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Found 17 results

  1. Hey everyone, Updates I got this week from my neck of the woods (mostly Revere/Lynn): Schoolies/small Striped Bass are getting active in Revere & Lynn Harbor. These seem to be holdovers based on what I have seen or heard from other anglers and bait shops. Most guys are bottom fishing, reporting lots of down time, mostly during the day time hours. Last night one or two guys were able to bring in some slot size, no sea lice. Water temps in the channels and rivers are starting to warm up nicely, may even be getting a bit too warm during lower tides, and would suggest more open face fishing (surf) at night. I will update with more info as I get it.
  2. Rare opportunity here...Not often you see these for sale. Arsenal squid pencil. Paint job is sick! $260 shipped
  3. Looking to sell these 2 darters. Don’t believe either was thrown- but they were in storage that got wet. Tattoo (original) squid Choopy small $50 shipped/PayPal.
  4. Looking for bt flag squid
  5. Looking to see if the squid have started running near shore yet near searsport.
  6. I am trying to figure out when to use squid lures for Striper but I don't know when the squid are running.
  7. Any News on the squid this year? I've had good luck in the past couple years off the Boulevard, and the dock area where they film wicked tuna. I'm going out with my friends in the next few nights, and I'm really hoping it isn't dead.
  8. Got into some squid the other day offshore. They weren't marking on the fishfinder but we were catching them. Does anyone know how a school of squid shows up on a fish finder. Does it need to be set at a certain frequency? I believe they were loligo squid. Anyone know a good technique for catching them in deep water? Thanks.
  9. Afterhours Humpback Pencil - $30 Big Ed Floating Needles - $35 for the quad Cape Cod Tackle Atoms - $30 for the trio Guides Secret Old School Swimmer Pair - $20 KCC Squid Plug w/ Frothy Lure Co. Tail - $15 Lemire's Goo Goo Eye - $15 Montauk Steve or Pete (not sure) Cloud Swimmer - $15 RM Smith Peanut Waverers in Squid Bone and Squid Black - $40 for the lot RM Smith blue scale Freshwater Popper - $20 (SOLD) Striper Maineiac Rainbow 3 oz Danny - $15 Tattoo Lot - $45
  10. I haven't seen too much regarding the use of squid for stripers. I ended up with a plethora of it last summer and it would it be great, and also a wonderful way to save bait money, if I could use it as a substitute for clams or macks. So would any of you recommend tossing fresh squid from the beach or a jetty on a fish finder rig? I'd assume a single 7/0 circle hook through the top of a whole squid would work. Also, I'm thinking that while I'm jigging squid with my friends in the evening, it would be a good idea to hook on a live one and cast it out off the dock. Are live squid castable? And if they are, should I use a weighted rig or would it be better to just use a regular circle, letting it swim around freely.
  11. I see darters with eyes placed close to front & close to the rear. It seems most of the eyes towards the rear are squid colored. I also see darters w/no or minimal eyes (Gibbs w/a fuzzy blue spray dot, for example or CCWs w/no eyes). Ditto, front or rear eyes on some Pencil Poppers. Eyes have been an issue, but is the front or rear placement based on bait - squid vs. menhaden, etc. ??
  12. Stupid question here but what type of bait should I be shooting to use...plan on beach fishing out by hendricks head (southport island) ...location is mostly sandy with a few rock out croppings
  13. just when I thought I have seen it all. Yesterday I was freshwater bass fishing a small pond that has a herring run that feeds into buzzards bay.I have been fishing for over 30 years and have never seen this.I know some won't believe me that's OK I have nothing to prove just wanted to share.frank.
  14. I'm still really enjoying the 360 degree nature of tying on tubes. Basically catching up to where cats like CTaylor were 5 years ago. And always exploring the species bending possibilities pioneered by Davidstrout. Tenticle shrimp? This ones getting swung in front of a laid up tarpon come march.
  15. so Im moving down south till next spring so Im letting some stuff go. SS Needles - 60 Ah Needle - 18 tins - 25 Mikes custom big danny - 20 mikes custom sandeel needle - 15 BM squid mini needle - 25 xrap - 5 other plastics - 10 All prices are shipped. Please take more then one plug if your taking something other then the tins or SS lot otherwise ill have to charge 5$ for shipping.
  16. I'm looking for some local RI squid in bulk. I need 100-200 lbs either fresh or frozen. I will break out into smaller quantities for fishing during the season. Tired of chasing down 1-3 lb packages during the year. I go through a bunch. I'm willing to travel. Any suggestions?
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