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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I bought a conventional setup from a garage sale 2 years ago and wondered if it's good for shark fishing at the surf. I would mostly use it to catch browns and spinners from Cape Cod or Long Island. Here's the setup: reel- Shimano Torium 20HG, Rod- Shimano TMC-E76H 7'6" Heavy power and fast action,n with 50lb braid. Obviously, I won't use it now and wait till the summer but I want to make sure that it could handle a decent shark or if I should just use it for bass and blues. Thanks!
  2. I typically go bottom fishing for haddock/cod a couple times per year on a party boat. I also might go a couple times on a friend's boat. I've either rented or borrowed a setup in the past, but I want to buy my own at this point (~$250). For rod, I was originally thinking about the trevala (have experience with it and really liked it), but I've read a few posts saying it's best to get 7'6"-8' length for party boats (why? so you can fish further from boat?) which they don't make (afaik). Other options? For reel, my buddy swears by some of the Penns but I haven't done thorough research on them. I have a couple BGs and a Baitrunner, but don't have any conventional reels. For line - i assume 50lb braid with a relatively long mono leader? Thanks!
  3. Howdy! Last week I was fooled and schooled by the funny fish. Those false albacore sure are difficult to catch (at least for me). I had one hookup on a pink hogy epoxy jig but I lost the fish. I was in my kayak sitting off a beach and waiting for them to pop up and they would pop up right in casting range, but despite this I had trouble. I could see the fish, and cast near them, but had difficulty convincing them to bite. My questions for you guys: What lures are best for you? What leader do you use? Main line: How do you connect the leader to your braid or do you use monofilament? Any resources / articles / videos that you find helpful? I was using two different setups. 1. One was with a 12 pound hybrid line called: Yo-Zuri fluoro-nylon hybrid. This had the lure tied directly with a loop knot and it is the one I hooked up with. 2. My other rig was 20 pound braid connected with a 20 pound fluoro leader tide on by a uni-uni connection or by an FG knot. This was ignored. I obviously don't know what I am doing (totally clueless) and any info would be helpful. Thanks!
  4. Hey Guys, I'm looking to get into striper fishing and was hoping for some advice on gear. I'm most likely going to be fishing off jetties or piers in the MA/RI area, as well as the canal. I was checking out the St. Croix mojo inshore in a 7 foot 6 medium-heavy or heavy, with a Penn battle 2 or Daiwa bg for a reel, either 4000 or 5000 sizes. I also have an older 1o foot Penn pro guide surf rod (pgs1530s10) and a Penn 750ssm reel from my dad. Should I save my money and use what I have, or do you think I should invest in the new setup? I was also thinking of running either 30 or 40 lb braid with a 50 lb fluorocarbon leader. Would that be a good choice for line? Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.
  5. Hello to the fisherman all around the world! I have just purchased a new Dawia Certate 13 2506H with a 3kg (7lb) drag setup. The dragsystem is a single felt washer setup, and i wonder if i can upgrade the drag with Carbontex on a single felt washer to 1. increase the drag, and 2. get the smoother drag. I have google some but online find tutorials on how they do it on a multi-surface-dragsystem. BR
  6. Hello All, I am new to this forum, and new to saltwater and surf fishing (noob)! (have been bass/freshwater fishing for a few years now) I will be going on a trip with some friends next week and want to finalize my setup before we go and just need some advice from more experienced saltwater fishermen. I plan to be going down a few times a year in the summer hopefully atleast 5-10 times this fishing season. I just purchased a surf spinning rod that I got a recommendation from a friend to get: (Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater 2-Piece Spinning Rod 11' Heavy): Specs of the rod: Rod Power & Length: H 11'0" Model: BWS 1100 110 Line Weight: 12-40 lbs. Lure Weight: 2-8 oz. Guides: 6+Tip I am now looking into buying the reel, I am looking for a spinning setup and have my eyes on the Penn Battle II, Penn Spinfisher V, and the Penn Pursuit II (a cheaper alternative to the other 2 reels). I am currently leaning towards the Spinfisher V (in either 5500 or 6500 size). What would you guys recommend? Also, I have done some research on the type of line to use, and I am going with braid, in either 30lb or 40lb test, I am not sure which to go with as I plan to fish with plugs (1 oz or more) and also plan to use bait (bunker,squid,clams). What lb test would you guys say for this setup? Thanks!
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