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  1. Want to sell this used SP minnow lot. 10 lures. Lures to the left are floating and to the right are sinking. $55 shipped
  2. For sale, a small lot of plugs in good to new-in-box condition. Most have never been fished. Sale includes new Plano (3600-sized) Stowaway box with dividers and a wearable line cutter tool. $59 shipped to CONUS. PayPal / Venmo OK. Top to bottom: Bomber 16A; Daiwa SP Minnow (F); Tsunami Talking Popper XD; Super Strike Heavy Popper (S); Rebel Jumpin' Minnow; MirrOlure MirrOminnow
  3. For sale - an assortment of party favors in good to new-in-package condition. $75.00 shipped for the lot (PayPal or Venmo OK) or $60 cash for meet up in Rockland, Westchester, or Bergen County. Sale includes the two Plano boxes. Specific questions about what you see here will be happily answered.
  4. I just stocked up on sp minnows and cracked open the packages to switch up the hardware. I pulled out the 3/0 VMCs to put on the 17 size so minnow and realized the hooks on the plug seem to be carbon copies of a 3/0 vmc. Did they start putting good hardware on these things? If so, did the do it for the 15 and 13 size as well? I did do a quick search and couldn’t seem find any topics on it. Thanks in advance.
  5. I have 24 swimmers here collecting dust that I would like to get rid of. I just don’t have the space to store stuff I am not using anymore. For e most part everything is in pretty good condition, it will take me all night to type out everything here (I’m a slow typer) so please refer to the pictures for reference. I would prefer pick up and to sell as a lot but I am willing to ship and split if it makes sense for both of us. I want these gone as quick as possible so price is negotiable. 100$ takes them all plus shipping. Please feel free to ask any questions about specific lures or if you need additional pictures. Thank you and tight lines! I always forget to add PayPal if shipped and cash if pick up
  6. Letting go of some gear, I have become one of those guys that has become to busy, lazy, and crippled to get out in the last two years. These plugs will hopefully find a home where they will be given the time in the salt that they deserve lol! Prices are negotiable, I’d prefer pick up but will ship if your willing to pay for it, will sell single or lots. I don’t know the brand or name of some of them. SP minnow bullet - 5$ savage gear - 3$ Bombers- 4$ per one or all 6 for 20$ bomber topwater - 2$ sp minnow small - 2$ cotton Cordell (at least I think that’s what they are, the pink and black ones, some silvery) 4$ per one- less for multiples all other random not specifically named plugs 3$ per one or discount for multiples 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  7. Selling a very lightly used Tactical Anglers Assault Pouch (Velcro and interior are perfect, some corrosion on the bottom grommets) and an accompanying lot of lures - 4 new Tsunami Holographic Swim Shad 5” (two in black/purple, two in bunker color), sand eel colored SP minnow (with VMC 2/0 hooks upgraded from factory hooks), Tsunami Holographic Sand Eel, and 3/4oz metal spoon. $45 shipped.
  8. I have 4 plastic swimmers and 1 wood popper: Saltwater Xrap Jointed Xrap Bomber Long Shot 7 SP minnow Gibbs 1oz pencil Bomber might have been thrown once, and the Gibbs is obviously new. The rest are carried and thrown. Looking to trade for epoxies/hardtail lures(waxwing baby, coltsniper, etc...), or $45 shipped (Venmo preferred, but have Paypal).
  9. Just a quick question: Since SPRO Pro split rings are getting harder to find, has anyone used the AFW MIGHTY-MINI SPLIT RINGS on an SP Minnow? Do they fit? I am considering the 80#. Thx. I didn't see an answer in SEARCH.
  10. Hi All, thank you for your time. I surf fish in NY and usually chunk fish finders with clam or sand turtles (sand fleas/crabs). I recently picked up a few Daiwa SP minnows online and had some good luck hooking up (small/medium sized blues) but so many fish were lost just before we got them to the sand in the final wave. Dad was fishing with: 8ft Okuma Longitude w/ Penn Battle I 4000, 25lb braid I was fishing with: 10ft Penn Prevail w/ Penn Battle II 5000, 25lb braid The lures were 7", Sinking, colors: Bone and Blurple I am wondering if they were getting loose because of the treble hooks, since I've never really lost fish using circles. Does anyone know why we were losing fish or suggestions/best practices to keep them on? I loved fishing with lures. It was lots of fun. Thank you!
