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  1. Hello Gentlemen! (And ladies) I'm looking for some info on the old Penn Slammer 760L live liner. Back then I was still using my trusted 710's, 712's, 704's, and 706's. It would be another 15 years after the introduction of the 760L before I begrudgingly purchased my first live liners/baitrunners. I'm intimately familiar with the Fierce II 2500, 4500 and 6500, Somewhat familiar with the baitrunner D and Spinfisher V and VI but never had my hands on a 760L. I know the size/weight/feel of the 460L and 540 but here's my question. How big is the 760L? Is it roughly in the size/class with the Fierce II 6500, Spinfisher LL 6500 and 704 type real size or is it much, much larger as in comparable with an 8500 Spinfisher V/VI LL? Thanks in advance folks! -Ry
  2. I know that the spinfisher VI’s are outclassed by the Slammer III but with the new improvements in sealing and smoothness (as advertised at least) in the Spinfisher VI, was wondering if anybody has fished with both and has an opinion on how they match up. Just a week ago Slammer III’s could be had at the same price or less than the new spinfisher, still kicking myself for not picking one up. I suppose the SSVI has the advantage of bailless and long casting models being available, but just how much better are the Slammers?
  3. $125 shipped to your door…priced to sell What we have here is a gently used Slammer 4500 used mostly on pier twice on surf…no dunking 8 cosmetic minor Knick some very minute scratches…pictures capture flaws 10 mechanical come with box and paperwork comes with fresh like new Jerry Brown braid 30lb test approx 300 yards 6.2:1 gear ratio ready to fish
  4. Does anyone have the new slammer 4 5500 bailess? There is next to nothing online about it besides a J&H tackle product vid. Seems odd there isn’t any info on it anywhere.
  5. I am looking at picking up either a Certate LT in the 3000D-C / 4000D-C / 5000D-C size and I am looking to get a pretty accurate size comparison. I have somewhat factored out the 5000D-C as I think its a little larger than what I want. From the internet I have heard that the 5000D-C falls just about in line with a Penn Slammer 3 4500 in terms of sizing. Given that example, I was hoping someone could provide me with some size comparisons, potentially with pictures. I really like the 3500 size of the penn slammer 3 and the vr50. I am interested in size comparisons of the 3000-5000 certate sizes, i am hoping the 4000D-C fits the bill around the slammer 3 3500 or vr50 sizing. So if you have one or any experience with one I would love for you to chime in and help me out. Looking primarily to potentially get a 3000 or 4000. Below attached is a picture of a normal sized card, penn clash 2500, penn slammer 3 3500, penn slammer 3 4500, and a galaxy note 10+.
  6. Does not seem to be on the Penn USA site, yet. Check Penn AU for details.
  7. Used just once. Only a tiny Nick on the spool. Barely noticeable. Looks brand new. 300yds of 30lbs Beyond Braid blue camo. $60 pickup Plymouth, MA. $70 shipped PayPal.
  8. Used less than 10 times at OCMD inlet for tautog. Other than a tiny ding on the lower edge of the body (see pic), it is in excellent condition. The Spool was rinsed with tap water after every use. Never been dropped/dunked. Comes with a box, documents, Eva knob, small white rings(not sure what these are for), and TD reel cover. Spooled with 40lb or 50lb Jbraid Asking for $180 shipped within the east coast. Add $10 anywhere else.
  9. I have a 4500Slammer I bought this year, the reel foot broke right at the stem. Otherwise the reel is perfect, can the reel be repaired? I guess it would need the frame.
  10. I bought a Penn Slammer III back in September and was very excited as it felt very smooth and comfortable in my hands. After 2 and a half months the reel started to feel very rough and geart... I Fished it about twice a week since beginning of September and always rinsed it thoroughly after every outing. I never dunked the reel and it has only taken light splashes. I have a Fierce II, Fierce III, and Battle II as well. Ive used those reels the same way and they have always been very smooth. To investigate the issue with the reel i took it apart and everything looked good inside. I cleaned it and regreased it but it didnt help... i started working with the shims over and over again and it still wouldnt fix the issue ... what gives? Have heard many good things about these reels but I’m very disappointed with it considering the other low end reels i have by penn have worked flawlessly.
