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Found 51 results

  1. CMS Built Rainshadow SW 1208 AND Shimano Saragosa 10k combo. Reel just returned from Shimano service. New 50# super slick. $450 obo
  2. I have a Saragosa 5000 that pretty much suffers the dreaded wobble on all my surf rods. Definitely worse on the low riders. Besides the wobble I do like the reel. Is it assured that if I pair it on a Tiralejo it won't wobble? I'm wondering if the Shimano rods are designed for the parallel reel foot on their reels. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, I just purchased a 2020 Shimano Saragosa 14,000 and the screw that is in the handle that attaches the handle to the reel has a small bit of movement. It causes the handle to move a small amount and is noticeable when attached to the reel. It will still probably work fine, but is more annoying than anything else. Does anyone else who has a 2020 Saragosa have any experience with this?
  4. Saragosa SW6000, loaded with 30# PP (I think). Bought new from Tackle Direct a few years ago and used one or two times a year. Very minor scratch on rotor (see pic) is the only issue that I know of. $200 shipped to the lower 48 with payment via PayPal.
  5. WTB 2020 Shimano Saragosa SW 8000 Spinning Reel
  6. As far as I know for the old Saragosa SW the 8000 and 10000 shared a body size with different spools. And in stellas and other Shimanos I believe the 14k and 18k share body size with different spools. Just based on the weights listed for the new Saragosa SWA on shimano’s website the 10000 (24.3 oz) and new 14000 (24.7oz) sizes are closer in weight than the 10000 (24.3) and 8000 (23.8 oz). In addition the 14k (24.7oz) and 18k (32.2oz) are further apart in weight than the 10k and 14k. So basically the 8k and 10k are .7 ounce apart and the 10k and 14k are only .4 ounce apart. The 14k and 18k are a whole 7.5 ounces apart. Does this mean the new 14k gosa is a 10k with a deeper spool, apposed to a 18k with a smaller spool? I read on a Aussie site that they are sliming down the body on all sizes to cut weight. None of my local tackle shops have gotten the new Saragosa yet, and I seems j and h is still waiting on the larger sizes. Does anyone have any insight into this mystery?
  7. Looking for a Saragosa/Spheros/TWP handle, or, just this knob. If you've got a spare beat handle or can get the knob off a reel that's been trashed, would be golden and extremely grateful. Condition is secondary. Edit* selected a better picture.
  8. Saragosa 4000F Excellent condition $150 pp shipped Accurist ac 101 Hpta lefty Excellent condition 2 handles - upgrade as shown and oem with paddles $70 pp shipped
  9. For Sale Used. Local Pick up / meet up preferred Boston. 4 Shimano 6k Saragossa 30lb pp super slick. $190 each. 4 Shimano Thunnus 8k 50lb j braid. $200 each. 4 Shimano South East Teramar Spinning Rods 7'6" medium heavy, extra fast. $90 each. 2 Shimano Terez Spinning TC4 rods 7'2" heavy 40-80lb $100 each. 1 Shimano Teremar West Coast Spinning 8' medium, Extra fast, 20-40lb. $100
  10. Lightly used Shimano Saragosa SW6000, condition 9.5/10. Comes with box. $180 shipped, PayPal
  11. Lookin for Either reel 1. Saragosa 4000F 2. Shimano Stella 5000sw with 6000 spool preferred must have box please and in excellent to mint condition thanks
  12. Listing this one for a friend. Brand new 2020 Gosa 6000 SWA. He pre-ordered one not realizing they would be released as soon as they were then purchased one at the local shop. Its brand new I only took it out and spun the handle a little to see what they feel like, super smooth. I'd probably buy it myself if I didnt have 2 smaller Stellas. Comes with everything shown, box, papers, etc. $200 shipped paypal
  13. Hi friends, i want to buy new reel to pair with my mojo surf 9' mmf2 1 - 4oz rod, i see in many online shops than saragosa is sold out as hell, theres another reels like the new clash 2 and the daiwa saltist, what you think about? is better wait for another saragosa stocks, or clash 2 and saltist worth too? I want to cast 1 1/2 to 2oz plugs, mag dart, bucktails and topwaters. Fishings arround snooks and tarpons most of the time.
