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Found 14 results

  1. Its been close to a year since the salt x came out and people were saying time will tell if its good. So is the reel proven to last up a long time with going out about 15 times a month, washed after every trip, being dunked uncommonly, and not reeled underwater.
  2. I have Tsunami Saltx 6000 silver in excellent condition (spooled with 20 LB Power Pro braid). Would like to trade for Saltx 4000.
  3. Hi just wondering what size reel would be ok on an 11 foot tsunami for pencil popping? I want to put the new slammer dx 5500 on it, but worried it would be small?
  4. Anyone rocking both the tsunami saltx rod and reel? Just wanna hear a take on how they balance with eachother? Would the 4000 be too small for the 10’6 model? Let me know!
  5. New to surf fishing. Looking to buy a Saltx 4000. Thanks
  6. Want to sell my black Saltx 4000 with new 20lbs power pro. 1.5 years old. Very Good condition but was used. Small scratches on the bail and rotor. I just cleaned/greased it to be put away for the season. $315 plus $17 PP, shipping via USPS.
  7. I just discovered an unexpected or even considered bonus of a real that allows the switching of the handle to either side. I have pretty advanced rheumatoid arthritis compounded with significant osteo as well. My hands are no longer what the once were and holding even a sheet of paper for more than a few seconds can be painful on some days. Physical uses can render them unless for several days. Today I have been out practicing with my new reels and rods. My right hand got painful as usual then pretty much failed after about a 20 or so cast/retrievals. It was actually pretty disheartening as I have worried they might relegate me to bait sit & wait fishing from now on but hey, fishing is fishing no matter. While resting the hands a light sort of went on when looking at my SaltX...I can change the handle in just a minute or two so why not see if I can do that to keep fishing. It actually worked . It isn't perfect as the other hand will still be fatigued and painful to even grip something but I can just up the pain meds (51yrs practice with that aspect of this frustration)... I was able to keep practicing the casts and learning if bailless will work for me. I got a good 20-25 or so addition casts. I still had to stop at that point and while waiting I just swapped the handle around again. It's surely not an ideal solution but it just might help me have m ore fun fishing so thought I would share the discovery. And YES I get it that frequent changing might be an issue at some point but when you have such limitations you learn to find ways to work around the physical limits. Maybe someone with similar physical concerns might try this or share their solutions?
  8. Looking to sell 2 SaltX 6000 Spools. The one loaded with new green Sufix 832 30lb was used twice and the other with 40lb onyx v2 was barely used. $60 for the new SaltX 6000 spool w/ 40lb onyx. $50 for the Sufix spool $100 for both
  9. I just thought I'd share....I've mentioned a bit that I'm totally replacing my saltwater gear after about 20yrs away from fishing anywhere. Been hunting sealed reels because I'm older now and flat do not trust my hands not to drop a reel in the drink now and then, even before I dunked my old Mitchell 302 a zillion times but that reel was so simple to maintain I could even clean it, repack grease and be back fishing in 20-30 min. Not with today's gear unless I went with a Z. Narrowed down to the Slammer III, the Torque 2 and the SaltX. I have to admit for some reason the SaltX totally seduced me and, like my wife, I have no idea how that happened. I was bewitched for sure. I usually have zero problems being patient in these things. Then I was shopping last night in my typical insomnia (life time of poor sleep). I just said 'screw it' and bought a Torque 2 5500 and a SaltX 6000. YES I know they are essentially the same reel size class but maybe that is a good thing? Of course I added a new but frugal rod, an Okuma Rockaway 10' 1002mh just because I needed something and they seem like decent mid-range rods and will be OK for now. Plus the rod is rated for 1-4oz which I take to mean nothing more than 3oz and maybe I can sneak in a 3/4oz on the low end. Where I live we have lots of wind and low or non-windy days are by far the minority and the wind is a guarantee after about 3pm every day. Added some line, was thrilled to find my exact old Case folding fishing knife was still being made...I really missed that one it does everything I ever needed. I've never fished with braid and thought a couple 300yd spools would let me get a sense if I like or will never adjust to it and go back to just mono. I picked what I guessed are decent options Power Pro SSV2 40# (wanting a bit more diameter so I can see it, hahaha) and J-Braid x8 in 40# as well. From reading and watching YT I reached the idea that a rounder line would handle wind better than the flatter brands? Please do let me know if you see flaws or something I missed in what I am trying? Oh, I put good old mono om my new US Senator 113N for bait casting. I think it was supposed to be 25# but zi have my doubts there as a, supposedly, 540yd spool only filled 2/3rd's of the spool. Then I read the diameter and it is equivalent of about 17# US mono. See I never knew there were different standards for line measurements. Sigh...we'll see. I am going to put about 150yds or so mono backing on both the new spinners to save cash (unless I can catch a few fish, I'm eating cat food for the next 47yrs now.) I have the defense of I got it all thanks to an offer from my CC I used to take 18-months no interest so the hit isn't that awful. I did hold back though, I mean there is always next month, right? I just hit 60 this month and decided screw it all, my heath kinda sucks so enjoy it while i still can. Hoping to hit the road for a year covering the coastline of the US fishing everywhere I can. My cat, Ozzy, thinks I am crazy...
  10. Looking to sell brand new, never used Tsunami Saltx 6000 for $350. Willing to ship or local pickup in NJ or MD.
  11. NIB. $300.00. Includes shipping via UPS or FedEX Ground to lower 48 States.
  12. Hi SOL, Looking to sell my SaltX rod - 9'6" medium action, rated 1/2 - 3oz. Looking for $200 picked up in the NYC area I bought this rod in September of this year and have used it regularly since then. The overall condition of the rod is good but there are some signs of use which are shown in the pictures below. light scratches on the reel seat threading and some varnish is coming off from the male part of the ferrule. Only selling as I recently upgraded to the ODM Genesis and no longer have a need for it. It has been used mainly for throwing tins, minnows and bucktails up to 2oz and to be honest I'll be sad to see her go. The action is moderate and it handled fish beautifully from the open beach. Specs listed below: 100% D16 Nanotech, IM7 Carbon Fiber Construction Eight Axis Blank Construction for Greatest Hoop Strength Genuine FUJI® Silicon Carbide Braid Broof, "K" Frame Guides Genuine FUJI® Graphite and Stainless Steel Reelseats with BACK STOP® Lock Rings 70 / 30 Ferrule for smooth, one piece action Durable, Light Weight Shrink Vinyl Grips With Scale Textured Stops Tough, High Gloss Epoxy Wrap Finish Please let me know if any questions
  13. $350 shipped with pay pal. 40lb power pro SS. I replaced all of the grease because it was way too stiff. It’s smooth now. Used twice. I want to get a Visser so this won’t get used.
  14. Looking for something to HURL bigger tin and plugs than my 1201M, which I don't go over 3 ounces. My choices are limited to: Super Surf 2G 2-5oz. , Arra Surf Pro 1261, Lami GSB 2-5oz., Cousins Ron Arra, SaltX, and Shimano Tiralejo Would appreciate input on these. Thx, Woody
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