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  1. Heading to OC in a couple of weeks and looking for recommendations. I'll be fishing in the morning and at night. I haven't been there in years since I mostly fish the inlet at Delaware/Henlopen pier/bethany surf or closer to home. Not a fan of the Oceanic Pier with too many boats and jet skis crossing my line What's the best outta the OC inlet, 2-4th street, 9th street pier, Route 50 bridge, Homer Gudelsky Park, Assateague... Any specific spots on the beach for surf fishing (shark)?? I have enough gear to do all types of stuff. Hoping to catch some stripers/bluefish or keeper flounders.
  2. I want to get into some big shark fishing like threshers and makos(I know you're not supposed to catch makos right now) off of NJ. I have been shark fishing before catching duskies, browns, blacktips, and spinners up to about eight feet. Every time we caught them we were using big striper tackle, avet sx, seigler sg, and 6000 size spinninng reels and we used 80-100lb mono for leader with a circle hook and this handled them with no problem. But I know this will not handle a proper shark so I wanted to know some general stuff such as reel size, rod power, what pound main line, how to set up baits, if wire is required, and how to land a thresher. I have heard generally a 30 size conventional for a thresher and a 50 for makos. I was wondering if a tld 20 or 25 would work for threshers and maybe an occasional mako or if this is just too light.
  3. Hello everybody I am bringing this topic to the table to discuss a straightforward question What conventional reel is good for casting on a long rod, for smaller sharks. Using castable shark rigs. I intend to use no less than 50lb braid. Using mono top shot as well I mainly fish conventional reels and not too big on spinners I have a custom surf rod being built 12 foot 6 inches rated 6 to 16 oz and looking to pair it with a good reel for casting out cut baits for smaller sharks Going for blacktips and spinner sharks mainly under 5 foot. The only that seems to make sense for this approach is the Accurate Valiant BV2-500 2 SPEED CONVENTIONAL below are the specs Thanks in advance Gear ratio High: 6:1 Low: 3:1 Max drag 30lb line capacity 425yds/50lb inches per crank High: 45" Low: 23" Reel weight 16.3oz Right handed
  4. Hi everybody! I bought an okuma 8k surf over this off season. I currently have it loaded with a whole lot of 20lb mono. I have seen people taking about using alot of 65lb braid and then a topshot of heavy mono. Supposedly it is strong enough to bring in medium sized sharks and heavy rays. Does anyone else agree with that? It's not a metal body reel but it is strong. I just wanna know if it would hold up to some abuse.
  5. Looking for a XH surf spinning rod. Similar in spec to the 12’ Mojo surf rated for 6-16. Not married to any particular rod. I am interested in 12-13’ rods with a minimum max load rating of 12oz. Let me know what you have. I am on Long Island.If something is out there hope for pick up anywhere on the island. Thanks for looking.
  6. I will be camping on the beach for one day and one night soon. Ill be bringing about 9 rods (to split between some friends ofc), and I want to at least see someone catch a shark. Ive been trying for a while now, but can't catch one. Anyone got any tips? Edit: probably should have mentioned that it's in maine (winter island specifically)
  7. Recently, I caught 3 small dogfish fishing off of Fire Island. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the hooks out of 2 of them. I was using barbless circle hooks, but they had gotten swallowed, and because I had forgotten needlenose pliers and wire cutters, I could not get the hooks out. thankfully they were not near the organs, but I'm feeling very guilty about the fact that I could not get the hooks out. In the future, what is the best thing to do in a situation like this, and should i be feeling guilty for potentially killing these 2 sharks?
  8. 9 shark sightings in one week on the south shore alone. Time to get out the sharking tackle.
  9. Hi All, I have two of my surfcasting combos I use for shark fishing up for sale. They are both spooled with 80 pound powerpro. Will take 220$ for each combo or 400$ for the pair. Pick up in Johnston RI, and can meet anywhere between here and the canal. Rods: BassPro Ocean Master 12' Heavy 20-50Lbs 6-12oz Reels: Daiwa Sealine X 50SHA Some rash on both Mechanically 10/10 Upgraded drags in both
  10. Is shark fishing strictly a summer thing or you can catch some in the surf around spring? In Florida it's year round but I am sure about the surf up in NJ
  11. Can someone help me Id this little guy? I have a few ideas what he can be but not 100% sure. Leaning towards blacktip. Sorry if the pic isn't good, my camera man isn't the best lol. Thanks!
  12. Good sized great white shark surfaced in NJ and stole a boats chum bag *
  13. Chunking combo, suitable for beach sharking. Tica UEHA836502S, 12 ft, 4-10oz, 2-piece spinning rod. Good shape, a little scuffed up. Shimano Baitrunner 6500B, Good shape, a few nicks. Spooled with new 65lb Power pro. Box & paperwork. $150 picked up/meet up. I'm near Morristown, NJ but travel to CT/MA often for work. Probably be around Raritan Bay in the next few weeks as well.
