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Found 33 results

  1. Hey guys, I have a 7 foot shakespeare alpha rod with 20lb test line and I want to catch a fat cow striper in the cape cod canal in a few weeks. I've heard that you need a 10 foot rod to fish the cape cod canal, is this true? I dont have the extra money to get a new set up but i was thinking of throwing a live eel on the hook and throwing it out as far as i can and let the eel swim around and hopefully the stripers will eat it. Has anyone ever fished with a rod under 10ft in the canal? I have a primal urge to catch a fat cow fish and cook it up and eat it with some panko fried in the oven and i really need to make this happen. Can someone help me out with my shakespeare 7 footer whats my best bet to catch a fatty? *whats the best set up for me?*
  2. About 3 years ago after a life fishing the surf and saltwater I decided to learn as much as I could about the fresh water fishery and explored NJ's various lakes and ponds. Had so much success that summer catchen some beautiful largemouth. Really was amazed by the tranquilty of the fishing. Very different from the intensity of surf fishing with regards to crowds, conditions, and equipment. Was wondering, any of you guys split your time up throughout the "peak" salt water months (April-December)? Really enjoyed that particular summer and thinken of sprinkling in a few sweetwater sessions throughout the coming season. Having grown up along the NJ coast, salt will always be my 1st love, but I definitely became hooked to the new world of freshwater. Just curious if any of you take a break from the usual routine of hunting for stripes, blues, and albis to go after large, sunnys, crappie, and other NJ freshwater fish. Good luck to all.
  3. Folks, I have been fly fishing freshwater for many (a lot) years, but realise that saltwater crossover is like going back to the first rung on the ladder. I can tie, cast and read a river but I would like to get some input from the forum as to what the real key challenges are. I know there will be a giant list of points, but if contributers could put down their top 3 challenges that they have experienced in moving to saltwater that would help myself (and hopefully others) understand where to concentrate our learning. I am thinking of presentation, retrieve, blind / targetted rather than kit but also input on KEY equipment is very welcome. Thanks Jim
  4. All, I've got a Pflueger Supreme 35 that I purchased Summer 2017 (I think, but 5% chance it was summer 2016), and I can't find any info about it online. I'm trying to decide if it's OK for saltwater use. Online I can only find Supreme 35x. I don't see any indication of the "x" on my reel, but I'm not sure if it's the same thing. The 35x is saltwater approved. Edit: it says "SupSp35x" on the bottom of the box, but nowhere else. I'm assuming it's salt safe? Any ideas?
  5. I was wondering what rod you guy would use with a 3000 saltist back bay i was thinking a 8-14 pound test rod (usually labeled as medium light) but i know that the saltwater daiwa reels tend to be on the larger side so i'm just looking for some of your input
  6. Brand new, never used Cheeky Limitless 475 and spare spool. This is in the limited edition all black that is currently sold out on their site. Awesome 10-12wt reel. Has a fully sealed drag and tons of stopping power. Awesome for fly fishing for tarpon, bull reds, stripers, albies or offshore. Comes complete with boxes, pouch, etc. retail is $670 for the reel and spool, now asking $450. PM or call/text 508-735- zero two nine eight
  7. Does anybody have any insight on the shimano speedcast ive seen it a few times and I was wondering if it’s a good feel or not
  8. Im just wondering if the stradic sw is going to be sold in the U.S. I saw scoobydoos video on it and you can get them on eBay but i just want to know the status on them and if its worth the hassle of getting one
  9. Im just wondering if the stradic sw is going to be sold in the U.S. I saw scoobydoos video on it and you can get them on eBay but i just want to know the status on them and if its worth the hassle of getting one
  10. So my new to me boat has been great. I have been pushing with the muffs religiously the last couple weeks I owned it, and even run in freshwater to be sure. The other day I wanted to use Hondas flush option that attaches to the garden hose on the 150. I know it isn't as good, but figured let's try it out. So I screw on the hose, turn it on, and by the time I get back to the boat, the hose is out of control spraying everywhere. I reconnect, try again, and same result.....4 times. So today I researched this issue. Pictures speak for themselves, but a full salt lick clog was in there. Works great now!
