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Found 258 results

  1. So I'm looking to grab a gift-card to Cabelas from a ThankQ point program at work. I can basically get a $700.00 gift-card if I want to. So I've been shopping around a bit for a new small reel i want to put on an old 8' GUSA I have... Here's the very strange part. Cabelas has a much different description AND price than tackledirect... The listed weight is 4 OZ off... TackleDirect is sold out regardless but I'm more curious about the weight difference... TD followed by Cabelas
  2. See below for description. Local pickup / meet up. No shipping. I am located in Brooklyn, Park Slope area and travel to Long Island, Nassau County approximately once a week. Im willing to meet within reasonable distance. For sale are the following rods: 7’0 Shimano Sojourn SJS-70HA Price: $15 Condition: Very good, lightly used 7’6” Penn Squadron SQDIN815S76 Squadron Inshore Spinning Rod Price: $25 Condition: Good, normal wear and tear from use, one of the guides was slightly bent, which was corrected. 10’ Cabela's Salt Striker CSS-CTS10A Surf Spinning Rod Price: $35 Lure Weight (oz): 2-4 Condition: Good, normal wear and tear from use Rod is broken down in pictures. Tica UGSA12XH2S EX-HEAVY TC3 Dolphin Surf Spinning Rod Price: $150 Condition: Very good, normal wear and tear from light use. Rod is broken down in pictures. St Croix MIS76MHF Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod Price: $125 Condition: Like new, very lightly used. St Croix MSS90MMF2 Mojo Surf Spinning Rods Price: $190 Condition: New, never used with tags. Rod is broken down in pictures.
  3. Want to buy a Shimano spheros sw8000 pg. Looking for a US version. Like new condition shipped to NJ.
  4. Hi - new member, 1st post, so apologies if this isn't in the correct forum. I'm looking at getting a new set up and have decided on the Shimano Stradic FL. Unfortunately, the 3000 I want is completely sold out in US it seems. I can find a 2500 or 4000 here or there. I fish almost exclusively at a pier/inlet in jersey (no surf fishing yet). Normally targeting summer flounder, sometimes will take blues if they're running. Hope to stumble across a striper or two. I normally use bait, but have just recently begun to teach myself bucktail jigging (any suggestions on this welcome as well!). Anyway, with that as background, I'm pretty sure the 2500 is sufficient for what I'm targeting but wanted some second opinions . The only reason I even hesitate is there is a chance once or twice a year I may end up on a party boat and would maybe rather the 4000 for that. I currently have a Daiwa BG 3000, so diversifying my lineup would be added benefit. As an aside, any rod suggestions to pair the reel with would be welcome, specifically with the bucktails in mind. Anyone ever used a 13 fishing Omen green or Shimano Teramar SE inshore? Because of the tidal currents where I fish, I've been using 1 1/2 oz to 2 oz Spro bucktails, but again I'm just trying to learn that so maybe I'm off base and using way too heavy?
  5. I’ve taken the new Twin Power 5000FD out a few times now and have been very happy with it so far. I haven’t caught any slot sized fish yet but for the schoolies it’s been a lot of fun to play with. It’s really light and smooth as hell. I have it in a 9’6” black Hole Suzuki and it fishes all day. My only issue is that the power knob is too small. I might replace it but maybe I’ll get used to it. While I love this little reel, so far I give the nod to a similarly sized Daiwa Certate LT. It’s close for me but the Certate feels more sturdy and smoother. I haven’t seen too many reviews on these so I wanted to get the conversation started. I’ll update this as the season goes.
  6. Was looking at the Shimano torium pga reels for diamond jigging and bottom fishing. I like how it has the large power handle and a Powerful gear ratio at 4.6.1 also it's got 33lbs of drag. Looks very promising. Any one use these reels and have any experience with them? I plan to get the 16 and put 65lb J braid on it and pair it up with a Okuma Cedros Mh or H 6 foot 6 jigging rod.
