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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all, looking to purchase a new reel for my 10 foot Lamiglas surfrod. I will predominantly use it off the beach. Looking at either a Penn Spinfisher Longcast (5500 or 6500), Regular Spinfisher (5500 or 6500) or a Slammer III (5500 or 6500). Thoughts?
  2. New in the box with papers Penn Slammer 3 8500 HS. Never been spooled or mounted... I did spin it a few times though for fun. Retails for 330-350 depending on where, I will let her go for 260 shipped.
  3. Hi all, i decided to pull trigger on a brand new Penn Slammer 8500hs for everything from land based shark fishing to throwing big metal and poppers. Straight out of the box I noticed a very weird creaking/grinding sound when turning the spool against the drag (almost sounds like somebody snoring). I thought lining it up and pulling out drag might spread some grease around might fix it but to no avail. Has anybody dealt with this or have any suggestions? I will try to upload a video. Thank you in advance for the help. -Dan
  4. I have a new Slammer 3 3500 that makes a strange click when I use a very slow retrieve (crawling a red fin across the top for example). I had my friend check it out (he has the same reel but the 4500) and he noticed the click as well and said his reel does not do that. The click isn't audible, but I can feel it (maybe click isn't the best word but I am not sure how to describe it). It happens slightly more when the spool is coming down and does not seem to occur contingently with where the handle is in the retrieve. Is this a normal issue or something I should be concerned about? Is it fixable? It is annoying and distracting!
  5. Hi guys, Long time reader of this forum and the time has come to seek for advice. Don't beat me up right away, since i have already used a search function in order to find the best fishing rod for the Canal. Basically have two questions: 1. I am looking for a spinning rod that could be a good fit for the PENN Slammer 3 6500 High Speed. I am primarily looking for jigging, throwing jerkbaits, maybe even throwing chunks from the surf occasionally, with the least priority given to the topwater lures. Is there any rod that is multifunctional and does everything not perfect, but just good? Anything in 2-8 oz range. 10-12Ft. Budget: $350. I currently use 9ft Star stellar 1-4 oz fast, but this is definitely not enough to make long casts on the Canal. I have stopped my choice on St. Croix Mojo Surf and St. Croix Avid Surf, but i have seen a lot of debates on perfect rod for the Canal and there are a lot of opinions about my choice being not a very reliable one. People seem to give their favor mostly to everything from ODM Jigster, TFO, Star Paraflex, XSRA 1205, Tsunami Airwave Elite to 600$+ custom made poles. But unfortunately, i can not try every single rod and learn from mistakes, especially by spending seasons of trial and error and thousands of dollars). Please advice! 2. I would also love to hear any comments on SLAMMER 3 6500 HIGH SPEED as well, since i haven't seen a soul using it on the Canal. Seems to be a really good reel with an amazing retrieve rate (48 inches per crank!). Which reels are competitors to this one? (besides Saragosa) Thank you very much for any advice in advance, truly appreciate it.
  6. I know that the spinfisher VI’s are outclassed by the Slammer III but with the new improvements in sealing and smoothness (as advertised at least) in the Spinfisher VI, was wondering if anybody has fished with both and has an opinion on how they match up. Just a week ago Slammer III’s could be had at the same price or less than the new spinfisher, still kicking myself for not picking one up. I suppose the SSVI has the advantage of bailless and long casting models being available, but just how much better are the Slammers?
  7. Decided to sell my Penn Slammer III 6500. Bought this reel in June for a trip to the canal, used for 2 days of fishing and hasn't been touched since. I just don't get out enough to justify having it, and it doesn't get used. Reel is in excellent shape, it's perfect mechanically as it was not used much at all, and it looks great minus a few light scratches on the rotor and the body. Reel is spooled with 300 yards of 50 lb braid, again only used a few time, I don't remember the brand so if you don't want it I can take it off. Comes with the original box and paperwork, as well as the changeable EVA hndle which is brand new in the bubble wrap. $210 shipped PayPal.
  8. Purchasing a new Penn reel. Which would you pair with a 10ft plugging rod?
  9. Hi Tony, Penn, You guys have a great sale and rebate at Gander Mountain. The site says that the slammer III is eligible for a Penn rebate. The fine print states that the rebate must be post marked with all relevant info by 10/22 however the Slammer won't ship until 11/17 and you need the UPC code and packing slip. This seems contradictory to the site. Can you please confirm if this reel is eligible? Thanks!!
  10. No longer have a need for this reel. All the red parts were stripped and coated with red Cerakote by SMI Coatings in Haverhill, MA. Gloss was achieved by adding two coats of KBS Diamond Clear. The chrome-looking body is polished aluminum also with 2 coats of Diamond Clear to keep the exposed aluminum from oxidizing. Finish is rock hard and currently flawkless of any scratches or boat rash after a year of use. Reel just got a full cleaning and servicing. Ready to go. Mechanically 9/10, cosmetically 10/10. Asking $90 shipped or $80 picked up near Boston.
  11. Got 3 reels and a rod for sale. Pictures did not post in order of descriptions for whatever reason. First reel is aa custom Penn Slammer 560L Live Liner. Bought it NIB 2 years ago and have babied it like the rest of my gear. I replaced all the ball bearings with new bearings, put in a new main gear, gave the reel a full cleaning/service/greasing and is mint all the way around. The body of the reel has been sanded down to a polished aluminum for a sexier look and to get rid of some boat rash. All the black paint on the reel was sandblasted off and then recoated by SMI Coatings using Cerakote (one of the hardest ceramic finishes available). Mechanically 10/10. This reel comes with the box and is spooled with 40lb powerpro with a 40lb section of Powerpro Hollow Core to connect to a 15-foot section of 50lb Mono. This was a knotless way to add a lengthy leader to avoid Braid tangles while livelining. If you don't like it, just cut it off and use a knot but I have fallen in love with this technique and never had any line slip out of the Hollow Core. I'm asking $110 shipped or best reasonable offer. Second is a Penn Live Liner 4600. This is an original before the name was changed to Slammer but is the exact same as a Slammer 460 with the same parts. This one has also been sanded to a polished aluminum on both the body and spool. All the red is Cerakote and then top coated with KBS DiamondCoat for a gloss look. Mechanically 9/10. Spooled with 20lb Fireline Smoke, no box. Asking $95 shipped or best offer. Last is a combo (I'm willing to split if someone asks). Reel is a Penn Slammer 460 (NOT liveliner) that is mechanically 9/10 and cosmetically 9/10. Spooled with 30lb Sufix 832 in Camouflage. Reel alone I'm asking for 70 shipped. The rod is a Tsunami Airwave Elite Braid rod model TSAWEBS-701MHJ. Medium heavy power, 1-piece, medium fast action, 3/4-4oz. It retails for 140 but I got it at tackledirect for 110. Im asking for $90 shipped FIRM (have to account for the 1-piece length with shipping cost) If you want the combo, I will drop price to $140 shipped.
  12. I WTB Penn Slammer 260 Reel (in great or very good shape).
  13. Recently discovered the MS Slammer and really liked the idea of it so I tried to replicate it to the best of my abilities. It turned out better then I thought it would and it swims amazing. I'll upload a video next time I get a chance. Still have to epoxy it but other then that it's finished. Its made out of eastern red cedar and with the rubber tail I have, it comes out to 7" long.