  14. So I'm looking to grab a gift-card to Cabelas from a ThankQ point program at work. I can basically get a $700.00 gift-card if I want to. So I've been shopping around a bit for a new small reel i want to put on an old 8' GUSA I have... Here's the very strange part. Cabelas has a much different description AND price than tackledirect... The listed weight is 4 OZ off... TackleDirect is sold out regardless but I'm more curious about the weight difference... TD followed by Cabelas
  15. In addition to being Long Island's worst fisherman, I have a terrible habit of always changing my mind. So instead of buying a 7' inshore rod which I now believe is too small to handle the lures I use bay fishing (thread here), my new plan is to buy a new 9 foot surf rod rated for 1/2 to 3oz, or something similar. I also want a new reel, and I'll keep my current 9' surf rod for friends and family. Looking for something more sensitive than my current 9' Tica TC2 (1/2 to 3oz) moderate power with mod/fast action- it's mounted with an older Shimano reel which has seen better days. I think a 9 foot rod is a great length for the kind of fishing I am doing - targeting stripers, blues from the surf/ocean beach and also in calmer bay waters. I like to use lures like poppers, minnows and trying to improve with bucktails. I rarely use bait but I'll probably do more of that later this summer from the beach. Suppose you had up to $350 to spend on a surf rod, 9' with faster action. I don't need the best gear available but won't mind spending a few extra $$$ to get a really nice setup I can keep for a long time. I'd love to hear some opinions on these rods, and would love any recommendations: * ODM NXG-93 Genesis * Tsunami Airwaves * St. Croix Mojo * Penn Battalion Paired with a Shimano Saragosa 6000 size (does this make sense?) Thoughts?
  16. Morning, It's been awhile since I've been on here and had to post. Had a very contentious divorce battle for almost 3 years. I was just finally able to get my fishing equipment back but unfortunately the X did not return my reels. I'm looking to replace them but can't really afford full retail. Looking to buy a Shimano Stella 10K or 14k. 2008 model 10K welcome. Also, a Shimano sphero's 10K or similar goosa. Just getting back on my feet. Anybody with anything laying around let me know I'll put it to a good home.
  17. Yes, I have read almost every thread on this topic. Yes, I know that there is no all in 1 set up. Yes, I am still making this thread. My goal is to get close for an "AI1" set up that could do plugs swimmers and jigs on the cape cod canal while also holding down surfcasting around the cape, not going to do anything insane though. I am looking to pair a reel with my St Croix legend surf 10'6" MH 1-6 oz The year is 2020, and Japan has 2 hot new reels SALTIGA and STELLA. Do I need to spend 1000 on one? I can but does it mean I should? Saragosa? I want to hear your thoughts stripersonline! Suggestions for reel and size would greatly be appreciated. See you on the canal!
  18. WTS a practically new shimano saragosa sw6000 that I bought new at the beginning of the season and only had 2 opportunities to use it. It’s already spoiled with over 300yds of 40lb braid. $190 and plz no tire kickers. I’m in north shore Ma and sometimes southern NH.
  19. Gosa 8k used once, spooled with 50lb Pp. Also comes with box, looking for $240 shipped USPS. Located in RI.
  20. Used one season. Knob never touched, I had my stella knob on it. A few scuffs on the rotor, nothing major. Does not wobble. Would prefer to sell locally, cash only. No trades. Has power pro 25lb on the spool. $235. I'm in the Boston area. Thanks SOL.
  21. I'm trying to find a rod to balance well with my Saragosa 8000. Tossed up between a Tsunami Airwave Elite, TFO, Star Stellar surf rod, or a St. Croix Mojo. Would prefer a 10'6"/11' rod. Does anyone know if any of the aforementioned rods with lure ratings of 2-6 oz will successfully cast 1/2-1oz lures or should I be looking at the moderate 1-4 oz ratings? I mostly fish 2-3oz sinkers with live shrimp or pinfish but would like to occasionally throw lures. I'd like to find a matching rod that is not to stiff with good sensitivity but still able to pull in a red drum, snook, smaller sharks, and/or pompano. Any help is appreciated. Budget is maxed at $250, preferably less (per the Wife ).
  22. As title says, looking for a 6K and 10K in great shape. Meet up would be local to CCC or Falmouth to W. Bridgewater MA. thanks. Have cash or the following possibly for trade if interested: ugly stick jig rod with Avet SX 5.3 on it, custom 8' boat rod, tuna plugs and jigs, guns, compound bow. Whatever I just probably rather purchase outright.
  23. As title says, looking for a 6K and 10K in great shape. Meet up would be local to CCC or Falmouth to W. Bridgewater MA. thanks. Have cash or the following possibly for trade if interested: ugly stick jig rod with Avet SX 5.3 on it, custom 8' boat rod, tuna plugs and jigs, guns, compound bow. Whatever I just probably rather purchase outright.
  24. I'm wondering if it's going to be too big and cumbersome. I used to use a 18K I think but have use the 10K size reels for at least the last 6 or 7 years only. I do have the hunch that the 10K Saragosa is up for the abuse but opted for the bigger brother as I do go off shore a few times a year at least and sold the Stella's. Hoping to be able to jig with this for years but also through plugs. thoughts? experience? thanks