  11. $80 shipped LS 69 5.5" Darter in Chartreuse over yellow LS69 6.5" Pink SP Minnow LS69 6.5" Schoolbus SP minnow LS69 5" Sp Minnow
  12. Looking to trade any of these straight up for the small floating sp 13f. Thank you for looking
  13. Wts a few things floating sp 6", suspending stick shadd 114, xrap. $52 shipped PayPal
  14. Hello, I would like to sell six various plugs: Tsunami Poppers, Rebel Windcheaters,SP Minnow, Bomber, etc. QTY:1 Plug: Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Size: 6 3/4" 1 7/8oz (sinking) Comment: Like new, never used, no packaging QTY:1 Plug: Bill Lewis Saltwater Rat-L-Trap Size: 4" 1oz Comment: Like new, never used, a few hook marks, no packaging Qty:1 Plug: Rebel Windcheater Size: 6" 1 7/8oz Comment: Like new, never used, no packaging, newer Bomber version Qty:1 Plug: Rebel Windcheater Size: 6" 1 7/8oz Comment: Like new, never used, opened package, original USA made Rebel, not Bomber version QTY:1 Plug: Tsunami Talking Popper XD Size: 6" 2 3/8oz Comment: Good condition, a few hook marks, was in storage for awhile, split ring on nose has some surface rust QTY:1 Plug: Tsunami Talking Popper XD Size: 5" 1 5/8oz Comment: Good condition, a few hook marks, was in storage for awhile, no split ring on nose QTY:1 Plug: Bomber Magnum LongA (16A) Size: 6" 7/8oz Comment: Like new, never used, a few hook marks, belly treble removed, no packaging $40 for all, includes shipping. Free shipping for U.S. only (excludes Hawaii & Alaska...sorry).
  15. It's starting again. Got my first Schoolie this year in a Creek in Sandwich early Saturday evening. SP minnow, green mac, and fish was 17/19 inches long. Water temp was 45 degrees where I got this fish.
  16. This is a collection of tackle that I really just don't use. Some of this stuff might not have even been fished before but I don't truly remember. Most of the stuff comes without hooks cause I took most trebles off and replaced them with inline singles. I no longer have the original hooks. For the hooks that are here, they have crushed barbs but I can take them off if you don't really want them. Just looking to move this to make some room for some new tackle. Nothing is rusted or cracked. 1 oz bucktail Danny Swimmer (1-1/2 oz) Large Hydro Popper Small Hydro Popper River2Sea Rover 12 various metals Rapala Rippin Rap Saltwater Spook Tsunami Timber Pencil Popper (8" 3 oz) Yum Fluke Style Plastic Chug Bug Atom Swiper (?) Storm Sandeels (6" 7/8 oz, 1 hook has a crushed barb) Mag Darter 125F SP Minnow 15S Bomber Magnum Long A Bomber Windcheater (?) 1 Unnamed Minnow Plug Yozuri Crystal Minnow Not pictured but I'll also throw in a set of Straight Split Otter Tail trailers (5" x 1/2") I'm looking to get $80 picked up for the whole set around Matawan, NJ. Not interested in shipping yet but I might open that up if no one picks this up soon.
  17. Lot 1. Four used Gibbs pencils, 6" 1.5oz. $35 shipped PP Lot 2. Four used SP minnows, 6" floaters. $20 shipped PP
  18. I am debating on wether to get an sp minnow in mackerel color or a sandeel color or if I should get a sebile magic swimmer in ghostescent. I am fishing in the southern Maine area so their are lots of pollock that the striped bass are feeding on as well.
  19. Hey all. I'm a budding surfcaster. I don't own a single plug yet. I'm looking to buy about $50 worth of plugs for myself and my Dad. I will be mainly fishing the North and South shores of Long Island. I thought I might be able to get a good deal from some old timer looking to lessen his tackle bag load. I've narrowed down a bunch of specific plugs I'm interested in. I'm not very concerned with color, although I read Z's book and I think I prefer yellow, white or black. Here are some of the plugs I'm interested in (I'm not looking to get all of these for $50): Bucktails (might need 3 or 4 of these, various sizes) Super Strike Darter (Yellow) Super Strike Needlefish (1.4-2.5 oz, 7 inches) SP Minnows (might need 2 or 3 of these) Beachmaster "Junior" Cotton Cordell Redfins (preferred 7 inch) Soft Plastic Baits (Tsunami Eels, Sluggos, etc) Tins (Kastmasters, etc) Feel free to post what you have for sale below, thanks!
