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Found 171 results

  1. Hey all, I'm looking into getting a new surf reel. I've mostly narrowed it down to the Saragosa and the Slammer. I've always been a Penn guy, but I ordered a Battle 2 and it had significant play in the bail, so I'm now willing to consider Shimano. I'm leaning towards the Saragosa due to the numerous positive reviews, but I'm worried about the wobble issue. I'm thinking about an 8000 to be paired with an 11' mojo, or occasionally my 9' mojo. TL;DR - how common is the wobble? If I order new from TackleDirect or Bass Pro, am I likely to get a perfectly functioning reel, or is there a good chance it's going to need to be returned? Thanks!
  2. Purchased this handle for an Ocea jigger. Mounted it. Removed it. Found an issue with the jigger and returned it. The reel and thus the handle were never fished. But has been removed from the plastic which I’m not sure I have anymore. So selling as used. $45 local pickup Queens/Nassau $50 shipped Will also trade for a new Stradic FK c5000 spool.
  3. Hi folks, Looking to find those multi hex wrenches the tackle shops use to remove the nut on the reel handle. I don't know the proper name, can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you
  4. Does anyone have an old Shimano Stradic that they are scrapping for parts? I'm looking for the oscillating slider assembly. Thanks
  5. Reel is in excellent condition. Just spooled it with 15lb Daiwa J-Braid x 8. Asking $375 free shipping CONUS.
  6. Selling this 8000FH Stradic, cosmetically it's in decent shape only scuffs are on the gold parts and handle. No nicks on spool lip, I will remove braid before shipping. Mechanically everything works as it should but probably not as smooth as it was new, could use a cleaning perhaps? Located in east hartford,ct $65 + shipping
  7. For sale, brand new, never fished or spooled. Low gear, Tranx 300a. $240 local pick up Queens/Nassau $250 shipped
  8. Already have the BV-300 in the 5.1 ratio. Couldn’t help but pull the trigger on the older (2011) version of the Ocea Jigger in the power gear. I’ve already fluked and togged with the BV. It was effortless. Casts pretty well as well. Holds the same amount of line. I know it’s not anywhere near as smooth. I’m curious if it is indeed that much more powerful than the Ocea Jigger or are we just looking at drag numbers? Which will hold up better over time, which is more protected again bearing corrosion (rinsing down the reels after each use taken into consideration)? I know it’s apples to oranges in and lever vs star comparison. But for fluke, striped bass, tog, which is the better overall reel? And does the Ocea Jigger have enough power and drag to wreckfish with?
  9. Want to trade my Ocea Jigger 1500PG (never been fished) for a brand new Blackhole Challenger 7'3M conventional (non spiral). Reel has never been fished, has original box. Has a new trinidad handle with white knob added, original handle with black knob is of course included. 30lb jbraid spooled completey. Looking for a deal in Queens/ Nassau
  10. Not sure that I want a spinning setup after all. This Stradic is a beautiful reel. Very smooth. Brand new. Shipped for $190 Picked up Queens/Nassau $180
  11. I have two reels for sale. The 1st Gen Torque 7 is in great condition. There are a few surface scapes but very minor. There is a scuff e also on the top side for the spool lip, but I forgot to get a pic of it. I can get more pics for those interested in the Torque. The Torium 30HG (left hand) is new with box. Penn Torque 7: $375 Shipped PayPal Shimano Torium 30HGLH: $200 Shipped PayPal Thanks for looking.
  12. For sale: Brand new never been fished Jigging World Black Widow 150S. Rated 15-30lb. Please note, some are used to the old green color they used, they are now blue. This comes with a Shimano Stradic Fk 4000. Also never been fished. Please note that a jigging World Power knob has been added. Original knob will be included. Fairly priced at $360 picked up Brooklyn/Queens/Nassau Will also trade for a brand new with tags Blackhole Challenger 7’3M conventional (non spiral) and a few bucks my way.
  13. I have a brand new stella 4k up for sale or trade, looking to get 600 shipped or trade for a VSB150 (bailed version) local pickup available in RI.
  14. This has been discussed before. Looking for an up to date opinion. Jigging for blackfish. 20lb braid, 30-40lb leader. South shore Long Island. Montauk. Jersey. I’ve seen a number of smaller Daiwa BG’s (2500-300). Saltists. I’ve seen a Tatula used (I wouldn’t). Stradic FK? Ballistic Lt 2500? Other thoughts? Not the biggest Penn fan. I know Tackleadvisors goes through them all. Would love your opinion for this application, as well as all of yours.
