get started. Additionally I think it will be fun to experiment with rod pieces to use for different applications. I wanted to see if anyone could offer some advice about how I should go about picking a blank to make the top piece from. I understand that the rod relatively inexpensive and it might make more sense financially to just replace the entire rod but it would really bother me to just throw away the butt section. Thanks in advance for any advice!