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Found 8 results

  1. I am looking for some Seeker Blue lightning factory (casting/conventional only) or blanks, 8' and over. I'm located in NYC but can drive a reasonable distance if the rod and price is right. Let me know what you've got!
  2. All in good working order. 1. Rigged Umbrellas with Bag $15 Each Picked Up $25 for both $12 more to ship. Buy both and get the extra tiger bodies too. 2. Shimano 7 foot rod with USA made Penn 113h outfitted with 10 colors of lead $75 picked up, could split out reel and ship it for $65 3. Extra 10 colors of lead $10 picked up, $15 shipped 4. Hand full of live bunker rigs $5 picked up $7 shipped 5. Planerboard handline setup $25 picked up, $35 Shipped 6. Spool mostly full of bulk wire and marking tape, $20 picked up, $28 shipped 7. Spare 300 foot marked wire and backing, $15 picked up, $20 shipped 8. Seeker ba 330-7 wire rod with penn squall 60 leverdrag reel (left retrieve) and 420 feet of marked wire $200 picked up. Dont want to ship, but would split for $90 reel shipped, $120 rod picked up. 9. Big Bunker Spoons $25 each, $32 shipped. $60 for all 3 picked up, $75 shipped all three. 10. Small Bunker Spoons $15 all 3 picked up, $20 shipped all 3 11. Big Swim Plug $20 picked up, $25 shipped 12. Rigged Umbrella Tubes $20 picked up, $25 shipped 13. Rigged Shad Bodies same as Tubes 14. Parachute Jigs $30 picked up for all, $37 shipped. For the whole roll with all the stuff on it add it up and knock of 5% For trades: costa sunglasses, preferred glass lenses, high quality pliers with sheath, electric downrigger. 3 or 4 piece travel surf rod. Located in central Connecticut.
  3. (I am new to the forum so please forgive potential rookie mistakes) I have recently acquired a handful of what I believe are deep sea / big game / trolling rods. I have a poor understanding of rods in general and need some help identifying and describing these rods. I have taken what I think are detailed pictures of each rod and written out any identifying marks. Any additional information or keywords to describe the rods would be a huge help! Here are the rods in question: https://imgur.com/a/FQOo95o Fishing Rod 1 - Aftco BillFisher AC80SP 8-93 - Measures 86", 7'2", Removable Aftco Base https://imgur.com/a/PKESAX2 Fishing Rod 2 - Aftco BillFisher AC50D 8-93 - Measures 84", 7' https://imgur.com/a/EVR7kxP Fishing Rod 3 - Seeker SL660XH-6' AR 50-80lb - Measures 6' https://imgur.com/a/Nor0s7r Fishing Rod 4 - Aftco ARS-2M - Measures 6' https://imgur.com/a/3w9PM7Q Fishing Rod 5 - Star Rods Handmade SUS1220HC 12-20lb Line 1/2-3 oz Lure - 6' 6" https://imgur.com/a/QhGtsq1 Fishing Rod 6 - Star Rods Handmade SUS1630HC 16-30lb Line 1-3 1/2 oz Lure - 6' 6" https://imgur.com/a/2XWoeoK Fishing Rod 7 - Fuji Seat Model FPS-D20GS - Measures 82" 6' 10" https://imgur.com/a/Ebx9DKz Fishing Rod 8 - Star Rods Handmade S812HC 8-12lb Line 1/4-3/4 oz Lure - 6' 6" https://imgur.com/a/Wfu972Q Fishing Rod 9 - Fuji Seat Model FPS-D20GS - Measures 82" 6' 10" https://imgur.com/a/Wfu972Q Fishing Rod 10 - Seeker PS85-7'S 20-40lb - Measures 7' https://imgur.com/a/gerQXOP Fishing Rod 11 - Shimano Triton BeastMaster - Measures 66", 5' 6"
  4. As the title states, I need a blank to have a rod made with that will work well with the Accurate BV-300 (being fished with 30lb braid for use with fluke stripers and tog) in terms of proportion. It is a small reel but I am committed to it and do not want to use a thin nano carbon blank with it. I have the United Composites CE700L and M. I love these rods but they are a bit too thick to use with this reel. Also, the L can hold up to 12oz of lead without being stressed and without the rod tip being too sloppy which makes it the benchmark for me as an all around inshore rod. Seeker inshore lite. I've seen them built and used with the BV-300. I've tugged on it and do like it. My concerns are those days when I'm fishing montauk and I need more than 8oz. I've heard 10oz as the upper limit but feel i'll run into many situations where it isn't enough. I could use 20lb braid to keep the drag down but I think I'll run into trouble with stripers and blues. I do like the tip on it. Also not sloppy and while it shuts off a bit sooner than the CE, still a nice bend to it. Thinner butt diameter. Maybe there's a way to modify the tip to handle more lead without ruining its action? RodGeeks XC733/734. I've tugged on these before. I felt that the tip was much softer/sloppier than the two above. I've learned a bit more about fishing and fishing braid since I first saw them. I would give them another look if they could fill the role I need for them. Also a thinner butt diameter than the CE. I think the 733 falls more inline with the inshore lite, which brings me to the 734. Would this be too stiff a rod? Would it work well with the BV? Opinions please. And @Billy 40 since you've worked with all three (I know your preference), please let me know what you think in relation to my criteria. Thank you
  5. 7' Seeker in excellent condition. Model G870-7. Not sure I ever fished it, prefer spinning. Tackle Direct lists them new at $280 $150 picked up Jersey Shore. Would consider shipping need to estimate based on zip.
