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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All; Saugeen Drifter here; New to the site, have many a question for someone who has experience I have been trolling for salmon for 20 years, each year my purchases have varied from a few to a hundred spoons Now I have decided to strip the duds and make my own studs. I have an airbrush and a compressor and the spoons and have hobby art acrylic paints from an old craft store, good testers and practice sessions I'm sure, but ill save the detailing for the better brands. I do not have a paint booth nor air exchange capabilities but will be wearing a mask. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what paint brand they have absolutely had luck with and can recommend. I was thinking of createx, wicked or autoair but only because they seem popular. I did try powder coating but with a 6"/150mm spoon is just a glob mess and I think it affects the action if its too much mass. This is my plan 1) laquer thinner to strip old paint and wash with soap/water then wipe with alcohol, skuff with scotch pad, rewipe with alcohol 2) if wanted a fully painted spoon spray with etching primer, if wanting chrome/gold finish to be seen then spray with something like a 4050 UVLS clear for bonding to metal 3) paint over etching primer with autoborne sealer white for fully painted lures, spray with transparents over UVLS for effect 4) paint lures from lightest to darkest using wicked/createx, autoair paints 5) clear coat with diamond or get the UV set 2 part clear that rod makers use Other acrylics I have been looking in to Golden high flow, badger spectra, etac,, vallejo. Also read about anglers using dicknites and other distributor self promoting lines. I did order some liquitex ink, folk art colour shift acrylics and spaceglow and glow-on to try, I'll fill you in on those if you are curious once they arrive. Trick is I want to be able to airbrush it on, my Iwata is .35 needle I think. Am I way off here? I look forward to your advice and criticism, don't be gentle, tell it like it is.
  2. So with the 2020 Shad season approaching I figured i would start a topic to help keep us all informed on their arrival. Im thinking we will have an earlier run this year. Hopefully we will see the first shad caught first week of April. what do you guys think?
  3. Whipping "spincasting" areas of low visability is a challenge. I use reflective flies with luminescent threads or reflective metal spoons in combination with a LineDancer & Breakaway Canon. Colors don't mean much with 2-4ft visibility. Flashes & vibration seems to penetrate dirty water better. Fish can pick-up on vibration & distant flashes better then "seeing" the lure. I use a Breakaway Canon on a Ultegra spinner w/braid to give me distance. To attract the fish in dirty water i use reflective materials on my lures. And i use a LineDance to transmit vibration to the lure through the line. I combine all these factors to increase my catch rate.
  4. 6 big bucktails 4 spoons/tins that I think are Sling Jigs, but can’t swear to it 1 Viking cod jig The two black bucktails jigs are bug-eye style, 7.5” long and 5.5 oz. each Chartreuse is 6” long and 11 oz. Red/black is 7.5” and 3.5 oz., with what I'll call a tri-lobe head Chrome head is 7” and 6.5 oz. Purple parachute is 11” and 5.3 oz. The black, chartreuse and red/black ones have fixed hooks. The purple parachute jig hook is on a bead chain. The chrome head has a swinging hook. Sling Jigs are ~5” long and ~6 3/4 oz. Green Mackerel has seen some water and rocks. Two have tackle-box storage wear and the Goggle Eye pattern has only three very small (< 1/16”) chips on the very top. The body of the Viking jig is 8" long. It weighs 9.9 oz on my scale. After cleaning it up a bit, I found that under the chrome plating is copper, because chrome does not bond to lead, I just learned. Thus one needs three metals to get chrome onto lead: Lead>copper>chrome. $95.00 plus shipping for all. Any payment type is ok. These will all fit into a USPS Priority Flat Rate Small Box, which means that shipping is $7 for two- to three-day delivery time (according to USPS guidelines), includes tracking and $50 insurance. More insurance is available upon request at extra cost. If you’re in MA or RI, I’ll be happy to meet you somewhere from PVD to the ditch, and I’m occasionally in Boston.
  5. two of these are 1 oz , the other one is 1.5 oz. solid welded rings on both ends , VMC hooks. $20 shipped to your door. paypal only.