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  1. I never put too much thought into it before my first import Daiwa purchase, but now when looking at a 2023 Saltiga I figured I should ask some questions for the folks with experience. I purchased a Australian Certate LT 4000D-C (ARK Model), I had read that you can typically get imports serviced in the US but not warrantied before purchasing, but I would love to hear your experience with both below(warranties and service)! I am thinking of picking up a JDM 23 Saltiga and wanted to ask about JDM reels getting serviced in the US and peoples experience with it, and has anyone sent their reel to japan for warranty or servicing and how was that experience? I am willing to get the XH model, as that is what is sold in the US market, if that makes getting it serviced here more likely. Two extra questions, does anyone have a 4000 certate and a 23 saltiga? Which size do you feel like is a worthwhile upgrade from the 4000 for a different reel size feel, thinking 5000 or 6000 with a bias towards the 6000. Secondly, does anyone have a 6000 23 Saltiga and what size rod do you like throwing it on?
  2. Wtt my daiwa saltiga 14000 for saltiga 4000 It has to be in the same condition as mine. Prefer meet for trade or I like to sell my for $750
  3. Trying to out weight the pro’s and con’s of a JDM Stella and JDM Saltiga vs USA and here’s my issue I’m not a guy that tears apart my reels and self services but I do like the fact the Stella 4000swc is cheaper and does come in HG USA only offers XG but I’m running into the issue do I wanna give away my rights to the platinum service or will I just get away with sending a HG in and they fix it anyways. Or is there anyone that fixes JDM that’s not outrageous or could I even send it to digitalis to get serviced. I figured with the Saltiga 2023 4000 it’s too early if a release to buy JDM with potential problems to work out in the reel and mag seal is a b*tch so just go USA on that. I do have a 2020 20k Saltiga and it’s two seasons in and it hasn’t skipped a beat to need any service. just figured I’d put this out to get anyone’s .02 really stuck on the Stella whether I wanna go JDM or USA. I don’t mind paying but can I get away with it in JDM with either not servicing or sending to USA shimano especially since I want the HG not XG or do I go USA and hell if the gears on the XG burn up send it back and get new ones.
  4. They announced it, smaller saltigas! 4k, 5k, and 6k sizes! Anyone seen one in the wild yet?
  5. Have a BNIB ‘20 Saltiga 20000-H I am looking to either trade or sell. This reel is not the best fit for what I will be using it for. I don’t have to get rid of this reel and may still keep it, I just prefer something with a lower retrieval speed. Sell - $900 + ship (to be calculated) Trade - Looking for Stella 20k *** If new Stella, I am willing to add cash as there is a clear price difference from one to the other *** Will absolutely consider a used Stella and will discuss trade details with anyone interested I have not even cracked the box yet, if I get any serious inquiries, I’ll open box for additional photos. - Andrew
  6. Hello all, I want to sell my saltiga 2020, 14000-XH. Reel was used on boat for rec size tuna, 1 fish was caught. Just one season for it (purchased on spring 2021). Condition: Mechanical: 10/10 cosmetics: 9.5/10 (some tiny marks). Price: 800$ pick up around Sound Boston or 825$ shipped insured to lower 48. Reel will come with box, bag, paper and receipt for any service or warranty. Here some pics below! Let me know if you have any question Thank you!
  7. Selling on be half of a friend , 599.95 to your door Mechanically 10/10 cosmetically 8.5/10 major scratches on knob if you want a new knob replace , I have one brand new , will sell separately 35 to your door
  8. I have a brand new saltiga 18000 spool looking for trade a 20000 spool , thanks
  9. Clearing out gear for new projects, 1st is a Daiwa Saltiga Bay Jigger 4000 I purchased a few months ago from Tomos. Used about two times virtually new minus one very small blemish near the reel foot (and that's just me nitpicking). Asking $450 shipped pp 2nd is a brand new never used Twinpower 6000HG. Never fished, this was purchased from Digitaka but is the same as the "US reel" as its the 6K HG. Asking $350 shipped pp. Both reels come with all original paperwork box, etc. Please see pics.
  10. Beautiful condition. Looks new. Very minor scuffs under the body and one tiny scratch on the handle. Used only 3 times since 2012. She’s a safe queen. Serviced by Daiwa 2 years ago and never used since. 250 yards of new 40lbs PP Slick. $400 pickup Plymouth, MA. $415 shipped PayPal.
  11. WTS babied Saltiga 5000h, very well taken care of very light use last season or 2 bought this new only few years ago Mechanically 10/10 Cosmetically 8or9/10 spool and line roller like new couple marks on power knob and reel foot like all saltigas gears and drag like new Has been general serviced by daiwa it has full spool 50 pound pp SV2 520$ pp Shipped!
  12. $550 shipped to your door…price drop i paid $550 for it online Japan dealer, and spent $100 in Jerry brown 30# test braid 400-450 yards, fresh new braid. I used twice since owning it caught Spanish mackerel only. I’m selling to buy something else. Saltiga 4000h, I believe this is the 2015 version I’d rate 8.5 cosmetic…minor scratches, no big deal…you’d have to really look for them 10 mechanical, buttery smooth, works as you’d expect a Saltiga should last serviced: unknown Comes with box
  13. FS: 2015 Daiwa Saltiga 5000H. $650 plus shipping This reel is in fantastic shape and has been used infrequently. I purchased it in 2020 as NOS, just sitting at my local dealer in the box. It's spooled up with 30lb braid. I believe it's PowerPro but I am not positive. Includes the bag, box, and paperwork. It's simply not getting used. I'm more of a fly and surf guy these days.