  11. For someone who followed my last posts, about if penn slammer , clash or shimano saragosa, well... This was my first fight with this duo, penn slammer 5500 + St Croix Mojo Surf 9' MMF2, daiwa jbraid grand 0.28mm, 50lb fluo. For cast the mojo surf mmf2 is a bit stiff, but the fast action helps a LOT with the hook! so, more strenght to cast but less hook out Enjoy the drag cries!!
  12. Question for the Slammer III owners. I have a 4500 and have only fished it a few times for a couple hours total. The reel has never felt right while under load. I primarily throw 3/4-2oz. lures with it and when reeling under load I have a very rhythmic knock/vibration and stutter sound. You can also feel this sound. It is worse the faster you retrieve and if reeling super super slow you can’t really notice it at all. Reeling in a 2oz. buck tail though at a decent retrieve speed will be very very noticeable. The sound and feel I can best relate to would be driving on railroad track timber’s or running a stick or pipe down a fence row. It’s very duh duh duh duh duh sounding and feeling. Think drumroll type of cadence. Off the rod and under no load the reel feels very smooth and silent other than some slight play in the handle knob. Any thoughts? I’ve heard in the past people having issues with similar symptoms. Someone mentioned a possible bad bearing? My reel was purchased new a couple months ago but is an older stock with a 2017 manufactured date.
  13. I will get a penn slammer 5500, its said 30lb 380m, but i dont want to buy 500m jbraid for it, i have some jbraids 30lb rolls with 50 - 80m each, i want to use one of these, and the complete 300m new one, so, how reliable is a braid to braid knot? I will cast 2oz lures with a mojo surf 9' 1 - 4 oz , yozuri 50lb fluorocarbon. If u got some experience, lemme know!
  14. $250 shipped to your door used only 3-4 times cosmetic condition: 9 minor minor scuffs see pics mechanical: 10 comes with 500 plus yards of fresh jerry brown braid 50lb test (over $100 in braid itself) I cannot find the gold knob...comes with box
  15. Hey everyone, I have an unused Penn Spinfisher SSVI 4500 spare spool and a Penn Slammer handle for sale. Slammer Handle will fit a 3500 or 4500 Slammer or Spinfisher VI. Handle has been used a few times but no noticeable marks. Spool - $15 Handle - $40 Add $5 shipping. Located outside Philly. Can meet in South Jersey or PA suburbs. Also shore points south of AC on occasion.
  16. Purchased my first PENN reel yesterday after using Shimano spinning and casting reels for a long time in the freshwater bass world. Surprisingly the Slammer III 4500 that I which was purchased from a very well known and busy tackle shop in Miami has a date code of G17 which translates to July 2017. Seems like rather old stock for such a busy tackle shop. This date code means my reel was made prior to the changes rolled out to newer Slammers since with the upgraded line roller bearing and bail wire, etc. A couple searches found that it is not a simple drop in bearing replacement and has multiple parts that need to be ordered. My question being is this something PENN is looking to retrofit at no cost to the customers being that its been a full three years since these changes were made? I really like the reel but obviously these changes came about for reasons enough to change the design of this series. Being 2020 and buying new in box full price gear I would really like the reel to have the latest features that the reels from late 2017 - to present day all come with. Thoughts and any info would be appreciated.
  17. Hello all, looking to purchase a new reel for my 10 foot Lamiglas surfrod. I will predominantly use it off the beach. Looking at either a Penn Spinfisher Longcast (5500 or 6500), Regular Spinfisher (5500 or 6500) or a Slammer III (5500 or 6500). Thoughts?
  18. New in the box with papers Penn Slammer 3 8500 HS. Never been spooled or mounted... I did spin it a few times though for fun. Retails for 330-350 depending on where, I will let her go for 260 shipped.