  11. Can anyone help me make up my mind on a saltwater spinning reel? Looking at ~ $150 reels and so far the spinfisher and BG have come to mind of course, as well as the tsunami shield. Penn conflict looks nice too, but can it handle big game? Thanks
  12. How's it going out there everyone? It's been a while since I've been into the surf, or beach in general due to medical issues and hospital trips over the course of 2 years. I was just looking for general info on where I can wet a line for striped bass, blues, porgy, seabass, dig for clams, squid jig or crab net. I fished Plum Island yesterday and it was slow for me last night, not much bait anywhere except for a clams every 15ft {are these surf clams edible? white big shells} looking to try something new . I currently am using a mojo surf 10'6 3/4-4oz medium and a pen spinfisher v 6500, I also have a Tsunami trophy surf rod 3-6oz medium heavy for chunking or throwing big bucktails/jigs in the Merrimack river. I am willing to drive 1-2 hours for spots. Just looking for general areas to explore and gain more experience with the plugs in my bag which I'm trying to limit to 8 or less to become proficient with specific techniques. I have fished , Deer Island , Plum Island, some beach fronts in Ispwich and Salem. I have only really fished from shore and do not have access to my own boat.
  13. So I have a question I’m in the market for a new reel for stripers, blues and bottom it’s between Avet MXL 5.8 and the Seigler Small I’m coming here for your honest opinion on which one would you purchase and why?
  14. Hey guys, I've recently become enthralled with hitting the surf for some bigger fish than the 6-inch dinky Large Mouth Bass at my local lake. The idea of using the biggest body of water available to me to catch fish that I can actually take home and eat is extremely appealing to me. The fish I intend on hitting primarily are Perch, Corbina, Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod, and Striped Bass (if they're around). I am unsure as to whether Rockfish and Lingcod inhabit my local Orange County jetties but they look like loads of fun to catch! I know that Leopard Sharks, Rays, Guitarfish, as well as other larger species inhabit my local beaches so I'd like those fish to be taken into account on the off chance I hook one. I would prefer my gear not to snap and leave me a little in the hole! I've been doing a lot of research on gear and technique and have been looking at a few reels and rods and would appreciate advice on my choices. The reels I am looking at (Open to suggestions, of course): Fin Nor Lethal LT60 Penn SSV Penn Battle II For the rods (open to suggestions again, and also unsure of what size rod I should purchase): Offshore Angler Powerstick Star Stellar Lite Daiwa Beefstick Ugly Stick Surf Rod I've been watching a ton of videos on rigs and general fishing tips. So I have a rough idea as to what I need. I know that I need a variety of 1-4oz sinkers (both pyamidic, round, and coin), basic sabiki rigs for bait fish, ~30(?) Pound braid and fluoro leader, and hooks (unsure of what size). For baits, I've heard that Berkeley Gulp Sandworms are "Perch Crack", shrimp and sandcrabs are good; however, I am uneducated in swimbaits so I would also be open to advice there. General beginners advice for the species I have listed would also be very helpful. Any advice and help is much appreciated! Thank you!
  15. Ok, I have been gifted a handfull of johnson 1/8oz spoons in various colors. I'll be honest, I have never used a spoon before so I don't know techniques for temp., species, or time of year. I got a recommendation to try a silver one for skipjack (catfish bait) but would the hook on the 1/8 oz be too large? (I want this to be an open topic and maybe lead to a start of newbie threads to explain certain bait/lure presentations.) I did find some info but for that specific question I can't find answer. Thank you all and good luck fishing.
  16. looking for 1) duo realis jerkbait 120sp and 80s lures in the same weight and style mostly sinking plastic lures for small barracudas, amberjacks,groupers,tervallys from shore. 2) also for my hots gipgang 120g max for big reef fish GTS, dogtooths stick baits and poppers similar to hery skipjack popper 90g, halco , shibuki 80g, baby runboh
  17. I just ordered the new Horus latest 2017 colors and have a couple of extra ones.These jigs are great and not easy to get (made in Egypt).4 colors left 200G17$ eachOr62$ for all 4accepting trades for stickbait and popper suitable for hots gipgang 78 mh (120g max)all prices are plus shipping.