  14. Going to let this go to free up space. Never used. Closet queen. Sat in box its whole life, next to my other Saltigas. Has everything from factory. Box bag clamp reel. If your a southpaw, this is up your alley. Use it or collect it. Lefty models are getting fewer and fewer now. They are only getting rarer. Made in Japan. Legendary tank built reel, Saltiga C6181 bronze gears. Reels will last a lifetime. $450 shipped. $430 cash local 11209. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
  15. Likely not going to use this reel this year or two. I already sold my 8000H +14k spool on 360T brand new, unused, never lined, never wetted. Saltiga 8000P . low 4.8:1 ratio. Not available in US. US only got the H and XH model. Massive power for jigging, topwater, or bottom action. much more powerful than the H or XH models. Selling together with a beautiful optional. this spool is beautiful in design. SLP Works 8000 Low Drag Tune (LDT) spool. LDT spool has 15KG drag compared to standard of 25KG. it gives you a more operating drag range for lighter lines under PE3. it wont run at the line snapping 25kg drag. 30lb max is great for slow jigging with PE2. since youd use about 10lbs normally. 10-15lbs is hard to pinpoint with the normal standard 25KG (50lbs max) spool. Slow jig with the ldt spool 400-600m of line down to 300m depths. Speed jig with standard spool pe5 250M cast topwater with standard spool pe4 300m. One reel, can be used on 3 rods. Versatility. Reel is located in Brooklyn NYC. No need to import or pay taxes, i did it all already first time round. Reel itself $800 shipped. (why bother buying used reels for $700-800....) Reel and spool $1000 shipped.
  16. Looking for complete box, bag, etc 2015 Saltiga 4000 in like new/ mint condition thank you
  17. Selling a Like New 2020 Saltiga 14000 XH Reel was used once, i caught a couple bonito on it on a tuna trip and have never used it again, 10/10 cosmetic and mechanical. Asking $800 shipped, buyer covers 3% paypal goods and services.
  18. Hi guys! Selling my New 2020 Saltiga 10000H JDM model. The reel is new , I lost the box and paperwork during our move this spring . selling for $750 shipped FIRM
  19. Used Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 8000H Willing to provide additional photos. Did the best I could to show all imperfections. Comes with original box. Spooled with 65lb braid. Asking $650. Firm on price but open to reasonable offers. Willing to ship. To Admin: Removed from Marketplace
  20. I am looking at picking up either a Certate LT in the 3000D-C / 4000D-C / 5000D-C size and I am looking to get a pretty accurate size comparison. I have somewhat factored out the 5000D-C as I think its a little larger than what I want. From the internet I have heard that the 5000D-C falls just about in line with a Penn Slammer 3 4500 in terms of sizing. Given that example, I was hoping someone could provide me with some size comparisons, potentially with pictures. I really like the 3500 size of the penn slammer 3 and the vr50. I am interested in size comparisons of the 3000-5000 certate sizes, i am hoping the 4000D-C fits the bill around the slammer 3 3500 or vr50 sizing. So if you have one or any experience with one I would love for you to chime in and help me out. Looking primarily to potentially get a 3000 or 4000. Below attached is a picture of a normal sized card, penn clash 2500, penn slammer 3 3500, penn slammer 3 4500, and a galaxy note 10+.
  21. I have a brand new daiwa saltiga 18000 spool trade for ur 20000 spool . also have a brand new 10000 spool for ur 8000 spool
  22. Thinning closet, Selling as a set, not splitting. JDM 2015 Daiwa Catalina BJ reels. Japanese market only reels. never released in US. I bought them back in 2018. one is a righty high gear ratio , stock double paddle replaced with factory JDM Daiwa SLP power handle. one is lefty lower gear ratio with double paddle. built like tanks. essentially the same design as a JDM Saltiga BJ100 reel. in great condition with light normal usage marks no corrosion, no bad bearings, everything works, Just use it straight out of the box. filled with 20lb Sufix coastal blue line. non-disengaging levelwind for superb casting, jigging, inshore, slow pitch jigging. has centrifugal brakes inside solid 15lb drags, smooth cranking. one screw, easy sideplate removal MADE IN JAPAN. IMHO much better then a low profile reel of same size. inshores, lexas, F all that made in thailand, vietnam crap. and looks a hell of alot better in machined aluminum. When released, they cost me about $360 each. +$70 for the power handle. I junked the stock handle as it sucked. boxes and all. $425 shipped insured.
  23. Hi guys. I want to get a Saltiga 8000 H and put a 14000 spool on it, as the H has more cranking power than the Xh, but can still retrieve over a 1m of line per crank. But I have heard that due to the larger main gear in the new Saltigas, even the XH still provides a lot of torque and therefore, is the better option for popping/stickbaiting. What are your thoughts?
  24. Selling brand new SLP Works round knob for the new Saltiga - $90 with shipping included.
  25. Looking for a spare spool for saltiga 4000, any original spool (2010 or 2015) or som spool , or rcs spool as long as 4000 saltiga size will be considered. thanks all and let me know what u have . PayPal ready !
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