  19. Hi all, i decided to pull trigger on a brand new Penn Slammer 8500hs for everything from land based shark fishing to throwing big metal and poppers. Straight out of the box I noticed a very weird creaking/grinding sound when turning the spool against the drag (almost sounds like somebody snoring). I thought lining it up and pulling out drag might spread some grease around might fix it but to no avail. Has anybody dealt with this or have any suggestions? I will try to upload a video. Thank you in advance for the help. -Dan
  20. I have a new Slammer 3 3500 that makes a strange click when I use a very slow retrieve (crawling a red fin across the top for example). I had my friend check it out (he has the same reel but the 4500) and he noticed the click as well and said his reel does not do that. The click isn't audible, but I can feel it (maybe click isn't the best word but I am not sure how to describe it). It happens slightly more when the spool is coming down and does not seem to occur contingently with where the handle is in the retrieve. Is this a normal issue or something I should be concerned about? Is it fixable? It is annoying and distracting!
  21. Hi guys, Long time reader of this forum and the time has come to seek for advice. Don't beat me up right away, since i have already used a search function in order to find the best fishing rod for the Canal. Basically have two questions: 1. I am looking for a spinning rod that could be a good fit for the PENN Slammer 3 6500 High Speed. I am primarily looking for jigging, throwing jerkbaits, maybe even throwing chunks from the surf occasionally, with the least priority given to the topwater lures. Is there any rod that is multifunctional and does everything not perfect, but just good? Anything in 2-8 oz range. 10-12Ft. Budget: $350. I currently use 9ft Star stellar 1-4 oz fast, but this is definitely not enough to make long casts on the Canal. I have stopped my choice on St. Croix Mojo Surf and St. Croix Avid Surf, but i have seen a lot of debates on perfect rod for the Canal and there are a lot of opinions about my choice being not a very reliable one. People seem to give their favor mostly to everything from ODM Jigster, TFO, Star Paraflex, XSRA 1205, Tsunami Airwave Elite to 600$+ custom made poles. But unfortunately, i can not try every single rod and learn from mistakes, especially by spending seasons of trial and error and thousands of dollars). Please advice! 2. I would also love to hear any comments on SLAMMER 3 6500 HIGH SPEED as well, since i haven't seen a soul using it on the Canal. Seems to be a really good reel with an amazing retrieve rate (48 inches per crank!). Which reels are competitors to this one? (besides Saragosa) Thank you very much for any advice in advance, truly appreciate it.
  22. Decided to sell my Penn Slammer III 6500. Bought this reel in June for a trip to the canal, used for 2 days of fishing and hasn't been touched since. I just don't get out enough to justify having it, and it doesn't get used. Reel is in excellent shape, it's perfect mechanically as it was not used much at all, and it looks great minus a few light scratches on the rotor and the body. Reel is spooled with 300 yards of 50 lb braid, again only used a few time, I don't remember the brand so if you don't want it I can take it off. Comes with the original box and paperwork, as well as the changeable EVA hndle which is brand new in the bubble wrap. $210 shipped PayPal.
  23. Purchasing a new Penn reel. Which would you pair with a 10ft plugging rod?
  24. Hi Tony, Penn, You guys have a great sale and rebate at Gander Mountain. The site says that the slammer III is eligible for a Penn rebate. The fine print states that the rebate must be post marked with all relevant info by 10/22 however the Slammer won't ship until 11/17 and you need the UPC code and packing slip. This seems contradictory to the site. Can you please confirm if this reel is eligible? Thanks!!
  25. No longer have a need for this reel. All the red parts were stripped and coated with red Cerakote by SMI Coatings in Haverhill, MA. Gloss was achieved by adding two coats of KBS Diamond Clear. The chrome-looking body is polished aluminum also with 2 coats of Diamond Clear to keep the exposed aluminum from oxidizing. Finish is rock hard and currently flawkless of any scratches or boat rash after a year of use. Reel just got a full cleaning and servicing. Ready to go. Mechanically 9/10, cosmetically 10/10. Asking $90 shipped or $80 picked up near Boston.
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