  18. Shot this video a while back and thought I'd share.
  19. Hi fellow anglers, I just got into fly fishing since moving to Florida 6 months ago. On Tuesday the 4th, I am going home to visit my family in Williamsburg, VA and would really like to do some fishing while home. I only have an 8wt saltwater rod, so I know my options are going to be somewhat limited. I hit up a angler I found online and he told me I could find striped bass along the Colonial Parkway, but he was kinda vague and CP is kinda big. Haha! Im guessing if I can find the fish, clousers are going to my best bet for flies? Any advice that anyone have might have for a fly fishing newbie would be greatly appreciated! Specific locations? Flies? Do I need a VA fishing license? Thanks guys! Jesse
  20. Hey guys any opinion on this reel? The reason I am asking is because I am getting into a new surf setup, decided on a TFO 11ft Tactiocal Series (mind could change), but still looking for a nice reel. I am novice level fisherman use to be living in CT, but relocated to OK. I was thinking a Penn Slammer 3 5500, but unfortunately its a little out of my price range, then I looked at the new Diawa BG series and was thinking between a 4500 and 5000 series, however I was browsing Youtube the other day and found out about SurfCasterJournal and saw this. This application will be for dam fishing, down south here in Oklahoma/Texas Stripers are fished mostly at dams. So I am fishing 3/4oz-2oz jig heads with flukes or sassy shad and throwing 1oz to 3oz top water plugs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My price range for rod and reel would be around ($400). (Edit - please no commercial links ~ Sudsy)
  21. Looking to sell newly used St. Croix Avid Series inshore casting rod – model VIC70HF 15-30 7ft paired with like new Shimano CT300d Calcutta reel. Both were bought brand new this spring. I have used the outfit twice (this was my first bait casting outfit) and really just decided I don’t like bait casting setups compared to traditional spin outfits. Rod bot directly from St. Croix for $260 and reel purchased from tackledirect for $380. Reel is spooled with 300 yards of #30lb aqua green power pro super slick (another $35). Line color matches the rod. This is a $700 outfit after tax used twice, washed after each use, and stored inside. Asking $575 for the outfit ($225 rod & $350 for reel). Willing to sell separately – contact me directly if you need pictures, but literally like new. See links below for details. Located in Wilton, CT, can ship or meet. *
  22. Hi All, Hope your season has been going well. I'm new to the forum and need some direction. I just purchased a Scott Tidal 8wt and am in the market for a nice reel match up. I'm comparing 3 reels: Galvan - torque Allen- Kraken Xla Nautilus -? I don't have a local shop that carries any of these reels so I'm looking for some advice on performance, balance, fit and fish. Thanks in advance!
  23. I'm getting a minor grinding noise when I use my cabo. I have washed the whole thing out with hot water and re lubed/greased it all up and am still feeling it grind when I reel in. The only thing I have not done is take the side plate off and taken a look at all the internal gears and re greased those up. This will be my next step unless anyone has any suggestions or experienced this before and has any ideas for a fix?
  24. WTS NEW in Box Shimano Twin Power SW 10000PG 2016 Spinning Reel The SW technology which was previously exclusive to the flagship Stella adorns the Twin Power family. With sizes from 4000 through to a powerhouse 10000 size, these are seriously tough reels, appealing to saltwater anglers seeking all sizes of fish including big game blue water species. Freshwater spinning experts will also appreciate such top-end quality. Bristling with advanced features including AR-C spool, SR one-piece bail arm and Waterproof Rigid Support Drag. Gear ratios range from 4.9:1 on the 8000PG model, to a pacy yet perfectly measured 6.2:1 on the 5000. Powered by S A-RB bearings, these are true thoroughbreds. Pinion Gear: Super hard brass Stainless steel bail Aluminum rotor X-Ship technology X-Rigid Rotor X-Tough Drag XGT7 Side Cover per Shimano Specs 22.9oz, 4.9 / 1 gear ratio, 55 lbs of max drag!!! (wow) Super Smooth with 10+1 Bearings Holds lots of Power Pro LBS / Yards = 50/360, 65/290, 80/215 Never used - sealed in box. With reel bag, box, papers - brand spanking new. I got this with another Twin Power and decided on a different direction and won't need this. Model number TP10000SWBPG Seen online for $619 USA ship to $537 from Japan? I will let this go for only $499 includes the PP fees Free ship to lower 48 I can do $489 if you want to send me a USPS money order Free ship to lower 48 actual pics coming soon- but this is brand new in box
  25. I have a very nice Mitchell 302 from the end of 1952. Still has the sticker and everything. I have had it inspected, cleaned. repaired, and lubed once after I bought it, but was not thrilled with the work or the price. I use this reel in salt and freshwater, and it's time for another bath. I can do the spool all day, but want a pro to do the reel guts. Any recommendations?