  7. I have a Shimano Calcutta 700B that I bought used and has started having problems. I have successfully disassembled, cleaned and lubed many of my Penn reels however I am stuck with this reel. I cannot figure out how to separate the spool from the face plate (pic below). I have searched youtube, googled, etc. but cannot figure out how to take it apart. There is a YouTube video on disassembling a Calcutta 700 and all the it takes is loosening the three thumb screws and the spool separates. I tried that and the spool will not separate. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hello, I’m looking for a couple of quality inshore rods in lightly used condition. First is a 7 ft Medium power spinning rod. 2nd is a 7 ft medium heavy power casting rod. Would be used for back bay fishing from kayak. I’m located just outside Philly in PA. Willing to travel to South Jersey and to shore points south of AC. Or if you could ship that would work. Let me know if you got something that fits the bill. Thanks.
  9. In addition to being Long Island's worst fisherman, I have a terrible habit of always changing my mind. So instead of buying a 7' inshore rod which I now believe is too small to handle the lures I use bay fishing (thread here), my new plan is to buy a new 9 foot surf rod rated for 1/2 to 3oz, or something similar. I also want a new reel, and I'll keep my current 9' surf rod for friends and family. Looking for something more sensitive than my current 9' Tica TC2 (1/2 to 3oz) moderate power with mod/fast action- it's mounted with an older Shimano reel which has seen better days. I think a 9 foot rod is a great length for the kind of fishing I am doing - targeting stripers, blues from the surf/ocean beach and also in calmer bay waters. I like to use lures like poppers, minnows and trying to improve with bucktails. I rarely use bait but I'll probably do more of that later this summer from the beach. Suppose you had up to $350 to spend on a surf rod, 9' with faster action. I don't need the best gear available but won't mind spending a few extra $$$ to get a really nice setup I can keep for a long time. I'd love to hear some opinions on these rods, and would love any recommendations: * ODM NXG-93 Genesis * Tsunami Airwaves * St. Croix Mojo * Penn Battalion Paired with a Shimano Saragosa 6000 size (does this make sense?) Thoughts?
  10. Hi - I need some help with the details before I purchase: looking for help on power, action, and reel size. My specific questions are at the end: I'm looking at a 7' medium power, fast action St. Croix Avid Inshore rod paired with a Shimano Stradic FL in the 5000 size. I am currently using a 9' medium power, moderate fast action Tica TC2 surf rod (1/2 oz to 3oz) which is a little much for smaller lures and definitely not giving any sensitivity when I am using anything under 1oz. I love casting from the surf but there are so many awesome bays around here. Ultimately I want a 7' inshore, a 9' all-around and an 11' rod for jetties/inlets, big surf. I want something that will excel in bay fishing....looking for something that can provide long casts, sensitive enough to feel bottom with bucktail jigs, can handle stripers and blues (maybe fluke and weakfish, and can be a versatile pole I can have some fun with. I had a couple questions: Does this setup make sense for fishing in the bays around Long Island? Does a medium power, fast action pole make sense (think 3/8 to 3/4 oz lures are ok)? Or would you step up to a medium heavy, fast action (1/2 to 1 & 1/4oz). Or something else? Would you go 4000 or 5000 size for the reel? Tempted to go 5000 which gets me a nicer knob and more line (4000 and 5000 are same physical size I believe) Does 7' rod make sense here or should I go 7'6" or 8'? Also if anyone has any suggestion for quality braid that would make sense for this setup. Thanks everyone. I am new around here and basically a hack, vying for the title of 'worst fisherman on Long Island' so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Attached a pic of my latest striper from earlier this week.
  11. I have a Shimano Sustain FE 6k, got it off member David Lam on here last year. Brought it out once and a bit too heavy for my application. Would like to trade for Shimano Sustain FE 5K, or would like to BUY if not interested in trade. Also, interested in other models Sustain 5000 if available.