  20. For sale 4 lures SP MINNOW BNIB super strike popper 1 1/2 brand new but carried once TA darter I think it’s the 5 1/2 inch thrown once Tsunami 5in popper carried never thrown $50 shipped PayPal just looking to thin the herd out
  21. For sale is a lot of two bags, one belt, and bunch of lures including siwmmers, needles, pencil poppers, bucktails, and slugg-gos. Everything shown in the photo is included. I describe some of the items in greater detail below. If you want more details on an item, feel free to ask. Selling as a lot. Looking for $250 picked up, $275 shipped. I'm located in Mercer County, NJ. Can meet within a reasonable distance. I'm in monmouth county quite often. Bag 1: Mak Angler 4 tube, in very good condition. The tubes are homemade, not original. I used butyrate tubing. There are 3 tubes that are 8.5" tall x 2.75" wide. The shorter tubes are 7" tall x 2" wide. The tubes are not glued together, but its easy to do. Bag 2: Small canyon bag, in fair condition. No tubes included. You can put some in or just carry a few small plano boxes. Bag dimension are 6x6x9. Belt: Aquaskinz elite pro hunter wading belt. Ideal for sizes 34"-42" lures - mixed bag of 35 wood and plastic plugs - some in good shape, some beaten up, some have new hooks, some need new ones, and a few have no hooks. The guides choice needles are loaded with lead shot and weigh ~3.5 oz, the northbars are the plastic version and have been carried not thrown. the zig-zag is an old plug, and has been repainted. The blurple and chicken scratch sp minnows are the sinking version, the ell color is a floater bukctails and jigs - the pink bucktail is ~2oz, the 2 smaller ones are 1oz, and the three bags are labeled by weight. The jig heads are .5 oz soft plastics - the smaller sluggos are 7.5", the bigger ones are 9". Most of the smaller ones are loaded with lead in the belly and the tail. The siwash hooks range in size from 3/0 - 5/0. Some are new, most have been used.
  22. ****PAYPAL ONLY**** In honor of black Friday sales and the generosity of the Thanksgiving spirit, I'm offering up some sweet deals on plugs. And here's the best part... to encourage you to buy more than one lure, I will take 1 dollar off the combined price for each additional lure. For example, if you buy 4 lures at $6 each, the total is $20 instead of $24. If you buy 3 at $10 each, the total is $27 instead of $30 ****SHIPPING INCLUDED! I COVER THE PAYPAL FEES!**** Please no low balls, these prices are already a steal... All lures in Lot 1 are $14 each All lures in Lot 2 are $10 each All lures in Lot 3 are $6 each Lot 1: AH 11" Floating Needle Sebile Magic Swimmer TA Sea Pencil 5oz Workhorse wide darter Workhorse Conrad Sr. AH swimmer Sr. Lot 2: Gibbs 3oz Pencil Northbar bottle darter yellow Northbar bottle darter black over hello Lemire needle BM Cowboy Jr Gibbs small Danny Loki skinnie minnie Loki sea slider 24/7 pocket rocket 24/7 squidzee Lot 3: Yozuri Mag Minnow Rhode island lures Atom striperswiper Tsunami Talkin popper Tsunami Talkin popper Sp Minnow blue Mack Sp Minnow yellow black Sp Minnow yellow black Sp Minnow yellow black Sp Minnow blue Mack Rebel jumpin minnow Savage eel, not sure weight Shimano waxwing
  23. Lot of 4 plugs. Not splitting. SS white bottle, linesider 69, new SP minnow, unknown pencil. The SS and linesider have been carried but never thrown. Both are mint. $50 shipped cont US. PayPal only
  24. Hi everyone, I've been working on some different ways to modify my SP minnows to create a different action. I came across a suggestion that switching the original hooks to 3/0 VMC 4x hooks and the spit rings to 5.5H Rosco Split rings gives the SP an suspending jerk bait action when paused during a sharp rod sweep during a retrieve. I was wondering if anyone has had an success with this modification and also if there are any other suggested modifications anyone suggests for SP Minnows. Thanks Everyone
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