  14. Hi All, Anyone here ever participate in the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Cooperative Shark Tagging Program (CSTP)? I got some tags last week from NOAA and was wondering if anyone had any tips or recommendations. Had some luck with 3-4' sandbars last year .... Planning to use the tags in CMC, Jersey. Thanks
  15. Yo, I want to get into shark fishing from the surf for small/medium sharks, 4/6 feet. I need to get a rod, but I'm not sure which one to get. I don't want to spend more than $100. I was looking on Tackle Direct and after filtering surf rods to being 10-12 feet long w/ medium-heavy to heavy power, I came down to this list: - Penn Prevail 11 foot - Penn Prevail 12 foot - Star Aerial 11 foot - Ugly Stik Bigwater 11 foot - Tsunami trophy surf rod 11 foot (it's normally $130 but right now it's on sale for $90) - Daiwa Emcast - Daiwa Emblem 11 foot Any opinion on which one is best or any idea of another rod that can hurl baits and lead out into the surf and handle some big fish? Thanks gents
  16. Hey guys, I’m picking up a Siegler SG this evening for surf fishing. Most of the time I’ll be casting between the 2nd and 3rd bar on the texas coast with 4-8 ounces of lead and bait. What are some good rods for slinging bait out that far with this reel? Hoping to have 100 yard throws in good conditions with sone practice Most likely will run 250 yards of 50lb braid and fill the rest with 30 - 50lb mono. Targeted species will be bull reds, black drum, and various sharks. (40-200 lb fish) Any advice and suggestions are welcome!
  17. Going out Sunday to the north west corner of the bank. I heard it's doing well out there. Hell I even heard mahi mahi made there way up here because the water is so warm. Anyways starting at north bank and gradually hit Middle bank and than south if needed. Anyone hear of a section thats on fire.
  18. This is a straight poll on whether or not you would support culling the seal population on Cape Cod. The method of culling is not specified, it would be via whatever agreed upon method to reduce the seal population on the Cape
  19. Going out Sunday to the north west corner of the bank. I heard it's doing well out there. Hell I even heard mahi mahi made there way up here because the water is so warm. Anyways starting at north bank and gradually hit Middle bank and than south if needed. Anyone hear of a section thats on fire.
  20. Last night me, my brother and friend were fishing off a rocky point of a private beach in the Dennis area bay side. It was around 10:00 PM a little before dead low and we had been catching a fair amount of stripers between 20 and 32 inches. My friend hooked up on a smaller fish and was bringing it in easily when all the sudden the drag started screaming and going straight out, there was no head shakes, no side to side movement or diving. Whatever had eaten the striper was pulling straight out at a very steady but fast speed. There were no boats in the area. After about 1 minute of pulling drag steady without any signs of stopping the knot connecting the braid to backing gave out and the fish was gone. We were fishing shallow water, at the most it was 10 feet deep but most likely around 6-8 feet. We were fishing off a rocky point but it was surrounded by sand but there were many large boulders around. I have 3 theories for what I could be. My first thought was it was a seal but I’ve never seen any in that area and in videos I’ve seen of seals attacking hooked fish that thrash violently on the surface, there was none of that just a steady unstoppable run. My second theory is that it could have been a dolphin because lately there has been an unusual amount of dolphins around the Sesuit harbor area however the closest I’ve seen them come to shore is about 150 yards and I don’t think they would be hunting in a rocky area where they could get injured. Also I don’t know if a dolphin would try to take a 20 plus inch striper off the hook. My last theory is that it could have been a small Great White because there have been multiple around the 10 foot range spotted in the area in the past week. And I know there already been a few incidents this summer of sharks taking stripers off the hook in the bay. Still I don’t think a shark would be in that shallow and around that many rocks. I would be greatly appreciated if anyone had any input of what it could have been or what could have happened. Thanks.
  21. Alans Limited Great white (predator) #4 7inch 3.6oz $45 shipped
  22. WTB RM Smith sharked out strider. Last one i need for my collection. Also looking for any other customs such as halloween or rudolph.Thanks!
  23. WTB RM Smith Sharks * handcarve * hammerhead * tiger * great white Looking for only new condition. thanks!!!
  24. Bought a large tacklebox and this is stuff I didn't need, heck Not sure what some of it is. There's some large hooks and prewired metal leaders, some Hopkins tins, a large Tuna lure marked Tinker (chipped by one eye) Large Swivels, etc. Everything you see in picture $35.00 $25.00 shipped to lower 48.
  25. I'm heading down to Naples next week (early March) for my last spring break in college, before catching a full time job, with a few freshwater and two saltwater rods. My friends will be out while I'll be catching sand fleas in the surf to catch some small fish to use for bait or to eat (pompano). I then plan on using my saltwater rods to put some bait fish out beyond the surf to try my luck at some sharks in the evenings/night. For those of you that have fished the Naples area, any tips for someone form the north that's not as experienced in surf fishing? Is March a good time for sharks? Any good eating fish I can catch without a boat other than pompano? Are sand fleas good bait and any half of a fish good for sharks? Thanks for the help ahead of time!
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