  12. Hello all, Thanks in advance for any comments or opinions. I’m in the market for a new “all around beach rod” for fishing all around Cape Cod and Massachusetts south shore area. The terrain is mostly sand/gravel beaches w a few boulders here/there and usual tidal current. Target is stripers and blues mostly. Throwing all the usuals, hard plastics like SP minnows, Redfins, Yo Zuri minnows...etc, Danny’s, darters, soft plastics like sluggos, paddle tails and some tins, and bucktail jigs. All ranging in weight from 1 oz to maybe 2.75 oz ish. My reel is a Shimano Ultegra Ci4 5500 carbon frame, 15 oz, spooled w 30 lb pp. My rod choices include the following 2 piece rods, in “order of ranking” (just my best guess opinion) 1. Shimano Tirelejo 9’-6”, 3/4–3 oz..................$300 2. Tsunami Saltx 9’-6”, 3/4–3 oz.......................$280 3. Lamiglas GSB Skinner2 9’-2”, 3/4–3 oz........$400 4. Tsunami Elite 9’-6”, 3/4–3 oz........................$200 Does anyone own any of these rods and feel my ranking is “not accurate”.....which would be your choice for my intended use? Thanks again for any first hand experience with these rods. Rob
  13. I'm trying to save a few bucks. Thanks fellas
  14. Anyone fish with the Ultegra and have any issues with the line not laying on the spool? Making some casts yesterday and the line kept getting caught under the spool. Wondering if it could be too much line but I usually don't fill to the brim anyway, Can't remember exactly how much line I had put on it but it wasn't more than the recommendation. I ended up just making sure I flipped the bail right when my lure hit the water so there wasn't extra line to get caught when I started reeling. Just kind of a pain to check each time. It almost looks like the part under the spool should be higher. Thanks! Al
  15. Brand new. Never fished. this is the HG Version, not XG instead if a 6.4.1 ratio it‘a a 6.1. will throw in a free gomexus knob. $180 shipped.
  16. Never been used. Has 300yds/30lbs of Sufix 832. Comes with a spare spool. $100 pickup in Plymouth, MA. $115 shipped PayPal.
  17. Hey all, wondering if anyone has a Torium 20 (same grey/gold version) that they’d like to trade/upgrade for a Torium 30. Please note that this trade would be without the spectra line shown in photos because I’m poor and I still need it. Any takers???
  18. I bought a new VR150 about a 12-16 months ago, and also paid another $130 for the extra 125 spool. I used them for about a month of light use fishing off the rocks. I then bought a VSB150 and used that exclusively. The VR then was fished maybe 5-6 times off my boat for jigging bottom fish and caught a few salmon on it. It's never been dunked or abused. It has a few very small nicks from resting on the rocks while landing fish but looks flawless from a few feet away. I can post pics tomorrow when I get to work and have time. As I don't use it anymore I'd like to trade it for a smoother reel like a Stella 6K or maybe a Twinpower 6K plus some cash on your end. I've always been intrigued by a Saltiga but don't know much about them. Only looking for a reel in the 6K shimano size, not smaller or bigger. Trades only at this point. I'd really like another Stella SW 6000. I have the original box, bag, and wrench. Let me know what you got, thanks
  19. Looking for "like new" Shimano Stradic 3000 series reel
  20. Like new. Taken on the water once. Few casts made. No fish hooked into. Line removed and reel has been cleaned. Absolutely mint. $180 shipped. $170 picked up in Queens/Nassau. Prices are firm.
  21. Exterior is scratched and scuffed. Spool is in good shape though. Mechanically smooth. Filled with 15lbPP. $50 shipped. Paypal
  22. Looking for a light duty spin reel under $60 lmk what you have thank you
  23. Brand new. Never fished. Never spooled. Jigging world knob installed. Low gear ratio model. normally sold for $300 asking $280 shipped.
  24. I'd like to try out a long cast reel. like new condition only please. Let me know what you got. Shipping is a must, thanks.
  25. New. Never fished. Newest version of the jigger. Spooled with 30lb jbraid. Added a brand new Trinidad knob. It’s a direct fit. Original knob included. Retail price of the reel $500 knob $60. selling for $460 shipped.