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Found 13 results

  1. 1. Sporting Wood/North Bar large wood bottle. 2.8oz. New, stored. Some oxidation on belly swivel. $40. 2. SOLD Guppy Jobo Jr. flat bottom pencil. 2.7oz. Thrown 1-2 times and stored. $33. 3. SOLD Guppy 6" flat bottom pencil. 2.1oz. New, stored. $36. 4. Brooklyn Bait large swimmer. 4.1oz. New, stored. $25. 5. Salty's Disco Queen needle. 2.8oz. New, stored. $21. 6. Bomber W6. 1.55oz. Thrown 1-2 times and stored. $8. 7. 24/7 Squid-Zee. 2.25oz. Used. $8. 8. Savage Gear Sand Eel. 1.5oz. New, stored. $5. Would like to sell in lots of 2. Shipping add $7 per 2 plugs. Payment by PPFF.
  2. Clearing out some space. All plugs thrown/carried except for those NIP. All prices listed are with shipping. Located in western Suffolk (Babylon area), knock shipping off if picked up. Not looking to split at the moment. More pics available upon request NIP Northbar Sportingwood--$55 Darter lot-- $110 NIP 2 SS Darters & 3oz Popper-- $55 NIP SS bullet ET -- $55 Bottle lot -- $40 Metal Lips-- $100 Pencils--$65 LIfishVT Darters-- $65 Beach Masters-- $180 Docs-- $25 3 Campo order Gibbs-- $75 (mods forgive my previous listing that conflicted with the rules, I have made the corrections)
  3. Looking to buy the larger 2-3oz wooden bottle darter, any color or condition will be fished. Lost my last all white wood bottle darter. Thank you
  4. Hi Folks, I am looking for a couple of Sporting Wood, scaled wooden bottle darters in either size. Picture for example. Thanks for looking.
  5. WTB sporting wood Danny, preferably white or light colors. Looking to fish it, used and scratched is fine. Thanks!
  6. I'll say all are used, and state any deficiencies I see with each. I'll add 3/0 VMC trebles if they are missing or roached out, if you request. Please 2 minimum, price is shipped. Take the lot for 165, shipped. RM peanut. Missing an eye (other side). Good mojo. 10 Popper, unknown maker but well built. Has a chip on upper lip but otherwise looks new. 10 Needle, unknown maker but again well built. Used based on line left on front eye. 15 Gibbs pencil, flat bottom. 10 Tsunami school bus pencil. Looks new. 10 Next 3 are BM A-40s. 30 each Last 2 are Sporting Wood bottle darters. Yellow one has an epoxy wart on right side. 22 each
  7. Add $4 for shipping/fees, free shipping with multiple items. Gibbs 3oz. Bottle (new), old Danny (used). $25 Cotton Cordell lot, Sea Hag, Redfins and Pencil. $30 Used bottledarter pair, Sporting Wood and 3oz. Northbar. $25 Stetzko Mr.Wiggly new, Gaines Maverick new w/ marks, GuidesSecret Bunka Boy and Slider both used. $35 Tattoo's original with stamped metal lip and Seapup lot. Top 2 are new, yellow was thrown a couple times, bottom two were used the most. $60
  8. Various plugs, sold in pairs or triples as pictured. Prices are shipped, PayPal preferred. - Troublemaker surfsters - medium (black over a goldish color) and large (all black) - both lightly used - $45 - CCW FJ swimmers - black/copper new, power plant mullet carried looks new - $47 - RM Smith jointed giant swimmers - pearl and iridescent blue/purple/gold, both lightly used - $40 - Two chicken scratch SPs (one lightly used w/ upgraded hardware, one stock) - $10, must buy any other lot. - RM Smith jigsmiths - green over bone, iridescent purple over bone, both lightly used - $37 - Sporting wood small bottle darters - black looks new, others very lightly used, yellow/white has couple little dings in the lip - $65 - Beachmaster yellow darters - new run 3oz (very lightly used) and 2oz (lightly used, few paint chips) - $55 - Tattoo large swimmers, new from the sellout, wired with commercially available lips - $45 - RM Smith blurple night mackerel trollers, jr and sr, brand new - $50 - RM Smith zombie waverers - bunker lightly used with a couple hook pointers, black new - $50
  9. Two used BM darters, new run 3oz and I believe a newer run 2oz, and a NIP sporting wood darter. 3oz BM shows very little wear, 2oz has a few more small chips in the paint. $90 shipped, PayPal
  10. Buy three or more plugs and receive free shipping... Buy 2 or less add $4 for shipping.. All plugs are very lightly used, carried, or brand new. Paypal ONLY and buyer must cover fees Northbar Montauk Darter - Parrot 2oz - $15 Northbar Montauk Darter Bunker - 2oz - $15 Sporting Wood Bottledarter - Yellow over Bone 2.2oz - $19 SOLD Workhorse Floating Sandeel - BI Green Scale 1oz - $15 Lemire Jr. Needlefish - Sea Robin 1.5oz - $16 Lemire Stubby Needlefish - Parrot 1.5oz - $14 Lemire Stubby Needlefish - Parrot 1.5oz - $14 Lemire Stubby Needlefish - Black Cherry 1.5oz - $14 Lemire Senior Wavejammer - Fire Blue 3oz - $17 Lemire Senior Wavejammer - Parrot 3oz - $17 Guides Secret Pencil - Yellow over White 3oz - $14 SOLD Workhorse Stubby Spook - Yellow over White 1.5oz - $13 Yo Zuri Mag Darter - Bone 2oz - $15 SOLD
  11. Sporting Wood darter, flo yellow over white. One pointer otherwise don't believe it was used. $30 shipped, PayPal preferred.
  12. Looking for one (or a couple) Sporting Wood (Northbar) darters (regular darters, not the bottle darters). Looking primary for white or yellow. Used is fine.
  13. Lot 1, BM Jr & Bernzy Commander - $48 Lot 2 Sporting Wood Lures bottle darter, Bomber 16A & 16J - $24 Prompt PayPal preferred.
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