  6. So... I collected boat rods in the last year because I was into getting on charter boats and headboats... But it's just too much $$$ to keep going. I am trying to sell these to be able to afford a kayak and accessories... To keep the recurring cost down. I have a wife and kids to feed. I know it won't be the same as going on boat trips, but I'm hoping that I will still have plenty of fun. These are priced to sell. For shipping rods, please add $20 (That's how much it usually costs) and for shipping reels, add $10. I will accept Paypal or checks. For checks, they will have to be cleared before I ship the items. I can meet up in Lewes, DE area and from Baltimore, MD to OC, MD areas. FYI, I will be mostly replying in the evenings, after my kids go to bed. (Available) 7' Phenix Black Diamond (PSW700M). Purchased from TackleDirect. First owner. Used once. Bought it for $280, will sell for $200. (Available) 7' Seeker Stealth Live Bait (STL 7030C-7). Purchased from TackleDirect. First owner. Used once. Bought for $185, will sell for $120. (Available) 7' Calstar Grafigher (GFGR700L). Purchased from MeltonTackle. First owner. Used once. Bought for $280, will sell for $200. (Available) 12' Casting Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water (BWC 1100120). Not sure where I purchased it from, but I am the first owner. Used twice. Bought for $75. Will sell for $40. (Available) 10' Spinning Lamiglas Insane Surf (LIS 10 MS). Purchased from TackleDirect. First owner. Used twice. Bought for $145. Will sell for $90. (Available) 11' Spinning Penn Battalion (BATSF1530S11). Purchased from Amazon. First owner. Used once or twice. Bought for $120. Will sell for $80. (Available) 9' Casting Stellar Lite Surf (PG1230C90). Purchased from TackleDirect. First owner. Used once. Bought for $120. Will sell for $80. (Available) 10' Casting St. Croix Avid Surf (AVSC100MF2). Upgraded a Mojo, so bought from St. Croix directly. Registered. Used a handful of times. $330 new. Will sell for $250. (Available) Penn Squall 15 (SQL15). Bought new from Bass Pro Shops. First owner. Used a dozen times. Has minor rashes, but mechanically 10/10. It either has 25 lb braid or a mix of uni-to-uni braid. I have two and I'm selling one of them. No box or papers. Just the reel. Bought it for $120, will sell for $75. (Available) Shimano Curado E (CU300EJ). Not sure where I purchased it from, but I am the first owner. Used a handful of times. 9/10 cosmetically, 10/10 mechanically. Has 65 lb braid tied to 50 lb braid. No box or papers. Just the reel. Bought it for $220, will sell for $160. (Available) Daiwa Sealine (SL30SH). Purchased it on ebay used. Used it once to test it out. Has minor rashes. It has braid, but not sure what I loaded it up with. No box or papers,. Just the reel. Bought it for $80, will sell for $50. (Available) Shimano Overhead (TR 200G). Purchased it on SOL BTS forum used. I have not used it. It came loaded with 50 lb braid and upgraded power handle. No box or papers. Just the reel. Bought it for $42, will sell for $35. (Available) Shimano Triton Lever Drag (TLD-15). Purchased it on Amazon. Used once. It is loaded with 65 lb braid. Used once. Comes with original box and all the stuff inside of it. Bought it for $127, will sell for $90. I can provide close up pics upon request... But you can see from the description that most are in fairly new condition. Oh, I'm in the market for a kayak (A Hobie with MirageDrive) and accessories. If you have things to trade that fall into "Kayak accessories" category, including a rooftop carrier for a 4-door Altima, I will consider it. If you have other "goodies" to offer up for trade, I'm open to considering it. Not looking to trade with any boat rods, boat reels, surf rods, and surf reels though. Maybe someone will take them all and trade with a used 12' Hobie with MirageDrive? -Update with pics- #1 7' Phenix Black Diamond (PSW700M) #2 7' Seeker Stealth Live Bait (STL 7030C-7) #3 7' Calstar Grafigher (GFGR700L) #4 12' Casting Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water (BWC 1100120) #5 10' Spinning Lamiglas Insane Surf (LIS 10 MS) #6 11' Spinning Penn Battalion (BATSF1530S11) #7 9' Casting Stellar Lite Surf (PG1230C90) #8 10' Casting St. Croix Avid Surf (AVSC100MF2) #9 Penn Squall 15 (SQL15) #10 Shimano Curado E (CU300EJ) #11 Daiwa Sealine (SL30SH) #12 Shimano Overhead (TR 200G) #13 Shimano Triton Lever Drag (TLD-15)
  7. I'd like to sell a G6465H Seeker Black Steel jigging rod with an Avet 4.6 LX reel. Setup is like new condition. Reel is spoiled with 80# saltiga depth colored braid. I have a neoprene cover for the reel as well for those long salty rides offshore. Rod is 6'6" long and rated 30 (40) 50 according to Seeker. All stainless ring guides. No rollers. Gimple butt Total setup cost over $500 with line and reel cover. Asking $375 for the whole thing. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
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