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Found 5 results

  1. The speed cameras in NYC have been enabled within one square mile of schools 24x5 (Monday - Friday) the original intent of these cameras was to reduce speeding close to schools where children are walking. That’s the reason why there were specific hours for the speed cameras being enabled and legal. it’s been well known that you can pass the cameras on Saturdays and Sundays. And I, as well as many other people, have been REBELS and driven 40-50 MPH in a 30. anyway, I’ve gotten used to the cameras and I’ve enjoyed my weekend freedom driving “normally” along the boulevard. now, I hear that the Dems in charge have gotten a new 24 x 7 approval to enforce the speed camera every second of every day of our lives. the point here is, and always has been, when you give politicians an inch, they will inevitably take a mile. it’s a disgusting example of our local government figuring out ways to monetize/penalize our human behaviors. It’s basically a human tax. and I will say, speed cameras do help reduce speeding and they are effective. However, it feels egregious and like an overreach of our government. They do everything they can to take money out of our pockets to make up for the outrageous spending and misappropriation of the funds in the budget. I really am not happy about this and I think someone needs to pay the price for literally stealing from all of us. Peace
  2. I see a great many posters here, lamenting the onset of socialism in America. One thing these posts all have in common is that their authors have no idea what socialism is, so here's a definition straight from Merriam-Webster's online dictionary. Definition of socialism 1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods 2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state. What industry do any of you see Biden nationalizing? What industry was nationalized when he was V.P.?
  3. I believe this all started with the advent of Social Security. It's been all downhill from there. It was the beginnings of the welfare state of dependence. When SS was not enough for some, new programs were added. Rinse, wash and repeat ~~~~~~~~ We went from a society where families took care of their own, churches and communities banded together in times of need and family values were of the utmost priority. Once stigma of single parent families was lost, so too was our society. I'd much prefer we go back to survival of the fittest and taking care of our own and those around us. A world where charity was true charity and not an excuse to take a tax write off. A true philanthropists does it because it is better to give rather than receive. Self fulfillment... not for a tax shelter. We are a nation that has lost its way. We are a nation trying to play Robbin Hood. If you want to help, look down, God gave you two hands, do some good with them and I don't mean steal from Rob to give to Paul. Roll up your sleeves and toil for another.
  4. Don't they get it.... caring for a river is Socialist.
  5. This is a great article written by Thomas Sowell and very thought provoking. Since the POTUS sees "very little difference between Capitalism and Communism", I felt this would be an interesting read for people. I've been calling B. Obama a closet Marxist for years and he has now let the cat out of the bag. Feels good to have my view of this POS vindicated. Also disgusts me that so many of you liberals kept denying it all these years. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It bothers me a little when conservatives call Barack Obama a "socialist." He certainly is an enemy of the free market, and wants politicians and bureaucrats to make the fundamental decisions about the economy. But that does not mean that he wants government ownership of the means of production, which has long been a standard definition of socialism. What President Obama has been pushing for, and moving toward, is more insidious: government control of the economy, while leaving ownership in private hands. That way, politicians get to call the shots but, when their bright ideas lead to disaster, they can always blame those who own businesses in the private sector. Politically, it is heads-I-win when things go right, and tails-you-lose when things go wrong. This is far preferable, from Obama's point of view, since it gives him a variety of scapegoats for all his failed policies, without having to use President Bush as a scapegoat all the time. Government ownership of the means of production means that politicians also own the consequences of their policies, and have to face responsibility when those consequences are disastrous -- something that Barack Obama avoids like the plague. Thus the Obama administration can arbitrarily force insurance companies to cover the children of their customers until the children are 26 years old. Obviously, this creates favorable publicity for President Obama. But if this and other government edicts cause insurance premiums to rise, then that is something that can be blamed on the "greed" of the insurance companies. The same principle, or lack of principle, applies to many other privately owned businesses. It is a very successful political ploy that can be adapted to all sorts of situations. One of the reasons why both pro-Obama and anti-Obama observers may be reluctant to see him as fascist is that both tend to accept the prevailing notion that fascism is on the political right, while it is obvious that Obama is on the political left. Back in the 1920s, however, when fascism was a new political development, it was widely -- and correctly -- regarded as being on the political left. Jonah Goldberg's great book "Liberal Fascism" cites overwhelming evidence of the fascists' consistent pursuit of the goals of the left, and of the left's embrace of the fascists as one of their own during the 1920s. Mussolini, the originator of fascism, was lionized by the left, both in Europe and in America, during the 1920s. Even Hitler, who adopted fascist ideas in the 1920s, was seen by some, including W.E.B. Du Bois, as a man of the left. It was in the 1930s, when ugly internal and international actions by Hitler and Mussolini repelled the world, that the left distanced themselves from fascism and its Nazi offshoot -- and verbally transferred these totalitarian dictatorships to the right, saddling their opponents with these pariahs. What socialism, fascism and other ideologies of the left have in common is an assumption that some very wise people -- like themselves -- need to take decisions out of the hands of lesser people, like the rest of us, and impose those decisions by government fiat. The left's vision is not only a vision of the world, but also a vision of themselves, as superior beings pursuing superior ends. In the United States, however, this vision conflicts with a Constitution that begins, "We the People..." That is why the left has for more than a century been trying to get the Constitution's limitations on government loosened or evaded by judges' new interpretations, based on notions of "a living Constitution" that will take decisions out of the hands of "We the People," and transfer those decisions to our betters. The self-flattery of the vision of the left also gives its true believers a huge ego stake in that vision, which means that mere facts are unlikely to make them reconsider, regardless of what evidence piles up against the vision of the left, and regardless of its disastrous consequences. Only our own awareness of the huge stakes involved can save us from the rampaging presumptions of our betters, whether they are called socialists or fascists. So long as we buy their heady rhetoric, we are selling our birthright of freedom.