  15. For sale, never been fished Ocea Jigger 1500PG spooled with 30lb jbraid. Trinidad handle added original handle and box included. $355 local pickup Queens/Nassau $365 shipped
  16. Never been fished Tekota 300. Line counter removed by trophy tackle to be used on another reel. Spooled with 30lb power pro. Reel already has carbon drag washers, was going to have trophy swap from dartanium to carbontex, when they opened it they found carbon in there already. Reel only. Box included. $125 shipped
  17. Brand new. Never been fished. Trinidad handle added. Original included. 30lb jbraid spooled. $420 OBO shipped Please, no lowballs.
  18. Shimano Spheros SW 10000 in great condition comes with paperwork and Box. Has 65 lb braid. $170 shipped(Lower 48) PP or USPS MO.
  19. I have a Thunnus 8K in great condition with a spare spool, Box and paperwork included. $165 shipped PP. Also have for sale a Sustain 5k in good condition with Box and paperwork. $200 shipped PP. Both include shipping to CONT US.
  20. I don't do much jetty fishing anymore since I bought my boat, so I've decided to sell my rig. Rod and reel are in excellent condition Tica Dolphin TC3 - $115 shipped UGSA80MH1S 8 ft, 1 pc, MH, Fast action Shimano Spheros 5000FB - $100 shipped spooled with 30 lb fireline
  21. Hoping to do some fishing in Hawaii next year. Would love to charter a trip for yellowtail. I'm wondering how do you guys travel with your rods? Are you traveling with one piece rods and using a special case? Is there a baggage difficulty with this? Are you using multi piece rods? Which are good to use with a Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500PG? Will that reel do the job? Thank you
  22. Hello SOL, The Winter purge begins. I am trying to get rid of some gear that doesn't get used as often as I intended due to hoarding and upgrading. I can provide high-quality, detailed pictures via text. Just PM me your cell phone number and I'll take some pics. I'd be glad to take specific pics and answer any questions you might have regarding condition in this thread, per SOL rules. Prices are firm and I would prefer local pick up, not shipping at this time. South Jersey, Mays Landing area. I can meet within a reasonable distance. Thanks for looking, Cy Shimano Stella FJ 4000XG (Brand New) - $600 G Loomis GLX 844c MBR (Casting, Lightly Used in Freshwater) - $280 G Loomix IMX Pro 852c JWR (Casting, Lightly Used in Freshwater) - $200 Phenix Feather 7'3" XH (Casting, Lightly Used in Freshwater) - $120 Shimano Zodias 7'2" MH (Casting, Used in Freshwater) - $110 Shimano Teramar SE 7'0" M (Spinning, Lightly Used in Saltwater) - $75 Shimano Teramar SE 7'6" H (Casting, Lightly Used in Satlwater) - $75 Shimano Teramar SE 7'0" MH (Spinning, Used in Saltwater) - $65
  23. Have two Tranx 300 for sale. One is literally out of the box. Never fished or spooled. $250 local pickup Queens/Nassau The second has never been fished. I’ve added a jigging world power handle to it and spooled it with 20lb super slick. Original handle included. $275 local pickup Queens/Nassau Both have boxes and paperwork. Please add 8.95 for shipping.
  24. For sale is a never been used (tag removed) St Croix Premier Musky in the 7’ Medium Heavy (PM70MHF). Makes for a great fluke/striper/tog rod. Selling with it without a never been fished Shimano Tekota 300. I got this at trophy tackle. They removed the line counter because they needed it for a larger tekota and as you know, these have been discontinued. But you end up with a great fluke reel with autoengage. Freshly spooled with 30lb power pro. Combo $225 local pickup Queens/Nassau Rod $125 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  25. For sale is a custom GF700M. Built by Bobby at Causeway. Never been fished. A little too much rod for my needs. Simple silver and blue accents. Shrink wrap diamond grip over cork tape. Very nice rod. Selling at much lower than I paid but I need to clear out some gear. $250 local pickup in New York Queens/nassau Will sell with tekota 500 loaded with 50lb super slick (never been fished) $425 Feel free to make a fair offer. This needs to go.